this strain at a glance

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color type: blue or green pastels
some with crowntail
note: Two separate strains
this strain is: sturdy
skill level: all levels
strain by:  Top IBC breeders

price range*: $40 - $70 / pair

*prices vary depending on color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

P A S T E L S 

I am pleased to occasionally offer on this site, pastels from two fine IBC affiliated breeders. Whether green or blue pastels, whether crowntail or non crowntail, whether Double tail or Single tail, whether Butterflies or not, all are very nice and you can find them here for sale.

Quite a few exquisite pastels have been sold here, some HM and some gorgeous crowntails with super heavy finnage. Although prices for the average pastel pair varies between $40 to $70, such top pairs may be priced a lot higher. Some pastels will show a nice BF pattern, which, when combined with crowntail can be quite a feast for the eyes.

These are sturdy bettas suitable for hobbyists of all levels.