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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


"Hi faith!!! 
I got the bettas and they are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! thank you thank you THANK YOU for the extra crowntails and the 2 adoptions as well.  I promise to take really good care of them.  The blue cambodian pair are truly breathtaking! I've never seen anything like them. I love them all!!  as we speak, they are acclimating in their little tanks.  they are all so lively (...).  again, thank you so much for everything.  You are truly the betta goddess! I'll keep you posted on their progress.  For now, have fun on your romantic getaway because you truly deserve it.  Take care and god bless! Happy holidays!
w/ love, maricar :)))


"Dear Faith,
The fish have arrived safely and are now floating in their new homes! :-)  Thank you sooooo much for your excellent service and the extra fish. (...)
I must tell you that you know the mail system better than the postal workers at my post office. They told me that the fish would never get here that quick , but you were right, it was less than 24 hours.
Once again, thank you, thank you, thank you. I promise to take great care of them!"



"Faith, The Bettas just arrived. They are all healthy and are starting the
transition into my tanks. They look wonderful! I can't wait to breed them in
a few weeks. (Thanks for the extra females!)

I will put the shipping box in tomorrow's mail.

Thanks for everything!"



Hi Faith!

Just a quick note to tell you how much I love the bettas I got from you last
week.  I've had them for 8 days now and they're doing just great.  They're
all super-frisky, eating like little piglets, and they'll even eat directly
from my fingers!  I discovered this a few days ago when I was feeding, and a piece of freeze-dried brine shrimp was stuck to my finger.  Before I could
flick it off, the little Dreamcatcher geno female poked her head up OUT OF
THE WATER and gulped it right from my fingertip!

The bettas are TERRIFIC!  The yellow females' color is incredible (the
second one was a wonderful wonderful surprise!) and the two Dreamcatcher
genos are *very* frisky in their bags!  The biggest surprise of all was the
Gold Flame geno male.  How unbelievably cool!  I went from zero breeding
stock to a whole fish room of my very own in one day, LOL!

The Dreamcatcher geno male gets more beautiful every day (I *love* his
color, all purple-y and silver) and is even blowing little bubble nests.

Thanks for such terrific bettas!  I couldn't be happier.  I'll be placing an
order with you for supplies sometime in the next few weeks, because I can't
wait to try my hand at breeding for the first time.  With beautiful, active
little bettas like these, I think I have a good chance at success!

Thanks again!



"hi faith, Gabe here.
just wanted to let you know my little guys are in gr8 shape and I hope you got your box back on time. did you like the way i wrapped it?? *laughs*
Anyways, just wanted to say I LOVE MY NEW BABIES!!!!! :) "



Love the bettas! I sent your box back today via priority mail. The bettas are doing terrific. I have a question. The Apache male is building a bubble nest. In your enclosed information, you said that they are not old enough to breed. How long before you recommend breeding them? Thanks.”



Hi Faith!

I have got the bettas!!! I feel so powerful, so happy! :) Thank you, and thank you very much for the free cute holy grail geno, he is awesome, do you think you could help me name him? I enjoy them very much, and thank you so much for bringing so much joy in to my life. :)) (...)Its been a great experience buying bettas from you, also a lot of fun, excitement, and jumping around making my parents thinking I'm crazy when I found out I got them. :)

Thank you,
love alan.
PS I will get your box sent as soon as possible! :)




My babies are here, and they are all doing well.  I am going to go acclimate them to their new homes now.  The Satin Flame male from your stock is the most feisty, gee, didn't see that coming :).  

Thanks so much for everything and keep the Betta Madness going strong.


"Hi, I just got the bettas you sent me, they look great! Very unusual looking and in good condition for being shipped. I will probably get the box mailed back to you on Monday."



"Faith: at last back home
    All bettas arrived in perfect condition to my home in MEXICO.
    Yesturday a Opaque female died, because she jump by a little hole in the aquarium cover.
    I already fix this hole to all the tanks.
    I am mad with  myself about this accident.
    All others bettas are doing great, I am taking a long acclimating period of  7 days, so I checking the waters each day.
    I'm really happy about my new bettas. ( Sorry about that opaque female )
    I will like to buy from you some others fishes, maybe in April 2001.
    I will be in contact.
    I want to thanks you for being so helpful with myself.
    Thanks for the bettas.

