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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas



I got the bettas and they are, to say the least, BEAUTIFUL!!!!  the DT female is incredible.  Thank you so much for the Melano.  I love Melanos. :)  I will ship the box back soon.  Thanks so much.


I received my fishes, they are doing great. Thank you so much for the  free twilight fish cool, can't wait to see his true colors. I have never seen light bodied fish as amazing as these, so awesome! Thanks again. I will send your box back soon.


Bettas arrived!! All four of them! Safely getting acclimatized still, each in their very own small tank w/filter!

The male SF's water was so blue, I still can't really see how pretty he is! The white SF girl kept eyeing me as if to say, "Oh, great. First a tiny bag, now you? I don't believe it!" The SF girl w/ red fins was pretty frisky when I moved her bag to float in the water and jumped in her bag.

And then we come to Price Charlie. Prince cause he's a crowntail, and Charlie because I like telling him "Charlie, you're gonna eat this worm and like it, or else!"

(...) They all enjoyed a couple worms last night and this morning.


the bettas you sent me seem alive and well!! thank you and i look forward to doing business with you in the future :).

Actually arrived just before noon, and my PO lady called me so I ran over and picked them up...seem to be fine...quiet in their bags...very pale, can't wait to see their "real" color...they are floating...seem to be fine....I will email again in a day or two and tell you how we are acclimating!  (...)  Thank you for my "freebee", that of course is his name!!  

The guys seem ok...the 2 I think I have to really watch are the pastel male and the yellow female...the red and blue is actually my favorite...his colors are beautiful this a.m. (and they are my stable colors....I should do a whole line of red and blue...haha)...the black male went home with my friend, too much moaning and groaning going on...I'm going to come back to you for a pair of black actually have a pair on your stock list, are they still available??  They are next on my wish list...ok, I'm to the pet store this a.m.....THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH...I have always had "a few fish" in my bird room for humidity (I do a few canaries as my therapy away from the barn) now they are taking on a whole new life of their own!   


The girls arrived safely and looking good. I will ship your box back right
away. Thank you. 



Faith, they are so beautiful!! Especially that opaque male, he is stunning! I expected him to be pretty but wow. And the little female crowntail is adorable as well. Also, thanks for the extra dreamcatchers, I really appreciate it! The males are really pale, they have almost no color to them right now, lol. They're all raving and trying to get out of the bags. The only bad thing was I had to look really hard for bettamax, the guy at my lfs told me aquatronics went out of business. I just have enough left, though. Is there some other med I can use that replaces bettamax? Anyway, thanks so much. You've been really helpful through everything, and I really appreciate it. Oh, and did I say thanks? lol.


Hi Faith,
Just dropping you a line to let you know that I opened the box (very carefully!) and all the bettas are doing well.  At the moment I have them floating in the bags in the jars and acclimating then to the temperatures.  Thank you for the surprise Crusader betta!  He is gorgeous!
ps. I'll send the box back to you asap! :)


My Dear Faith
I just want to inform you that I got the bettas Yesterday and thank you for
the free female. As always they are great and very pretty. We keep in touch
I'll let you know when I mail back the box.
Thanks again



Hi Faith. My Bettas arrived in great condition at 9 O"clock this morning.  The Post Office was great about calling me when they arrived.  All fish are active and floating comfortably in their new homes.  Thanks for the extra cello female.  I'm sure she will be an excellent addition to my breeding stock.  It was a pleasure doing business with you and hope to do more in the future.  I'll wrap and return the box today.  Thanks again.




I got them--they are beautiful, (...)  They are getting used to their new water now.  Thank you very much for sending an extra one, too.  I will try and send your box back tomorrow.

Hello Faith;

The 5 Bettas got here safe.  They arrived at my post office between 1130 am and Noon.  They are acclimating now.  They do look beautiful!!!  I admire your dedication to Bettas. The 5 Bettas are settled in their new 1- gallon Jars, and are doing great.  I fed them all some PE Mysis once they were settled in.   All 5 Bettas devoured the Mysis shrimp in less than a minute.  I will go with the Brine Shrimp tomorrow.

Take Care and I am surprised and glad that everything went so well. 


Hi Faith, I received the fish this morning. They are all well and healthy. Beautiful fish. Thanks for the extra fish. I mailed the box back to you after I unpacked the fish.  Followed your instructions on wrapping and labeling.  Mailed it back priority mail.  Thanks again. Aloha!


