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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


Oh, Faith!!

The fishies are here, and they are terribly sturdy little ones!  Somehow, they got on the delivery truck, but they all are fine.  I am thinking I ought to take a little longer than usual to acclimatize
them...well, no.  I usually take 20-23 hours, depending upon my sleep pattern....I'm babbling.

I am so excited.  Thank you for the gift fishies too.  They are so pretty, and I'm sure they'll become even prettier as they realize that they're finally at the end of the road.  LOL!

With big, happy betta-smiles,




Thanks for the gifts. I have always liked the red bettas. The three yellows also arrived in excellent shape. If they do well, I have my eye on your Apache strain, it's beautiful! Everyone eating well this AM. Will let you know when I breed them. "



" The bettas arrived in great shape and thank you for the gold female.
I'll return your shipping container asap. I'am looking forward to trying the
microworm culture. I hope to do some more business with you in the future."



"Hi Faith,

I received the Apache's this a.m. ... they look great as usual (are resting now of course). Box was shipped back today so you should have it in few days."



"I received my fishies this morning at 7:00 am!  My postmaster was kind enough to call me when he got to the P.O. this morning and let me know they were waiting!  (It doesn't open till 8:00).  I had many jars of water aging for days and prepared for the babies. They are all in great
condition!!! :) Your box will be back to you in a day or two.  Thank you for the prompt, wonderful service.  I would be honored to do business with you again, and I shall! 




Hello, i just picked up my bettas a bit ago, you didn't have to
include giflts!!! Thanks so much! They are beautiful and thanks for the
microworm culture."



"The bf geno male () blew a little bubble nest overnight. The
females are adapting to living together in a tank, and all of them were
eating well today. Thanks again for making sure they got here safely. :) "



"All bettas shipped wonderfully! Everyone is fine, they arrived at 9:15 am and are now checking out life in a dorm. Nobody is suffering from transport shock, so I'm happy about that. I had bettamax, aquarium salt en masse, and all kinds of things ready for them in case they did shock or get hurt, but they did good. You don't give them enough credit, they're tough little buggers. Have a happy thanksgiving and thanks again, these are wonderful fish!"



The bettas arrived today at noon. All are healthy and doing well. I really like them alot and plan on buying more soon. I will send your box back tomorrow morning."



Hi faith,
the lil buddies arrived safe and sound this morning at 8:30 am!  thank you thank you thank you for the free DT green pastel!  they are all ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!   you are the true BETTA Goddess!  can't wait to see your upcoming yellows you plan to have posted soon.  take care and i'll be in touch to order again.  :))  



Hi Faith,

I don't know if you got my email yesterday or not so i wanted to email you again from my own addy.   my computer wouldn't let me online so i was fretting like crazy.. i called one friend to have her email you to let you know all your babies arrived safe and sound.  they are now adjusting to my ph and water here in WV.   The two bettas i ordered ((blue Splash)) are wonderful and i am very excited with them.   i just have a few questions on the ones i adopted.   I'm telling you it was like christmas when i opened that box!!

thank you so much for the little ivory female and the DT chocolate female.  i will take extra special care of them.   and i promise you i will be ordering again soon!  i am so impressed.  i love them sooo much

thanks again and i will be doing business with you again soon!!



   the bettas arrived safely and are in very good health..
  thank you for the extra bettas you sent :):) they are all very beautiful!!!
  I will send your box back to you in the mourning...

    Thanks again for the bettas,  and I hope to do business again with you very soon!!



Bettas are here!

...and everyone is fine! Beautiful fish! Thank you for the extra. No problems picking them up. We will mail the box back this week. Thanks again!

Tim and Kelli M., TX


Hiya Faith!

I hope you're feeling ok and that your surgery went well.  Crossing my fingers you'll be up and at 'em (em being bettas :P) in no times.

At 8am my I got the call from my p.o.  telling me that my bettas were in (it always takes 2 days to get here it seems...) and I could pick them up at 8:30 when it opened.  

So I went get them,OMG FAITH!  Not only is the betta (christened Fella long before I had him lol) drop-dead gorgeous, but those other 2...omg Faith you are way too generous.  Wow.  

The red dt colored up immediately upon putting him in the tank to float, the white dt from the holy grail strain (Fella) coloring up not long afterwards..the same with the ivory.

Speaking of the ivory, he is sooooooo velvety looking :)   All of my new guys are quite feisty...they're impatiently ramming against the bag walls in an effort to get out into the tank!  Poor things, I know they want out but I am waiting until tomorrow morning to release them.

Thank you so much for providing me with the chance to receive such quality bettas.  They are all gorgeous and fired up!  You gave me more than my money's worth, that's for sure!

I will be mailing your box out to you either today or tomorrow, probably by priority mail.

Get well soon Faith!