F. CUANALO SANTOS, Mexico (Please note that this customer flew to the US to get his bettas)



Well what can I say.........Awesome, Quality bettas. Great double tails!!!!! Damn I got to say they came in fast and Nah, seriously Faith you do a damn well good job at shipping these babies, just like the In short, I will have to say that I'm lucky I got to run into your betta world........KEEP UP THE AWESOME JOB

Mahalo Much.”



Hey Faith!

   After tossing and turning all night with a bad case of  "waiting for my fish can't get to sleep!" (LOL) I got up this morning got my fish, stared at them, (until I was late for school LOL) and stared, and then after getting over the shock of the beauty of the opaques (...) I just have to say a BIG THANK YOU!  FOR THE GR8 fish stock...and these GR8 males you gave me for a gift! I gave them all one gallon homes with covers, and will buy some NEW silk or like plants tomorrow (too risky to use ones I already have, as they may cause disease! :(( ) So thanks a lot and I'll tell you WHEN (no ifs...gotta stay positive LOL :)) ) they spawn. They are all SUPER! (ONLY $50?! You just don't give yourself enough credit :)) )





Thank you so much! I adore my new Bettas. They got in around 10-10:30 and they're floating peacefully in the bags in their new home. Thank you for the extra ones. Hmm...what am I gonna name them?? :) A tank I have of fry will be very grateful for the microworm and vinegar eel cultures.
You packaged everything perfectly. Not one was harmed in anyway, just a bit scared.
Thank you again! I'll send the box immediately."

"Hey Faith,

I got my babies, they are all doing well and I am very excited.  (It was nice to go and pick up a box from the PO and not be yelled at).

I also wanted to tell you that I GOT FRY  :) :) :) from your Satin Flame male from my previous order.  The fry are neat looking, even at three days I can see 2 little black eyes and some of them are dark while others look white.  And HOLY do they move fast.  Thank you for making my Betta experience a truly remarkable one."

S. Wachter, FL


"HI Faith! 

(...) The fish arrived in wonderful condition, as usual!!! Thank you very much for the extra fish. I'll put them to very good use. I'll get the box back to you by the end of the week. Lots of fun in the fish room ahead of me today. Again, Thanks so much!!!"



"Faith! They are so beautiful!  Thank you for the extra Dreamcatcher
female. I would have contacted you sooner, but I have to share the internet, and I was dealing with these treasures.

The package was ready and waiting at 7:30am I'm told.  As I had an
impromptu 8am interview, I was at the post office by 8:20am, (Like I
said, small village)  as I knew they'd arrive today.

The tails on these guys... wow! Special thanks for that Opaque DT!! Your
box will be mailed back to you within the next two to three hours. Thanks Again!"


"Just so you know, the fish you sent are very healthy and look extremely nice... i'm very happy with them.  the apache female is huge and the crowntail opaque female is very very nice to look at..."




Faith, they are beautiful.  They arrived in excellent condition and I am very surprised to see that you included a few freebies.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  I will surely order from you again.   I promise to take care of these “little pieces of creation.”



Thank you sooooooooooooo much for all that you had done.  I hope that you have a great time on your vacation.  No hanky panky now.  Alright, I just wanted to say thank you and that they are eating and already flaring to one another.  Thank you once again and your box should be on its way."



"Hi Faith! Stephen received the bettas today and all arrived in great
condition. Thank you for the extra females! The pastel is beautiful.
Stephen loves the Double Tails! We will be sending you back your box on
Thursday. Thanks again."



"Hi Faith,
Just wanted to let you know that we picked the bettas up at noon today at the post office. They appear to be in fine health and I am SLOWLY acclimating them.  They are really beautiful and exactly as described.  Thanks for the free boy and the microworms.  I will be sending your box back to you Monday,  I have a dog show this weekend in Minneapolis or I would be able to ship back Saturday.  Thanks again for the fish, I will be purchasing more in the near future, hopefully a DT holy grail pair or two. By the way that is quite a box, I love your labels. 
Have a great weekend.


