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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas  


Hi Faith,

Everyone made it here safe and sound. They weren't in their boxes in my drip system for more than a minute before they starting showing off. That green splash male is a nut! Thanks a bunch for the extras...they fit into my breeding plans nicely!

I'll send the box along tomorrow.

Thanks again,



Yeh Faith,

They are all here, safe and sound. I am so happy to receive these beautiful specimens in such good condition. Yes, their coloring looks a little faded but I'm sure they'll all be fine. I am wrapping your packing boxes and sending them out in a day or two. Thanks for all your help. I will be tuning in to your website and following up on the care and maintenance of these beautiful fish.

My husband and I are so happy, Thanks again for feeding our newly discovered BETTA MADNESS.




Hello Faith,
                I received the lots I ordered and the free pair My Daughter Kayla was very HAPPY . Now all I have to do is wait for warmer weather and keep my eye's open on your web site for Black/White Marbles for my son David!!!!!!!! I will get your box in the mail on sat, 11/26/05 -Hope you have a great time on the sand dunes and have a HAPPY-THANKS-GIVING.



All three fish are here and in perfect condition!  I've got them floating in the water I've let sit (with the novaqua and amquel I bought yesterday) for them, and when I get home tonight I will begin the process of acclimating them to my water.  They're all just fine, hanging out in the near-dark and next to each other.

What beautiful fish, too!  I've never actually even liked the look of most females, but both of them are gorgeous.

(...) They are all in their tanks now, and I'm going to release them into the water within an hour or so.  They've all acclimated well.  The two Holy Grails are side-by-side on my desk, and the third surprise betta is butted up against a five-gallon where one of my petstore bettas is.  They all seem very happy.

Thank you so much, Faith!  I'll send your box back tomorrow after work. :)



Hi Faith,
The fish have arrived safe and sound.  The daphnia are still boinging around.  The boy is VERY nice.  (The girl is cute too.)  The microworms were all over the lid.  I gave them their oatmeal!
Thanks a bunch, Lyne



Got the betta's yesterday. Acclimated them overnight. Released them into their respective tanks this morning. So far, so good.  Will keep you posted.
They are beautiful.  Actually, spectacular.



 Just a note to let you know that I received the bettas.  They are beautiful and seem to be doing well. Thank you for doing a great job with everything from your advice on your website to packing the bettas. Now I just hope they survive...



  They're all here and safe despite their extra day of travel, and are floating in their new homes (1.8 gallon bowls) for temp acclimation. They all seem to be alert and active, and their color is already coming back. The little surprise white girl is so cute and ghosty!

Your box will be back in the mail by the end of the day.

Thanks, Faith!



we have received our bettas & thanks 4 the extra bettas there beautiful my little sister kayla loves the surprise maybe giant betta. they have all arrived safely...


Just unpacked the bettas and they look great.  All ready flaring at each other even though they are still floating in their bags! I am happy with the replacement, having the ability to breed for black is a great bonus. Also thank you for the extra male. (...)
Thanks again,


Guess what, I have fry. The DT Satin Flame surprise pair you sent me have mated and I see fry in my mating tank. I am so elated. The female (Ruby) has been removed from the tank and papa (Rudy) is doing the LA to New York thing :)



Faith, I got my angel bettas.  Sorry sorry, but Iíve had MAJOR internet problems and couldnít email you.  Your box is on itís way back.  Thank you again so so much and the fishies are most happy in their new homes (not as happy as I am to see/enjoy them tho! Lol)Ö. Yours, kris 




I wanted to update you on how your babies are doing. They are marvelous! Very active and healthy and eating well. The girls are a little more lively than the boys right now. The pastel boy is really showing his colors today-- very beautiful. I noticed with both the red male and female that they seem to be the most aggressive of all of them. They are constantly flaring at the others, LOL. I had put the red, one of the holy grail, and the pastel female in my 30 gal tank which also has an Otocinclus and some shrimp. The H.G. and
pastel female get along great and don't bother the others, but the red female is constantly chasing everyone around and flaring. So, I'm going to have to move her to her own tank sooner rather than later :(. Oh well. My 2 yr old son is having tons of fun watching them though.  (...)

