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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


"hi faith ,

just a note that your shipment arrived at 1000am.    everyone of your babies came through great,  so  your   streak  continues.   

you can really see that you put a lot of time  and love into this, so it is greatly appreciated.     thanks again"



"Hi Faith,

I have received my bettas and they all look well and feisty. They're being acclimated to their new homes now. You really did a great job at packing them, I was very impressed! I just wanted to let you know that my little Powder Blue Male has already built a HUGE bubblenest in his tank!
The 4th of July male also has a nest, and is catching up to the powder blue. I have bought bettas over the net about six or seven times before I ordered from
you, and I have never seen bettas as healthy and happy so soon after shipping as yours are. They act like they've been living here for at least 2 weeks, not 2
days! I am VERY VERY pleased with my new bettas, and the next time I order fish, I'm ordering from you."



"Hi Faith,
Just keeping ya posted...  I picked them up yesterday and they look fantastic!  Both seem to have acclimated just beautifully!  Thanks for everything!



"Hi, Faith,

I am very happy with the fish, and they're all doing great. They're good eaters and very friendly and curious. The big crystal female is gorgeous and full of eggs, and the powder green male has already blown a small nest. The little gift male and little "Petey" already square off and flare for each other (they're so tough), and  the double-tail gift female is adorable! She's the first DT I've ever owned and is so cute and lively. They are all lovely and I'm so excited about working with your crystal strain, since of all the betta colors I'm most intrigued by black, and I love cellophane whites and all their variations. I have about 20 babies from my older cellophane pair; they're almost three weeks old now, growing well and happily snarfing brine shrimp. I could never have gotten them this far without the BettaTalk
site--thank you, thank you!

This has been a lot of fun, Faith. I look forward to more betta madness in
the future!



PS: Love to "Mom" from Moonlight, Lovecraft, Sativa, Uxia, Count D, Garnet, 
Petey and Camellia



Thank you for all your hard work. My bettas are home and safe in their jars. Feel free to let me know if there are any more cull fish you would want to give to good homes, I have lots of space and lots of free time to take care of them. Thank you again."



"Hi Faith

The babies arrived safe and sound - everything went perfectly.  Now I have
to finish reading the instructions.  I'll keep you posted...thanks again for



Hi Faith!

I just wanted to confirm that my lovely Bettas have arrived safely and are
being acclimated.  I will keep you informed of their progress.

Thank you so much for maintaining such a smooth, well-organized ordering and
shipping process...I will be sending your shipping box back to you promptly.

I look forward to ordering from you again.




"I have never seen a male with such enormous fins as the yellow male that you sent me.  He is gorgeous.. I named him Butternut......The female is very nice also,  I have never owned a DT before and it will be very interesting to watch her grow....I named her Buttercup.  I can't wait until I am a ble to spawn them.  I anticipate getting some very nice offspring.   I think I may call them my Butterscotch line.  What do you think?



"Faith, I couldn't read the phone number on the outside of the box, so to keep your sanity and myself from ripping the bags open too soon, I floated the little ones and ran to my boyfriend's office to use his computer.  The holy grail pair are looking fine, and the dragon strain looks awesome! Can't wait till he really relaxes and colors up!  I'll keep you updated...Thank you so much, and I will be thinking about you on the 18th. Hope you feel better soon!!!!   

Thanks again,



I just received the bettas (black hooded yellows) and they are beautiful. Thanks for the extra female too, she is just too pretty.  :-)  Everyone is acclimating fine right now.  The male can see the other 2 ladies and he's busy showing off for them.  They, of course, are ignoring him.  LOL  I will send your box back to you tomorrow.  Thanks again, Faith.  I will certainly
recommend your bettas to my friends.  :-)  :-)



All the fish are doing wonderfully and the big news is that the powder blue pair spawned two weeks ago. It was a small spawn, but they both did very well--Moonlight was so diligent about repairing the nest that it eventually grew to twice the size of the cup! The fry are doing fine and I can see caudal fins on the bigger ones now. At least one of them looks to be a DT!