Yes, we got our Bettas safely, and they are lovely! I am pleased and a bit surprised that the Satin Flame female is a double tail. What a bonus! I just love double tails.
Thank you. Once again, they are so lovely!

They arrived safely and are beauties! Thank you so much! I will spoil them rotten like the rest of my babies.

The bettas arrived safely and are going through acclimation.  The pH and carbonate hardness of the water matched mine.  My general hardness is less. 
Thanks for the happy surprise Betta!  The plants are very good!



I received the fish and they look good from what I can tell.  They are floating in their bags getting used to the water.  I really appreciate you sending me an extra female.  I will be breeding these pairs soon.  Thanks again!!!



Hi Faith received the fish and they are doing great. I will send the box back tomorrow friday the 8th. Thanks again 



I got the fishies, they're all alive and well. They're acclimating to their new tanks. Thank you so much for the crystal black male. I was really hoping you'd send me a male ^-^.
Thank you so much, 


Hi, Jackie*Faith. 
The little guy arrived today and I am carefully acclimating him.  He looks very sweet, not stressed, and curious about where he is (at least, he looks at me VERY carefully whenever I approach... must be my curly hair ;)  He's been trying to attack the plant bag which is floating next to his bag.  I also am< getting a 2-gall. fish bowl ready for the daphnia. 
Thanks again for sending him along.  I will let you know how he does.  Right now he is still acclimating and I will go slowly this this process.  

(nex day): The little guy seems to be doing very well.  Swims fine, has a good appetite (I gave him a bit of frozen bloodworms), and appears to enjoy exploring his new surroundings.  For some reason, he seems quite intrigued by the Duetto filter.  Last night he was
kissing it-- honest! 


My mom picked up the bettas from the post office this morning at 11 our time, and they're safely floating in their bags in the tank. :) The SF male and the surprise apache female seem very active (the SF male is still flaring at my older petstore male, who seems to enjoy the company) The SF female seems a bit less active, and both females are a bit pale, but I'll have to wait a day or two for them to feel better and color up :) I took great care with trying to open the box, and I'll wrap it up and ship it back to you as soon as possible. :)


I received my fish this AM , the two females are nice and thanks for the extra Male , he is
an ornery little SOB , I like that  : )   , thanks for the free micro culture  as well .
Ok , all have already eaten  a nice dinner of blood worms and a dash of shrimp .
So , im happy there all healthy and active already .
They all got there own gallon jars , in plain sight of all the neighbors so I don’t think they will get to lonely or depressed , the Male is a flaring machine , I like this guy : )
Most impressed with how active, healthy and colorful they are already
Will be shipping the box back tomorrow .
Will be ordering again soon  , take care and thanks much, its been a pleasure.


Hi Faith;

The 5 Bettas are all doing great!!  They love the freeze dried foods.  I feed them frozen mysis twice per week, freeze dried bloodworms twice per week, and freeze dried brine shrimp twice each week.  I fast them one time per week.  I agree with you info about fasting them once per week, and I have done this with my seahorses for years.  I think diet and the one day fast really helps, because my seahorse are over 3 years old, which is past their life expectancy.  I think it will do the same with the Bettas.  They are really growing and their colors are starting to look awesome.

Thanks for everything, you are great!!


Dear Faith:  I picked the girls up this morning and they are floating in my 30 gallon tank with three other ladies I got from you last year.  Everything looks great.  Thanks for picking such nice looking fish.
I'll get your box in the mail on Monday.
Thanks again and God bless.

Good Evening Faith,

They got here in good shape.  They're all perfect, black, blue, I really don't care.  They're beautiful.
The whole 'fam damily' is having a great time with our new pets.  They are the topic of every conversation
lately.  We have always had aquatic pets of one kind or an other, tropical fish, newts, African frogs, guppies.
Bettas seem to be our fav.   I'll send your box back soon.

Thanks for the freebie. He's gorgeous, what ever color he is....



Actually, they arrived yesterday, but I got home late from work and crashed out. And *actually* they originally got here a day earlier than you told me, but then went to the post office and my mom picked them up for me (thanks mom!). All of them are doing just fine, the CT male is so shiny already I can see his color through the blue water and bag! Was trying to pick a fight earlier with his neighbor the green moon...

I have to say again, wow. ^_^ Faith, your bettas are the best. I bought some from another place and they weren't so great...kinda narrow tails and a couple have this weird lip thing (on the up side, one of the males developed this neat...I dunno what to call it, it looks like a brown BF pattern. So he's gold-yellow with a wide brown band on his tail and fins). And you picked out an awesome pair for me, I love the GM-whatever fishes! SO nice! o_O Thank you thank you thank you!