Thanks so much for raising such beautiful and healthy fish! And for the generous free pair!



Hi Faith,
I got the Bettas. They all look so great! This makes twice I've ordered from you and have not been disappointed Thanks!!! I love the little Crusader female (is it possible fish can be cute LOL if so she is!!??). The Emerald Dawns are nice too, is the male going to color up as he gets older or is this his color? Thank you so much for the extra crown!!! (...) Thanks again for having great quality fish!



Hi Faith,
The bettas are still doing well.  Their colors are really beginning to show, they are swimming and eating happily.  The kids are really into them and Julian was horrified to learn that people are actually selling them in vases with plants.  He wants to educate everyone he knows about this.
Anyway, we shipped your box back today.  You should receive it in a few days.
Take care.


We JUST picked up the Bettas from the post office.  They all appear to be in good health and the heater was still warm.

Thank you for the Tutti Frutti gift.  She is a very pretty little fish as are all the rest.  



Bettas arrived safely :)

They are perfect !  Thanks for the 4th of July...she is beautiful!
Box will ship out tomorrow.

Until next time...



After a little work we got them early today all four (2 apaches, 1 blue crowntail *which will soon have
tetracycline healing it* and 1 red female).  I must also note they are looking pretty healthy after the
trip and are all gorgeous!



Hiya Faith,

I received my Dreamcatcher and Apache pairs on Thusday (Guam time). They are all very beautiful and you are right, the males are real lookers. I'm 100% satisfied with my purchase.

I have fry again and they are one week old. They're parents are Reddrick and Reba (a Satin Flame ST/BF halfmoon pair you sold to me). I'm feeding them brine shrimp hatches and vinegar eels. I'm waiting for the microworm culture to produce food before I
switch them to microworms.

There's something about mating that makes the bettas better. My mated pair are so beautiful. They're fins and bodies are so much prettier now. Reddrick is superb!

Your box has been wrapped and prepared for shipment on Monday (Tuesday your time).

Thanks for the new shipment and be assured that the newly arrived couples will be well cared for.




Yes I did get them yesterday. Sorry I didn't email you sooner... They have all been acclimated and look great. Thank you so much for the free betta he's beautiful. Your box is already wrapped and ready to go to the post office Monday morning. Once again, thank you for the wonderful bettas and all your very helpful instructions. Hope to buy from you again soon.


Hey Faith,
Wanted to let you know that the bettas arrived today.  All happy and alive.  They are beautiful!!!   You sure do a great job with them.  Will be sure to be doing business with you again in the future.  Can't wait, but of course I will, to breed the Yellows.
thanks again


Hi Faith,
The bettas arrived, and everyone seems to be in fine condition. Even the little cull doesn't look too put out. The marbles are more beautiful than I had hoped!
Thank you for the extra girl. Only problem is I asked you to change to microworms instead of the Java. However, the Java is very nice, so that is ok. Can't have too much. 
I'll get you box back to you ASAP. It will probably be in the mail today.



Bettas arrived safely!

Gorgeous! I am in love!  Thanks for the extra female...she is angelic :)
Mailing your box in the morning.




The Betas have arrived safely!  Thank you SO much for the baby blue one! The satin flame is the perfect valentine from you to me.  I will email more later. I have to be away from my computer until later tonight. Thanks again!



Betta's are home, seem to be healthy and acclimating to their new environment. Thanks for the "freebie", it is quite splendid.


Hello Faith,

They are still acclimating but their colors are so rich!  Thanks for the opaque male...I will take good care of him!

As always....a wonderful experience!
Thanks again..



Hi Faith!

Good news, the bettas arrived safely and are floating in bags in their respective warm tanks as I type!  My local post office kept telling me they weren't there.  Luckily, I went looking for 
them...they were being held at an annex...but all is well now :)  They are beautiful!  Thanks so much for adding the surprise satin flame male!!!  Thanks for all you do.  We will definitely be using for all our betta needs!




All bettas arrived safe and sound :) The satin flame juvy is really cute and the goliath pair very

I picked them up today at 10 am.