"Hi Faith,
Hope things are going well! I just have to rave to somebody about my fish; my fiance thinks I'm crazy. "Moonlight," the powder green/blue male I bought from you, has turned into an absolute raving beauty overnight. I put a light on him for the first time yesterday, and he went all shimmering BLUE and started flaring like mad at his neighbor. He has great tail angles and when he flares he's like a little egg--no gaps anywhere! He also has a very cool iridescent green pattern on his fins--like the "ghost" or outline of a butterfly pattern. He is going in the spawning tank with his little sister next weekend!
Also, "Count D," the number-two black crystal male, has really blossomed. He's on the small side, but has developed an almost perfect bright-red butterfly pattern. (...) He is incredibly gorgeous and people salivate all over themselves when they see him, so I figure he's doing his job as a betta.
The rest of the gang is doing great as well! Thanks so much for all the beautiful fish, and good luck with the band and all your other projects!
:) Amber S.


Bettas arrived in great shape!!

I picked them up at the post office at 9:00 this morning.  They look absolutely awesome.  The fishies are settling in nicely and starting to show some of their beautiful colors. After seeing your great packing job I can see why you want the box back!  It will be in the mail for you this afternoon.  Thanks for the beautiful fish and the smooth transaction.

Kurt M. CO


Hi Faith!
Just got my fish, and they look great!  Thank you sooo much for the free extra DT female!  They are just gorgeous!  I will send back your box ASAP, and keep you updated on my progress with the fish!

Laura L., MN


Good morning, Faith!!

Thanks so much for getting the trio added to my shipment and for the surprise discount!  Has any one told you yet today that you're wonderful?!?  I'm really looking forward to receiving the bettas tomorrow!  :-D

I've submitted a payment of $72 to your PayPal account.  Please let me know if you do not receive notification.

Have a wonderful day!  :)

Best regards,



My bettas are great! Thank you so much and I hope to eventually get some pictures of them later down the road for your website, (which is the BEST betta website in the world  by the way).

   (..) Wish you well and look forward to what my bettas will bring! Thanks a ZILLION!!!!

Your new betta friend, 




Hi Faith;
You can breathe a sigh of relief for my shipment.  All three fish arrived alive and well.  I will take very good care of them.  It will probably be Monday before I ship the box, unless I get up early tomorrow, which is NOT likely.  Thanx for your efforts and skills.  I am learning more from you every day.



Thanks for the extra red.  They are beauties.  All the fish are gorgeous.  Hopefully,  I will have some great success in breeding.  Thanks again




Hi! I got the bettas this morning. I had to hurry my daughter  to school because I knew they would be there at 8 o'clock this morning.  They are doing fine.  The poor little female.. I think she was stressed from shipment and looked paler than a ghost!! But, she is fine now and in her gallon jar and is a beautiful pastel greenish bluish color.  The male (I don't know what I'm going to name him yet) looks absolutely beautiful!!  I think the F2 generation would be good to breed with a yellow Dt? I don't know he is a looker like you said.  I"ll mail your box back tomorrow.  I am doing everything exactly as you specified.  (...).  Anyway,  they are fine and beautiful!! That's it I've got the betta bug!!!!



Got 'em, stuffed them full of shrimp and have been staring at them ever since!  Thank you!  You were right about the Chocolate male-  he IS gorgeous!!  :-D

Your box is on it's way home.

Thanks again for all your help.  I hope to buy from you again in the Spring!

Take care




YOU ARE THE BEST!!!!! Thanks! I'm tellin' ya though, all my bettas are pretty fun, but the female black betta is a handful, hyper little girl and we have to keep her in one of these netted specimen tanks and she jumped out twice so we finally put a lid with holes over it and now she just swims around in circles attacking the plastic like nuts. Quite a character. I think I'll call her "trouble". Yes, you were right, they are all fine. Sheesh, all that worrying for nothing, LOL. Oh well. At any rate...thank you for the culture, can't wait, (or per your directions, I guess I will), to breed them! Gonna be MUCHO fun! (Got my dixie cups yesterday, lol). Thanks a bunch!




Hi Faith!!

The beautiful bettas arrived safe and sound!!  You're right....the female of
the Chocolate pair is huge!!  But they are gorgeous!!  Thank you so much for
the extra adopted fish!  I will take great care of him and his fin rot!  He is
very active!

They are all getting acclimated in their new homes and they look great!  Thanks
for your prompt is a pleasure working with you!  Your box will be
shipped out this afternoon.  Thanks again!!



Hi Faith,
The fish arrived just fine my husband picked them up after work and I have them acclimating right now lovely fish, thanks so much for sending them.  They will give me something to do this winter.  Also I have a spawn of about 100 opaque fry from some of the fish you sent me earlier in the summer.
Well thanks again, I will be buying more in the spring when things warm back up, until then I will just visit your website and drool:)  I will get your box on it's way back to you tommorow.

Hi Faith!
The bettas arrived today. Everyone is healthy and ADORABLE!!! I know you said they were small, but they are just too cute for words!!! They are going to be beautiful as adults, thank you again! Just thought you might want to know, I am waiting on eggs to hatch! They are from the late blooming black crystal male you sent one of the first times we ordered from you and a white pastel DT/CT geno female from another breeder. The male still has short fins but his coloring is beautiful. They should hatch today or tomorrow. Thank you again!