Hi Faith!

I just wanted to let you know that the girls and the boy arrived safely this morning and they are currently floating in their bowls. I can't wait to see their colors come back in!  Thank you for giving me a breeding pair as well. = ) I really appreciate it. I can't ship back your box today, because I have class and work right after each other - but I will try to ship it back tomorrow afternoon. Thanks a bunch and I hope to do business with you again soon!


Bettas got here fine!  They are beautiful, I will ship the box back tomorrow.  Thank you Faith!

I got the fish today.  They all look great.  The surprise betta was a real surprise!  I didn't expect something so nice!  Although all the research I've done on you says that all of your fish are top notch so I shouldn't be too surprised. Thanks a lot.  I sent your box back today via UPS.  Thanks again for everything.  I'll let you know how they are after a week or so...



I forgot to tell you the girls arrived safely today.  I feel guilty now 'cause my most favoritest color (black crusader) has been ousted by a little golden female. Absolutely GORGEOUS. I admit I was thinking, "Dang, she's awfully expensive... no way can she be that good." 

I was wrong. She's better!



Hello Faith,
        Just wanted to let you know that the babies have arrived safe and swimming. I got a call form the post office this morning at about 9:15 am. I picked them up as fast as I could (Its just like Christmas when you send me fish  ) Anyway they are beautiful and I just wanted to say thank you. You are the Betta Master.

Faith, I have a good feeling.  All bettas are happy and well.  They are all gorgeous.  I am so excited.  I cant wait till they have gotton use to their new home so I can begin breeding them.  One of my store bought betta pairs just bred for the first time yesterday.  I am so excited the male is such a good dad.  I can't wait for them to hatch.  Thanx again I will send back the box ASAP. 

Hi Faith,
  The bettas are doing well and I was up way into the night taking them slowly thru the adaptation process.  The surprise betta is also doing well.  They are eating and exploring their new environments.
My daphnia culture seems to be doing well too, but I'm not sure about the microworms.  I'm not too worried about the worms right now though because I don't need them for at least another month.  If this culture does not survive, I will order more. 
The Java ferns were excellent!  I placed one in my community tank of female bettas and they just love it. Another went to a tank with my red, white and blue betta and the third one has become the hiding haven of the new yellow male betta.
I will get your box in the mail for you on Monday.  Thank you for the beautiful bettas.

Hi Faith.  My new babies arrived this morning and all are healthy and active.  Can't wait to see them free swimming.  I will return the box later today.  Thank you for the present.  Is she from your Satin Flame line???  She's a real Cutie.  Take care.  Mike


Dear Faith:

I just wanted to let you know that the gorgeous bettas that arrived on Friday are seem to be adjusting smoothly to their new home.  And you were too generous in sending that magnificent red male as my 'surprise' fish!  

The black/beige splash pair are more beautiful -- with more surprising and subtle detail -- than I even imagined.  Each of them has their own 5-gallon aquarium, tastefully decorated with java ferns.  And I must say that the cross-country trek did little, it seems, to curb their appetites, which I'm taking as a good sign.

The aforementioned red male has his own 5-gallon aquarium, as well, and is eating and flaring and parading about as though he owns the place.  The three female 'culls' are, as you indicated, a bit shy and out of sorts.  They're very dainty at feeding time, but I'm doing my best to tempt them with fresh delicacies of brine shrimp and frozen worms.  For the time being they're setting up shop together in a 20-gallon sorority house, and I'm keeping my eye on them.





I received my package of kids at the post office this early am.  I was anxious and pretty sure the post office would screw the pooch, as has happened with me before, but alas, they were fine and look no worse for the wear.  Your shipping is pretty secure and I'm pleased with how the melanos appear.  Thank you for the apache surprise.  He's obviously a good eater!  I can't see the colors well on everyone at this point because they're still floating in their respective homes with blued water, though they look active and healthy, so I'm happy.  You take good care of your kids and I respect that.  They will make a nice addition to my home.  Thank you, once again, and I look forward to doing business with you in the future.


ps: All the kids are settled into their homes and looking good.  The melano pair I ordered are just way too cool.  All the kids are eating like pigs and active, even the adoption runt.