The Fishes are doing great....and guess what I HAVE HOLY GRAILS FRYs already !!!!!!! They spawned last Thursday. I was also able to Spawn the Green splash pair AND the Black Splash female at the same time with the same green slash male. It was an accident but I ended up with eggs from two different female in one nest one  day apart. I will tell you all about it later once the frys start putting on color and I am able to tell if it really did work. So this weekend I am the happy godfather of 2 spawn Holy grail and Green Splash/Black splash. Your Bettas are so easy to work with.




Hi Faith. There here. After all that I did to make sure that thy would have them to pick up at the post office, they still delivered them to my house. I was at my aunts house because the post office is just down the road from there. They are doing fine, and are very beautiful. And I was very excited to get a satin flame as a surprise betta. I will send the box back in a day or so. Thank you very much. I will continue to order from you. Hoooo, i love them soooo much.



 I received the fish you sent me.  They are beautiful.  Would recommend your site to friends.  Thank you!!!



By they way they have arrived!  All in excellent condition.  They are absolutely gorgeous! 
Thanks again!


Hi Faith :)

The three fish arrived safe and sound as did the culture and instructions.

"Moo-Shu" and "Gilda" are GORGEOUS! Moo Shu is even BETTER than you described him! They are both getting bluer by the minute. They gobbled up their dinner of thawed bloodworms no problem. Gilda is a bit mellow but I'm sure she will perk up after a day or two.

"Squirt" my beautiful cull is happy as can be and attacked his worms like they were his last! He is so
friendly and makes my heart melt with his little bulldog face. All fish have been floating since 1pm
and will be emptied into their tanks in the morning.

I can't even tell you how satisfied and happy I am. Your support, encouragement, and passion definitely made it easier to put my trust in you for these and all future betta purchases!



 Hi Faith, Fish are here safe and sound and they all look to be in great condition (thaks for the free male). This was my time ordering fish online and it was flawless. I can tell you have done this many times before and have it down to an art. The Fish are in there little bags getting the water right  and I'm off to mail you your box. Thanks so much for the great service and I look forward to buying from you many time in the future. :)



Hello Faith--just wanted to let you know that everyone made it and are acclimating as I type.  They are just beautiful and it makes me wish I would have taken the Cull and "surprise"-- it would have been worth having a "fish store" as my boyfriend calls my counter.  Your box is packed and ready to ship first thing tomorrow.
Merci beaucoup et bon weekend!


I've been researching your operation and could find nothing but excellent reviews.  I bought a crowntail pair last year from a "supposed" professional breeder.  I'll admit I have a lot to learn but the fish sent to me were poor, even in my less experienced eyes.  Everyone and every site I checked said that I should trust you to set me up with quality stock, in fact the word outstanding was used more than once.  (...)  Thank you for working with me on this order and guiding me in the right direction.  You have no idea how much I appreciate how you go the extra mile to ensure that this is a satisfactory exchange for you, me, and the bettas.  I've tried other betta shippers and you can about guess how that went.  I wish I had found your site a few years ago, I have the feeling that it would have saved me a lot of frustration and time.  Send me the grand total for:  the ivory pair, the ivory single female, the blue HM pair, and the Blue Moon CT pair (Thanks for mentioning this pair, they are exactly what I've been looking for) and the bettazings.  Can you believe that a grown man is so excited about getting fish?  I'll own it though, I've been on the borderline of becoming betta crazy for a while now; I guess you just pushed me over the edge.
Thanks again



Bettas arrived!!! all four of them! thank you so much for the free satin flame that carries BF. Im very happy whit my fishes and i will do busineses whit you AGAIN.  Thanks again!!!



Hi Faith,
I picked up my Bettas this morning and they're both doing fine!  The male actually looked fairly green right out of the box, but the female was very light.  Her fins are beginning to have the faintest hint of color now.  I've never had a female betta before, so I'm kind of happy to have a girl in the house!  They're moving more & more and their color is getting better.  It's like they took a short little road trip or something.  They seem no worse for wear.  Thanks for doing such a great job getting them settled in for their journey!