I'm glad to hear that you're recovering from your surgery. I will keep you
posted on how the fry come along. I'm counting my days and dollars until I
can buy some more of your fish! 

I love my fishies and I think they like me pretty well.
My best to all the fish, the dogs and Mr. 181!

Take care,

Amber :)


Hey Faith,

I just got my bettas in good condition and everything went smooth.  They
are beautiful. I ll be mailing your box today.
Thank you so much.

Ivan M.


Hi Faith,
Just picked the fish up and are slowly acclimating them.  Thanks for the upgrade and all the extras. You have set me up for a lot of breeding options and I do appreciate it.  They are beautiful fish.  I can't wait to try that pure white opaque male I have with one of the females.  They are all just the right size for him too;) perfect as usual.  I will get your box back on it's way to you tomorrow and give you an update on the fish.
Thanks again !


Thanks again for the fine bettas. I really like the opaques, I hope to spawn them in a month . Thanks a lot and I am planning on buying more soon. 



Hello,  I just picked up my bettas from the post office and they all arrived safe and sound.  They are all beautiful.  And thank you so very much for the cute little cull "tiny tom" and the free marble female.  That was so nice of you.  Don't worry about them.  They are going to be loved and cared for.  I run a child daycare out of my house and all the kid will love looking at them.
 Thanks again, 




I have sent your box back as requested.  It went out today at 4:15pm EST by priority mail using the address label and delivery confirmation label you provided. The fish have colored up nicely and the male has a huge bubble nest already.  Thanks again for the great fish, super emails, and fast shipping!!


Hi Faith:

Just letting you know that the Bettas did arrive safely and are doing quite
well.  Sorry to get back to you late, but after getting them home, sitting
and admiring them I realized that I was already late for a meeting downtown.
  (...) hey...these guys are beautiful!!!  I'll definitely be making more purchases in the future.

Once again, thanks for everything,



Gday Faith,

Just letting you know that the babies arrived safely. The local PO here is great. The Postmaster himself took care of it, and told me to let him know when I have more coming. Good news hey. The babies are almost acclimated and look fabulous. Box will be on its way back soon).



Dear, Faith
   Thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much for the betta's there awesome and the cull you sent me is so pretty how come it's considered a cull. I picked up the betta's a few hours ago and there adjusting to the water  as we speak.



The bettas arrived safely today. They are beautiful. Thank you. We apologize again for not confirming on the shipping. He thought I did I thought he did....   

Thanks again,



Hi Faith!

Your box is in the mail as of 9:00 this morning. The tracking number is 0301-0120-0001-0851-5559. The bettas are all adjusting nicely! I couldn't believe it when I first saw the Apache female--I actually didn't expect the DT :) and she is so beautiful that I almost couldn't breathe. I introduced her (briefly) to my Genji, who concurs :). He shares some characteristics with your Apaches (piebald face, big dark eyes, butterfly pattern), although he is closer to purple than red, and though a pet store rescue is one of the
most beautiful bettas I've ever brought home. He spawned once with a big Cambodian female of mine, but ate the eggs. I'm hoping the Apache will successfully seduce him and help foster good behavior this time. I'm calling her Akashi--I don't know if you've read "The Tale of Genji," but in that story the Akashi Lady was the mother of Prince Genji's daughter. "Aka-" can also mean "red" in Japanese, so it's very appropriate :).

The Blue Moons seem to be settling in well--better than the Apache, who was a little high-strung for the first couple of days but has calmed down now and is eating, etc. The BM male is gorgeous and has the nicest little personality. Even after he'd only been out of the bag for about an hour, he was very friendly and curious and would swim up and down yelling at me for food. He sustained some tears in his tail and some damage to a ventral during the trip, so I've got him swimming in Bettamax to make sure he's okay. I call him "Merlin." The two females are Miharu and Misuzu after two characters in a Japanese cartoon series I like. I love the white markings on the extra adoption female--she has a little "saddle" and what appears to be a reverse butterfly pattern. I'm keeping an eye on that bump under her chin and have got her in a little Bettamax too for right now.