I just wanted to let you know that the bettas arrived this morning and are acclimating in their tanks.  They are BEAUTIFUL.  Thank you very much for the cull apache female with clamp fin I will do my best to treat back to wellness.  I am off to the fish store to get a few last minute things.  I will let you know when I decide to breed them and if I am sucessful.  Again thank you for such beautiful fish, I will definitely be doing business with you in th future. 


The bettas have arrived and thank you for the surprise satin female I am very grateful.



All the kids are settled and look great.  Bubblenests are on all three males tanks that I got from you over the last month.  The melano built a nest about the size of my's absolutely huge.  He's such a little puffer.  The red is flaring constantly and the emerald is doing more laps than a distance runner.  I see good things for the road ahead. 

I'm not sure what to think of that plakat you included, it seems nonresponsive, we'll see I guess. 

I sent your box back today and this is the tracking # should you need it for any reason....0304 1560 0003 1665 6974

Thank you for the beautiful babies.



Hello Faith,  We received our order.  All Fish are alive and well!  Amazing since the Post office said they didn't really care if the box was upright or not.  They look Great!  My daughter is Extremely excited to be caring for bettas from your stock!  She is following the instructions from your e mail.  I will send the box back to you
tomorrow.  Thank you for the surprise too!  She will be very happy.  We will keep in touch to let you know how her breeding turns out. 



The fish have made it home! (...) They are all gorgeous, and doing well. I have them floating right now, I am so excited and relieved that they made it safely. My other fish seem very
excited at the thought of neighbors as well. *grin*

Thank you for everything!



Hello Faith,

Just wanted to let you know that the pair and surprise bettas got here and they are JUST FINE!  Really beautiful!  I LOVE them!  Your doing a great job.  By the way, would it be ok to give the box to you when you come to Santa Cruz, or would you like me to send it back right away?  Thanks a million Faith!



Hello Faith! My bettas arrived today (...) Had my tanks already set up (1 gal for each) and had some extra water for the free cull (hes a little cutie despite his tail and has a sweet face!) so he has his own tank to that hes floating in right now. They are already trying to get outta the bags ( i would be too i guess after two days) and they look gorgeous. I'm wrapping you bag up as I'm typing (which is really hard to do lol) and will have it out to you tommorow! Thank you so much! I look forward to getting some more next week, lol! Have a great weekend til then! 

PS: The cd is awesome, im listening to it as i unpacked them so they will feel a little more at home lol!


First of all, the bettas JUST arrived. Second of all, they are absolutely GORGEOUS! There are hardly words to explain how happy I am right now, hehe. They are all swimming around, happy as can be. The second little girl was a nice gift, thank you. I just started the floating of the bags (LOL) and am following your instructions to the tee. I want to thank you for all of your help and generosity. I will be sure to keep a look out for anymore Holy Grail Crusaders you may come up with. I will be sending your box back promptly :)    


Hi Faith,

The fish arrived safely and I am extremely pleased. To find that my free surprise fish was an Emerald Dawn female to go along with my ED male was truly a very happy surprise! Thank you so much.

I can’t believe how much my beautiful Pastel male resembled the specimen pictured on your Website! To say that I’m excited about my Apache is a gross understatement. Even though just a youngster, I can already tell that he is going to be absolutely stunning!!!

Thank you, once again, for entrusting one of your best to a novice. We hope to someday make you proud.


Hi Faith,
Got the bettas and they're looking and doing great!  They're currently chowing down on daphnia and I'll be introducing them to some of the live brine I've been cultivating in my backyard soon.  The female's already barred up -- great condition!
I'll send out the box as soon as I get the chance (in the next couple of days).
Edwin and Judy Sapugay


Got the Bettas, they are happily acclimating now….he is absolutely beautiful!  He started coloring up when we put the bag in to float, and no tail chewing ! Thanks so much for the DT female, I have been wanting one forever! She is lovely and looks very sweet, while the DC female looks like she has attitude for miles!!!   Will ship the box back tomorrow hopefully, if not then Friday definitely!  

BTW, I checked out the Alternate Faith webpage last nite…what a great site! Wish it had a few more songs on it to listen to. I was pretty impressed (and that doesn’t happen much!) Your sound has a pretty well balanced mix of western and eastern music…very nice. So any idea on when you’re gonna put out the acoustic album??  Next time I order I’ll definately get a cd. Wish I had checked first. 

Anyway, thanks again for the BEAUTIFUL Bettas. They’ll be spoiled like the rest of our zoo. Now we have to come up with three names……



I received my bettas this morning- thank you very much for the beautiful
surprise male. They all look healthy and very active in their bags. Thanks
again- I couldn't be happier with them! I will ship your box back today.