    The bettas came this morning!  The look better than a new set of mud tires (that's country-boy slang for:  EXQUISITE!!!)  I knew they would be good, but I'm completely floored by the quality and health of these fish.  Everyone seems to have taken the trip with little or no real stress.  There wasn't much color loss (or if there was, these babies are going to unreal looking)  Everyone is floating and the box goes in the mail tomorrow.
    The BM CT is simply the most impressive betta I've ever seen.  I think I have found my primary line.  Recreating his beauty and quality will be my goal in breeding.  The most amazing thing is his sister (I'm a ladies man when it comes to bettas)  I don't think enough attention is paid to the females when breeding bettas.  I don't know why, they are half of the genetic equation.  The BM female is the finest I've ever owned and is probably my favorite fish of all time.  The Ivories and the Blue HM's are also great.  Special thanks for the extra male Ivory, he should heal up and be a great addition to my program.  How did you  know that I can save most fish from fin rot?  I became a legend, due to early inexperience with fish, and had to save many from fin rot.  It was a negative experience but I learned a lot.  My surprise betta, juvenile cambodian red, was a nice addition.  My wife likes him best.  She had been considering divorce due to fish madness (LOL)  Even she had to marvel in the beauty and quality of the stock.
    I can't thank you enough.  The quality is unparalleled and this experience has been nothing short of fantastic.  Your help and guidance will not be forgotten.  I have decided to give away my existing stock and work with these bettas you have sent me exclusively.  They are that good.  I spent a long time and got nowhere close to this quality.  I don't know when I'll be ready to order more, but it will be from you.  FAQ:  How do you expect me to wait three weeks to breed beauties like this? LOL  No, there are so great I'll be sure to follow all the rules in order to keep them happy and healthy.  I humbly bow before your greatness. LOL  You are the master.


Got them safe and sound! Thank you for entrusting me with the apache and dreamcatcher, I will take extra good care of them! Your box will be out in the mail by Monday. Giants are a beautiful as you described!
Thanks again!


Hi Faith,
Picked up the package this morning.  All fish are alive and well!  They look so healthy.  I'll do my best to keep them that way!  I'll mail your box tomorrow.  Thanks again!


 Faith -

Everything went smoothly, the bettas arrived healthy and alive!  They are beautiful, thank you so much! Thank you also for the extra bettas, I appreciate it... I will be bringing them into the lab on Monday, cant wait to start spawning!  I shipped your box back today Priority Mail, so you should be
getting it in a few days.  Thanks again, you're the best!



 Sorry, in all my excitement I forgot to email earlier.  I actually picked them up at 1:30.  The yellow bettas are fantastic and are happily floating in their bags.


Hi, Faith, The bettas arrived today IN EXCELLENT CONDITION!!! They are still in their bags floating in their respective tanks as I write. I want to thank you for adding the TWO extra fish--they will be enjoyed in our house!
Regarding the order that I placed too late, thank you for refunding the payment. I am sure that I will be buying from you again soon!
I will be returning your box tomorrow. What an excellent container for this purpose!
Thanks, again, for everything.
Merci pour les poissons et pour le service extraordinaire!!!


Hi Faith,

No problem on the substitution! :D  Yes, I love the Apaches, I just wasn't sure of my capabilities with anything other than solid color fish.  Not quite a novice, but not quite up to you either! :D



 I received my Bettas this morning and they are fine. They are really beautiful fish.



They are here and they look great.. They are in their bags adapting as we speak.. Thank you so much for the extra apache male and the other culls. I assure you that they will have a good home with many spoils. I must say that I feed my cull fish to much.. I cannot help it.. Frozen Blood Worms and Frozen brine shrimp. I also live across from the fishing docks on Salmon Bay in Seattle where in the spring and summer I get tons of mosquito larva in the old dry dock boats.. they all have plastic bait wells with standing water and larva. I give the larva a bath in my h20 mixture that has all the remedies for parasites.. My Betta love that..

Thanks again..




The bettas are doing great, they were a little stressed when they got here, but have colored up nicely and are looking spectacular, the culls aren't as active, but all are eating well so I'm not worried. The crowntail female is beautiful and the black CT male is absolutely STUNNING! Thank you so much for these great fish, I love them all.



 I have the bettas floating in their tanks to be & I have to say that the satin flame females look great.  The male's got great fins, and the crowntails have some amazing fins too.  I was so surprised when I found the two extra bettas in my box, they're really cute :-) (...)

thanks :-)





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