I have 23 adult bettas and two growing batches of fry. The second, from the powder blue pair you sold me, is small and slow-growing so far, but four of them are DTs with large lobes and nice, even splits! (...).

Anyway, hope you had time to read this long letter. Thank you once again for the lovely fishies. They drive me crazy, but are an endless source of gratification and entertainment, and they also force me to drag my butt out of bed earlier in the morning. I'm looking forward to watching them swim through Seattle's gray winter.  Take care, and my best to Mr. 181, the dogs, and all the finny family.




The cardinal reds arrived in great shape today.  They look great!  Wow - what an extra!  Quite a nice surprise.  ANYWAY, I love the Cardinal reds.  They far exceeded my expectations (...).  Thanks again for the Extra.  I like the two pair idea and will be looking for another female (or 2) of this line on your website.  I REALLY like this female (I like the males too but did not expect this nice of a female).  OK, time to add a few more drops of water to the bags.  I will try to send your box back on my lunch hour tomorrow.  Thanks again and best of luck on all your future endeavors - Betta or otherwise!

Thanks again for the great bettas and your professionalism!



hey Faith  !
Thank u for the Lovely Trio !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They're safely arrived this morning  .
Thank uuuu again!
lovely fish !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hi Faith,
I got a call from my PO promptly this morning at 8 am, and I got my bettas right away!  THANK YOU for the extra female DT yellow cull.  She is very cute!  Everybody is in fine shape--alive and kickin' and looking forward to getting into their new homes.  They are soaking now.
Thank you again-- and I'll be shipping the box back later today or tomorrow am at the latest.



Hi Faith!
My mom (Nancy Parr) and I ordered some bettas from you last week and just got them today.  They came while I was at school (AKA doodling bettas in the margins of my history notes ^-^) and when I got home, there they were, floating in their jars on the kitchen table!  (Needless to say, it was a VERY nice surprise!) 
So, after drooling over the fishies for like, ten hours ^^, I was inspecting the box, and found a little plastic dixie thingie full of "oatmealish stuff" that I am assuming is a microworm culture.  (...)
Thanks for your time! I have learned SO much about bettas from your site over the last few years, and I absolutely LOVE my new fish!  I'm very excited to see them out of their bags and into their jars tomorrow morning.  Okay, enough of clogging up your inbox,
               ~Carolyn Parr, proud new owner of a beautiful steel blue delta tail male, DT female, ST female, and cute-as-can-be DT yellow female cull, now christened Dragon, Sparkle, Twinkle, and Buttercup  (North Dakota)

Hi Faith,
Received Bettas, they are in very good shape!  Floating them now.  Also returning box today.  Very pleased with fish and service provided.  Look forward to getting more!



" I just picked up the fish and the little black hooded yellow is just too cute!!  And the ivory guy (cull) with the bad gills is so handsome.  I am treating him now - hopefully he'll get better with time.  His fins are like antique lace.  You realize of course, now that I see how gorgeous your ivories are, I'm going to have to order some when you have more for sale!  :-)  

Thanks for all your work in getting these fish to me.  I really appreciate your exceptional effort with this shipment.  Your  quality and variety of bettas can't be beat and I'm telling everyone I know to buy fish from you!" 



Hi Faith,

We beat the weather!
All six fish arrived safe and sound this morning at 10AM! I will send your box back either later this afternoon or tomorrow morning! (Depends on how late the work-shackles stay attached to my ankles!)
They are beautiful! Perky and lively for having just been in the mail, too! The 4 extra culls you sent are great too - the runts from the blue-moon geno are adorable and the little DT female for Mr. Spotted Yellow Black Melano was such a surprise! And the male... he's fantastic. I can't wait to see what his colors are like when un-fades.
The set of instructions you sent with the fish are fantastic. Incredibly useful - it is wonderful to see how someone who has been in the business for so long does what they do. I would have bought just the instructions for the in depth/step-by-step explanations! (LOL)
I'm am going to go begin the day long process of acclimation now. :)

Warm wishes,



Dear Faith,

I am so happy today!