Ha ha, yay, I'm back online! (We only just got our internet service back a few minutes ago -- sorry it took me so long to finally get a chance to e-mail you!)

And ha ha, yay, I got bettas!
Well, this morning I called the local USPO as soon as it opened (8 AM), and was told by a costumer service representative that the bettas were not expected to arrive until tomorrow. Thirty minutes later, my cell rang to alert me of a new voicemail message. I checked it and it was someone from USPO telling me that my package had arrived and was on hold for me. So, I zoomed down to the post office, got the precious package, and took it back to my house, placed it in my room, and then zoomed off again so I wouldn't be late for my college class. Hee hee. Fortunately, I didn't have to wait long before I was able to come back home and fuss over my new family members.
They are all simply gorgeous and after only 11 hours I've been given major indications as to their different personalities. (Yes, I've been staring at them that long.)
(Note: The Blue Moon betta male does have a slight red wash in the middle of the outer edge of his dorsal, but it really doesn't detract from his beauty at all.)
And, thank you very much for the surprise black female!! She was perhaps the most frightened out of all of them. All the others had free view of their respective strain partner, and she was the only one without a betta partner to look at. I was a bit cautious because I thought she would become even more frightened were I to show her one of my two mutt pet-shop bettas. But, after fifteen minutes I decided to see what would happen, and the moment he caught sight of her and started to flare and show off, her horizontal lines instantly disappeared and became vertical. I've found that she's the most shameless flirt out of all the females! (Even though her "partner" in the next jar over is over 4 times her size.)
They all finished the acclimation process a few minutes ago, and have had their water treated with amquel, aquarium salt, etc. They also seem to be eating well. I'm a little worried about the appetite of the other black female that came with the Black Crystal pair (I haven't seen her eat anything, yet), but I'll give her some time.
Your bettas are truly amazing fish. My aunt (who is schizophrenic, bipolar, and has multiple personality and post-traumatic stress syndrome and often has the personality of a 5 year old) has been having a bad week, and when I opened the box I made sure that she was the first person I showed the fish to. She LOVED them. Later on, I turned to find her walking into my room to gaze at the shelf that the fish were on while they were getting used to the temperature of the jars, and she stared at them for a long time before exclaiming "The blue one!" at the sight of the male Blue Moon betta. She then proceeded to giggle in absolute delight in between her exclamations of "The blue one!"
Thank you so much for helping to put a smile on her face today, for having such a passion for these great creatures and, of course, for sharing your passion with others! I'm looking forward to buying from you again in the future.
I'll be sure to mail your box back (properly wrapped) within the next few days.
With much love and admiration,


The bettas have landed. They are soaking and doing fine. The green male is
gorgeous! I also love the crowntail pair...they are my first. :) Thanks! I
will send the box back tomorrow.



Thank you again for the beautiful bettas--the yellow pair is gorgeous as advertised.  I also appreciate the darling spotted cull--she is adorable and coincidentally looks like my spotted dog.  I will be sure to let you know what we do together.


Hi Faith - All 5 fish arrived safe and sound, are now floating in their bags, in their respective bowls, and tanks!  I love the surprise fish, and I'm really thrilled to have of all of them!!  I will send your box back ASAP.

Many thanks, and I hope all is well with you,



Hi Faith!
I got the bettas :))  Thank you!!  I love the SF geno gal and my green moon extras!!  I guess you can probably allready tell they were safe and sound when I received them :)) 
Once again, thank you for my beautiful bettas :))  They are doing wonderful and are now swimming freely in their jars!!  :o)



Hi Faith,
I just wanted to tell you again, just how happy we are with the two pair of bettas we got from you before your vacation. We got
two pair of Crowntails, one red pair and the other Satin Flame....all are doing well and growing up nicely... Hope to try to spawn our
first spawn here a a week or so....after a trip to Chicago...  I will keep you updated...
Thanks again,
Bill McCollister, MI


Dear Faith,  I picked up the girls, and they are doing fine.  They're beautiful!  Thank you for the great selection.  I will be very patient in acclimating them.
C. Cope, CA


I got the bettas today and they are like sooo pretty :D:D:D:D:D<3 i was like WEEE-^________^- the crown tail mail is so pretty i got like all my friends to come over after school to see it and my giants are pretty even though they are still a tad bit pale but yea i got them and i like them a lot and my dad says he is impressed cause he didn't think it would all work out sending through the mail !


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