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introducing the uniquely gorgeous RAKU betta sculptures 

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BETTATALK is proud to bring you magnificent betta sculptures, the perfect gift for any betta lover. 

Each Raku betta is hand made especially for you upon your order. Each has a unique coloration. Color outcome is pending on random combustion of rare earth metals and cannot be duplicated. Hence, each Raku betta is uniquely beautiful and each is ONE OF A KIND. Each piece is signed by the artist. 


A friend of mine told me about this young talented American artist who was making beautiful betta sculptures and right there and then I knew I had to order me one :). It was shipped to me and when I opened my box and held the sculpture in my own two hands for the first time I became instantly convinced that these beauties had to be shared with the whole world out there! So I stepped in and offered my help to the talented young artist who created them.


Whether on your desk at work, in your fishroom, or on shelf or coffee table at home, a raku betta is guarantied eye candy.

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After falling in love with the first RAKU betta, I begged the artist to create a second RAKU betta. I am happy to now offer both on this site. To date, only a handful of these bettas have been produced and sold. So this is a rather limited edition! A LOT of work and love goes into each of these bettas, still, in an effort to make them accessible to all betta hobbyists out there, we have priced them at the severely darn reasonable price of only $70 each plus shipping. Basically, DIRT CHEAP. Trust me, this is a great deal, especially when you find out (below) how much work these handcrafted bettas are to make! 

Each Raku Betta is one of a kind and has its own unique coloration. No two are alike. Each is handcrafted with the utmost care and with the utmost love by their creator. I was fascinated by the beautiful shiny finish as well as the vibrant metallic colors and texture of the fins, and wondered what went into the making of these Raku bettas. 

This is what I found out:

A Raku betta is hand sculpted by the artist. Great attention is given to details. Look at the detail on the gill opening and mouth! 
You can even see the rays of this betta's fins! From that first sculpture, a mold is made which will be used to create each subsequent sculpture. Currently two molds have been created, allowing two distinct RAKU bettas to be produced.
A very high quality liquid clay called a slip is poured into the plaster mold and sits in the mold until the clay is firm. Then artist takes the piece out and cleans it up and adds on the all of the fine detail. It is dried and bisque fired. 

After this first process, the artist hand paints on his own glaze. The raku betta is then placed into the raku kiln (left), which slowly heats it up to a temperature of no less than 1850F!!!   

Left: This is what it looks like inside the raku kiln


Now comes the most dangerous part: The raku betta is carefully removed from the raku kiln with a pair of tongs. (hot hot hot!). The glaze that was applied to the piece earlier is now bright red and glows, for it has turned into  liquid glass! (watch your fingers!)
To get those fabulous colors the artist now has to  work very fast. The raku betta is placed inside a metal garbage can filled with shredded paper. When the red hot pottery comes into contact with the paper, it bursts into flames up to 3 feet high!  The fire burns up all the oxygen in the can and in the molten glaze on the piece. In this glaze are some of the rarest earth metals: Now molten hot and with out oxygen they randomly change color, creating what is the most dynamic aspect of the raku betta

A RAKU betta is the perfect gift for the betta lover in your life.

This is a must have for any betta lover.  You will get lots of compliments about it, I know I have! And invariably, I find myself staring at it and thinking: "God, bettas are magnificent!".

here are some emails I received from customers who purchased a RAKU betta:


What a fish!  All the details just like the web site had stated! His upturned nose, eyes, gill slits, individual scales, and that beautiful tail!  Bronze body, glazed iridescent tail and "brackish water below". 

He sits in a lighted book case and looks like a "museum piece", stately, proud and all Betta! My co-workers have seen Mr. Raku and are awed at the artistry which went into making him. They like the non shiny glaze on the body and water as it makes him look more real! What a joy! Roland is a talented artist and needs to be supported in his art! Great buy, wonderful Christmas present, birthday or a "just because". Thanks!


Dear Faith,

Raku Betta arrived.  He is beautiful, gray, green, blue, red, with bronze upper fin. Sits in place of honor on top shelf of lighted oak cabinet with all glass antiques. Just beautiful.  

Thanks so much, he is lovely, unique, and one of a kind.

Sandy Eubanks

Thank you for sharing this beautiful find with us.  I received my Raku Betta last week and it is just amazing!!  The colors are gorgeous and so unique! Every detail is so precise...from the little down-turned mouth to the pectoral fins and scales.  He is beautiful!!  Thanks again!

Two poses, two Raku bettas ("Splendens" and "Flare") to pick from :). Made on the same scale, so you can place them side by side on a shelf :). Same ridiculously low price. 

Each unique, each handcrafted and each gorgeous.

This is the PERFECT gift for the betta lover in your household! Trust me on this one: THEY WILL LOVE IT... So spoil someone you love (or spoil yourself hehehehe) and we promise you will not have to smash your piggy bank for this wonderful treat! 

And remember, when you order a Raku betta, you are also helping a young, talented, struggling artist out there to create and make more gorgeous betta sculptures for all of us betta addicts to enjoy! 

Thank you for your support.

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