All bettas arrived safe and sound.  They are still in their box (they will have to wait a couple hours until I get home from work) but already the attitudes are showing.  This promises to be one feisty "Apache" tribe, I think more angry than frightened about being confined to a bag.  Can't wait
to set them loose and see the personalities emerge!


Just an update…all apaches are in their jars, have "colored up", and are absolutely beautiful!!  Your site said they were grade B finnage, but they are definitely A+++ in my eyes.  You have the most beautiful fish I've ever seen.  None of them are timid in the least, and demanded dinner as soon as they were released from their bags.  They swam out, immediately came to the top, and I swear their little fishie eyes were saying…"HEY, you forgot something!"  So they dined on the very sophisticated meal of freeze dried blood worms and seemed very happy.

The female Apache cull that you sent-she is so tiny!  I was worried she may have to be separated from the other female, but they seem to be getting along just fine.  I am however, keeping my eye on them just in case a cat fight erupts. 
By the way, YOU are simply amazing, all the work that you put in to take care of, breed, and find good homes for these babies…plus maintaining the web site, work, plus your band…I just don't know how you do it.  I am very impressed. 
Okay, I have taken WAY to much of your time.  You take care, and thank you again.


Hello Faith, I just want to let you know that I got the Bettas this morning. They are in very good condition and I am very glad to have them with me. All of them are gorgeous. Thank you very much for the cull and the extra apache I am very happy to had find a good stock with you. I thank you and I look forward to buy some more Bettas with you.  

Thank you again And congratulations for your great job on selling Bettas and to make happy a Betta lover like me, your Betta friend




Fishies have arrived safe and sound. (They are pale but active - beautiful!) Thank you for everything, especially the exquisite care with which you sent them to me.



Faith, you have really outdone yourself this time!  These fish are superb!  I just picked them up and unpacked them - and WOW - so many!!  I always feel like a kid at Christmas when I open your boxes.  I love the little DT black hood female and the Apaches are so cute!  I can't wait to spawn them.  The black hood male you told me about is just as great as you said he was.  And the greens are beautiful too.  This email sounds so redundant, but I just want you to know that all your fish are of superior quality, and you've really got me hooked!   Thanks so much for holding them until the weather was better here in NY - I'm already looking forward to your next stock page update.  :)  Thanks again!

R. Alvarado


Where to start?  Doing business with you has been the single most stress free and pleasant ordeal for me to date.  Everything worked exactly as you said it would (Not that I didn't trust you). 


About the fish....  All I can say is WOW and OMG they are beautiful. Thanks for the upgrade to a doubletail Crystal Female and the Extra Green Male.  Your exquisite ability to give good customer care and the great care you gave to packing the fish for shipment is a great
reflection as to what kind of person you are.  Your ability to pay attention to detail has gained you a full time customer.  I am putting in double hours so I can buy more fishies.  LMAO

I can't believe how exquisitely beautiful these bettas are. I have a halfmoon and several delta and super delta's and thought they were beautiful....  Until I received the babies I purchased from you and they colored up.  The Crystals are so beautiful, I just love their eyes
and displacement.  The Male arrived with a torn anal fin and is getting the delux beta max treatment.   The double tail female was most welcomed surprise.  Both green males are beautiful I just love the hint of yellow in their color and how it disappears if you are trying to find it.  I think that both may be halfmoons I see branching starting.  The green female has a regal air about her so she is the only one I named so far "Majesty".  They all have a different personality and are outstanding fish.  

I thank you for such great service!!  I will not buy bettas from anyone else from this day forth.  

Thanks again for everything!!  Your fish are in good hands!  They are safely in their new homes and are eating very well.  All have gotten their natural color back already I think.  If not then I will be even more surprised cause they are beautiful.

Sorry this email is so long but your service has blown me away and the quality of the Betta's speak for itself.  I will definitely be purchasing more bettas from you in the very very near future (Probably the next lot (LMAO)).