"Hello Faith,
The local PO called me at 6:15 this morning, and by 7:00 a.m., all had been inspected and were floating in their new tanks. They are all coloring up already.  The black/red looked more white/red when I first placed his bag in the water! Thank you for the adoptions! They are both beautiful and will find a good home here. (...) Okay, the betta fever has really hit! Your stock is so beautiful, I'll be ordering more soon.

(...) I just wanted you to know that the bettas are doing just fine.  All of them seem to have acclimated to their new water with no problems.  All of them ate well last night and today. One of the pet store bettas of mine was so happy to see other bettas that he has built a bubblenest! Have no fear though, I don't intend to breed him. Poor little guy will just have to stare at the lovely ladies and sigh!
The black/red is becoming more beautiful with every passing moment. He is so active! All he really wants to do is show off to the ladies and prove how big & bad he is to my other males!
By the way, the recording sounded great! I checked out the BETTATALK website last night and was so pleased to finally be able to hear your music. I like! I plan to purchase the CD tonight!
I mailed your box back to you Friday afternoon via Priority Mail. It should arrive Monday. There are a couple of extra things in the box for you that I hope you enjoy.
I mailed my IBC Membership form today, you will have a NEW IBC Member ordering from you next time! (With any luck, that will be in June!)
Thank you for everything. I keep you posted about the babies and their babies (which won't happen until at least July).



Dear Faith,

            I am most impressed.  A stupendous job all the way around concerning this, my very first internet purchase of any kind, including my first BETTA order.  They are acclimating nicely, their color is quite nice and coming round by the half hour.  The cull you sent me is very cute,
though I have no idea what its sex is and have guessed it to be possibly of blue marble DT heritage, cute indeed.  What's more is the red female started barring up within a few minutes near the male in their bags, so I separated them more in case this was stressful to them.

           To say the least I am happy to report to you and any readers of this email that my expectations were exceeded let alone met, which in itself is an accomplishment.  The betta are gorgeous and I am very very excited (specially seeing I have been sleepless since I ordered heheh :)) )  Anyway, I will by many more times from you I am sure, but first I need to "acclimate" myself to the bettas and test my "BETTABILITIES" from my adopted mentor, Faith. Your site will be the root to my success, not to mention the detailed instructions on acclimation, feeding and water changes as well as the micro worm culture info. WOO HOOO!!!!!!!!

Your new best betta buddy

J. Roy


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!!!!
They are sooooo Beautiful. Everyone arrived safe and sound and a few with attitude.Even the culls are fabulous. You have been sooo generous. I'm defintely buying from you from now on.I'm so pleased!
Did I say Thank you?

S. Perry, Waynesboro, VA


“Bettas are doing well. I must tell you, these fish are so much more than what I expected. (…) The fish are extraordinary!!! I'm so impressed. (…)I've ordered from others and you have the best I've seen!!”



"Hello Faith,

What a pleasant surprise to hear your actual voice over the phone!  I could
detect that wonderful French accent.  I was not expecting the package until
Wednesday or Thursday so it was a double treat not only to hear your voice
and know that my package is in the Miramonte Post Office waiting for me to
pick it up. (...)

Thank you for the quick turnaround.  (...) I am very impressed of your quality service.

I was pleasantly surprised to see 4 pairs of live bettas.  All of them are beautiful and have adjusted well.  (...)

I hope that you got my 2 new orders i.e. 4M-FEM1 & 4GL-OPA5.

If I do not hear from you, have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend.  I know I
will have a great time taking care and admiring my new betta babies.


"Hi Faith!
They arrived!  I just unpacked them and they've been floating for about 15 minutes while I read your instructions.
Everyone looks a bit confused, but definitely alive and healthy!  They are absolutely beautiful!  I love them all!
Thank you so much! "



“Hey Faith, Fish are here and all are doing well...I will fatten'um up with some pinto beans and collar greens. (just kidding) From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you :) "



“Just thought I'd take a few minutes of your chaotic schedule to say hello,how are things going and just to thank you for such beautiful specimens. I must say I don't think I've ever had such a cooperative pair spawn so damage free, like actor and actress having rehearsed their lines with flawless execution. I hope your box arrived in one piece, and please keep me in mind in upcomming melanos, and I will continue to check your site.”