Hello Faith,
I have received my fish and they all arrived alive.  I have also sent you box back the # 03010120000108515603.  The fish looks great.


Dear Faith,
The shipment arrived on the 1:00 truck at my local post office.  They called me at promptly at 1:00 and I hurried off to pick them up.  All three are alive and well.  I'm floating them in their new homes now!  My turquoise female, who I've named Setsuna, is so pretty and delicate!  I've never had a female before so it's a real treat.  My turquoise male, who I've named Thai, is absolutely gorgeous and is showing lots of color already!  And thank you for the black crystal male!  He's so cute and I've already named him Oubliette!  Thank you again.  I love them all!  I'm so excited!  I feel like a kid on Christmas morning!  I'll be mailing your box back tomorrow.  ^_^
Thanks for everything,


Subj: Spawn!! Successful seduction by Apache Love Goddess. 
Date: 10/28/2002 11:02:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
Sent from the Internet 

Well, Faith, the DT Apache female you sold me early this month lost no time
getting down to business. Once her three weeks were up, I popped her in a
spawning tank with my Genji. They were a good personality match--big,
stately fish, quite mellow and polite with each other--and spawned after a
day and a half. The water was very warm and the eggs hatched in about 28
hours! That was Saturday, and the fry have now begun striking out on their
own. Tonight I removed Genji for his congratulatory bloodworm feast and
scattered some vinegar eels and microworms for the fry. I have wanted a
spawn from Genji for a long time and am so happy! He was a model father, and didn't even THINK about eating the eggs this time. I put it down at least
partly to "Akashi," a stunning girl who is also very classy and was probably
a good influence! Wish I'd caught them spawning, but they were sneaky. :P

Yours in Bettatude,
Amber S.

Hi Faith
They all arrived safe and sound this morning. The black marbled female is a looker. She is very beautiful. The double tail chocolate girls are absolutely perfect as well. The Chocolate male is absolutely beautiful. (...) You said the holy grail pair are kind of small and cute but, what you failed to say is that they are absolutely gorgeous. (...) Thanks again for the beautiful babies.


Thank you so much for sending the beautiful bettas so fast!  I picked them up at the post office today.  They are gorgeous.  That little cambodian red female is adorable and the color on the green bettas is just as described - and just what I wanted.  I will certainly be back for more - thanks again!!

I am
very pleased with the green pair and the cambodian female, and hope I get
more of your great fish.  The quality is outstanding, and your customer
service, shipping, and packing are the best in the business.  Thanks so



we got them.. they are beautiful...thanks....i love the females... and the male they are just sucking down the worms....bought those a few days ago...(to get ready for them) they are swimming well...The bettas all made the journey safely and are, by all indications, happy in their new home. They've all gotten their coloration back and are beautiful.  Thanks for the helpful information. We are getting the box ready to ship it to you on sat...wrapping it up and stuff




The bettas arrived today.  They are all active, healthy, happy, and alive.  Thank you very much for the three extras, they are beautiful.  Your box will go out in the mail tomorrow.  thanks again. I will definitely be ordering from you again in the future.


Hi Faith,

Just wanted to let you know the fish arrived yesterday and in perfect
condition. Thank you for the extra apache! I will return your box today.

Thanks again!

The bettas arrived safe and sound.  They are kicking back having breakfast in bed this morning.  They are everything I imagined they would be.  I am so pleased.  Your box will be shipping out today.
Until next time,

Hi Faith,
All  bettas were received in good order today Friday 11AM Eastern Std. Time .
They are all beautiful. 

The fish are all alive and well and are feeding on live brine
shrimp. They have become accustomed to our weather (mild not warm} until
may 1st.

I could not have asked for more. The apaches are good good ,except for the caudal fins, which are a little curled. Thanks for getting me started, I hope I
will get some good siblings from your stock.


Hi Faith,

My local post office didn't get the bettas this morning, so I went to the one further away right at noon when the truck was supposed to be there.
After what seemed like hours,  the postman brought out the box.  It was the most beautiful box I have ever seen (giggle).

I drove straight to the office, went into a dimly lit room and opened the box to find all babies alive and in feisty condition, although I am sure they were frightened.

I love these babies!  The Holy Grail pair are awesome, no, wait.... they are all beautiful (the culls are adorable) and I can't wait to get home to get them acclimated.  But I know you worry so I hurried to write this.

And the Betta Madness be with you as well,


Dear Faith,

I got the fish yesterday, I'm sorry I couldn't e-mail you earlier. They are gorgeous. None of the four opaques have any red on them at all! Even after being taken right out of the box the fish didn't seem stressed at all.  When they floated in their 1-gal tanks, they just wanted to swim around and kept looking at me like they were saying, "please let me swim around, I promise I'll be good."  These fish are already eating and are swimming very enthusiastically. 

The four culls are adorable and have so much personality. The bags say they're Ivories but the color is pretty damn clean! I'm amazed. The culls also have 1-gal tanks each and seem to enjoy swimming without the threat o any arge siblings.

Ok, now that I'm done wasting your time I just want to say thank you again for being so great. I'm sure to order from you again!



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