Thank you so very kindly for everything you have done.  Your box will be on it's was first thing tomorrow morning.  Would be today but I have fish to attend to and they won't give me the time off.  LOL



Hello Faith,

Sorry I didn't do this sooner (ie last night)  I got the little fishies, and they're wonderful!  The Male is gorgeously handsome, and the female's a cutie!  Also, thanks lots for the other male with possible velvet, he's nice too.  I'm going to get his meds to day and hope for the best, I'm sure it'll work out. 

I'll be sure to get box outto you.

Thanks again and take care, I'll keep up dated on the sick guy and how the other two's swan comes out (won't be for a little while though :)


USPO called at 2:30 p.m.; bettas arrived in the afternoon mail and have picked them up.  They are presently floating in their bags and seem to be doing well.  Thanks so much for the culls; I'll see that they have a good home.  Box will be mailed back tomorrow as you requested.  Dealing with you has been a pleasure and I'm sure I'll continue to check your website EVERYDAY!!


I picked him up today at 9 am.  He's doing great!  He'll be floating for all of the day, with a little water being added each hour.  He is beautiful.  Thank you so much.


Sorry it took me so long to get back with you, just now had a minute to sit down.  Our children are all acclimating to their new homes.  They all look very anxious to be released so they can explore.

The supervisor at my local post office called me at 10:10 EST this morning.  By 10:30 I had them back to work with me.  We opened the box there, just had to see that they were all right.  They are all beautiful.  Couldn't wait to get home this afternoon, but unfortunately the five of us had to hang around work until quitting time. (Work is sure inconvenient)

My plan is to send your box out tomorrow at lunchtime.  Oh, and thank you so much for holding them until we returned from vacation.  Everything went so smoothly I'm sure I will be scanning your site for more beauties.

I can certainly sympathize with you and your Ladybug. Our dog Muffin is now 16 and is an important senior citizen in our family.  I wish you both all the good-luck in the world.

Again thank you so much, it has been a pleasure doing business with you.



THANK YOU (again) lol :):)!!!

   It is 9:30am Central time and I just picked up the bettas :):). All look
wonderful! When each one was checked all were very full of energy and
swimming frantically in their little bags. So none are in any serious stress
to the point where they are almost belly up. :) The satin flame male #1 is
very beautiful!!! I can see him already getting dark red around the base of
his fins! And that green HM geno male, all I can say is WOW, He is a very
beautiful fish indeed, I cant wait to get him home and get him his color
back!! And the HG male, his finnage is beautiful as well!! I do have a few
more questions regarding the bettas:




Hi Faith,

The black and orange pair and the opaque cull arrived safely in Palm Desert this morning.  I was amazed to find that the box was quite cool on the inside and fish were fine - even tho the temps have been sizzling outside at 110 degrees!  You really know how to pack 'em!!!! :)

The opaque is lovely and I can't see why he's a cull - but thank you!  I will really enjoy him.  The black and orange male is just as gorgeous as you said!  Mrs. B&O is still really scared and doesn't show but a little goldish color yet.  They have only been here an hour tho. 

The  four Apaches are very interested in their new "roommates" as all are within viewing distance of their neighbors!

I will mail your box back tomorrow!  Thanks again for all your care & efforts with these lovely babies. 



Hi Faith,
  I just had to let you know that one of the Apache pair I purchased from you spawned last night.  This is my first experience with breeding so I am really excited!  I was really surprised that they spawned so quickly.  I just released them into the tank Sunday afternoon and when I got home from work Monday they were up under the bubble nest together.  I sat there entranced for about an hour watching them.  It was really something ( as you well know).  I wanted to thank you for all the information on breeding and raising fry that you have on your website.  I know that is a lot of work but it is really helpful to us novice breeders. Thank you for all your hard work.
  I just ordered a pair of Satin Flame.  I hope I get them, as I saw you only had 2 pair listed.  I really think they are pretty.


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