“I got the cuties today!!! They are doing wonderful. My fave one is the female from Gorgeous...she has a wonderfully wide dorsal fin, which is what I'm trying to stay with in my lines. Thank you so much...I'll be ordering again soon...probably sooner than I can afford to, but hey, that's what happens when you get hooked on Bettas :).”



“I picked up the my opaque bettas today. They are GREAT! Alive and Well! Anyway thanks for the GREAT fish!!!”



“Hello Faith. The fish have just arrived! You can relax a little now. They are in the fish room acclimating. They look great. Thank you. Incredibly professional data sheets, are you sure you're just a hobbyist? Kidding. I admire the way you present and distribute your "kids". You are quite the Betta person.”



"The box is on its way home.  YEA!!!!  All the babies are in their new homes
and seem to be adjusting very well.  They all have very healthy appetites,
and they have their bellies full.

  My females have gotten huge.  They are little piggies when it comes to
eating.  OINK!! OINK!!

The smaller Apache male has really blossomed.  He presses himself against
his tank wall whenever I pass by and when I clean his tank he nibbles my
fingers.  He reminds me of a cat rubbing against my legs when he twines
himself through my fingers.

One of the new chocos blew a bubblenest last night in his new home.  So he
must be comfy.  I set up a 10 gallon tank with 2 dividers for the HG males
and one of the chocos.  I was emptying out the bags this morning and when I
turned back around to check on them, one of the HG's was squaring off with
the choco in his section of the tank.  Hmmmm....  I checked it out and the
HG found a section that was not quite square with the tank wall and he fit
through.  (kinda like a ferret can fit into anything)  Needless to say, it
has been fixed and they all are now content to flare at each other through
the dividers.  Whew!

Thanks again for everything, Faith!!  You've done a great job with
everything (bettas, website, etc....)


Leslie & the buoys/gulls





I just had to tell you how terrific your betta's are! They are like little puppies...they love attention and really have great personalities. When I left for work today I felt like I should leave the TV on with Mr. Rogers or it appears, more appropriately, the Discovery channel. Faith they are really wonderful. The blue is absolutely gorgeous and the butterfly has eyes like a I

sound crazy? Wow, I think I'm the fish who is hooked. Soooooo, I would like to be on a list for a bright red boy. When you have a chance (is that statement like "when hell freezes over"?)... will rephrase, when you are answering the thousands of your emails and in between talk shows (that I am soooo excited about) please let me know availability and costs.

Thanks again! “


“All four beauties, the yellow pair, and two little opaque girls are all here, safe and sound, and you can breathe easy. :) They're so cute. :) They are resting comfortably in their baggies in warm water right now, getting used to the new digs.”



“Hi Faith:

I picked up 2 BEAUTIFUL, healthy and happy bettas this morning at 7:00 am at the post office. They are both doing very well and they are so gorgeous! (Has me believing that I need a red, yellow, black, violet, etc.........!!!) Thanks too for the explicit and wonderful instructions. THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! YOU HAVE BEEN GREAT AND I AM SO PLEASED WITH YOUR (my) BETTAS!!! Look forward to a future order”



“Hi Faith!

The post-office received the bettas today, so my mom and I headed out promptly to pick them up. The box was just fine, and when I got them home and opened it up the bettas were in there and smiling back at me (...). Your packaging is BEAUTIFUL!!! And your instructions are well written as well! (…) Thank-you so much for the piebald male, I love piebalds!!! I also adore the marble female you sent me!!”




picked up my betts this afternoon, all were in excellent condition and very beautiful. Thank you for everything and for extra fish. Enjoyed talking to you and wish you continued success with your group and also your betta breeding program. Thanks again…"



“I got the bettas today . They are beautiful and are swimming around in their new homes . Thanks for the beautiful fish!!!! “




I love all of them. The young male is great! My roommate really liked her yellow female. The other female is huge, (…). Thanks for sharing your bettas with us.”


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