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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


Dear Faith....... 

I got em........ALL OF THEM! They are sooooooooooo adorable. my local post office just called me to let me know about my shipment. My babies are here!!
I'm taking this afternoon off to attend to them.
(the post office lady said.........."I've never seen a package with this many labels." hehehehe I could tell she was DYING to know what was in I told her.
She was VERY interested! HA!!! Sneaky betta evangelism!)

And my little boy, Joshua, is oh so handsome. His sister's name is Ruth..I dunno what to name the cullies cause you didn't say F or M. I suspect they're all F but I as have never seen such teensy bettas, I don't know. Joshua is ALL MALE!
hehehehehe (all my fish are named for Old Testament prophets and characters.....I have ALL the minor prophets! Yes....I need a life but who cares?) Thanks Faith....your box will be returned at once.


Hi Faith,

 The apaches are doing well and thanks again for the extra. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.


Dear Faith,

I rec'd the bettas this morning.  They are in good condition.  (...) 
Thanks so much!  I will mail your box back to you on Monday.  I will take good care of the bettas!  I totally felt in love with them when I see them...they
are soooo beautiful! :-)


Faith, you're the best!  (I'm sure you hear this over and over, but it's true!)  I received the Satin Flame pair today and they are great.  Their color is coming back already and the female is busy flirting with the male, who's in the container next to her.  And thank you for the little st/dt female.  She is too cute!  Everyone was well-packed as usual, and is now eating and flaring away.  Thanks again, Faith. 
Your loyal customer,

One of the
two males I bought from you butterflied, as well as the female, although
their bodies remained light cambodian color. One of the males has almost a
triple butterfly pattern. :) The two males are dark red by the body, then an
orangish color, then the one male has white on the tips. :) So they growing
into very beautiful fish. Thanks again, I look forward to purchasing more
fish from you in the future!!


Hi Faith!  I received the fish today...a day late.  But they arrived in perfect condition.  Thank you so much for the culls.  I was very surprised to see 3 extra fish in my box.  The Holy Grails are awesome!  The little male HG is feisty.  He's ready to get out of his bag.  All the other fish are great too!  But I just wanted to let you know they arrived and that they are all okay.  Thanks again!



Bettas have arrived safe and sound. They are huge! Will mail box today or tomorrow.




All present and accounted for! They are gorgeous.....and the HG cull is adorable.(...) I think this cull is a boy so I named him Gideon. (The pink/golden boy is Zephaniah and the pink/golden girl is Queen Vashti)
Yep....really should think about getting a life.
Thanks again.....we are all alive and well and flaring to go in Ohio.


  Bettas arrived today.  All are alive and healthy and beautiful.  Thanks so much!


Hi Faith,

I picked up the bettas for Ellen and myself at the Palm Desert PO at 10:30 this a.m. with no problem at all.  I opened the package immediately and all fish seemed in good condition - especially the females who are VERY "fiesty" and active.  I could feel their movement inside even before I opened the box!!

I had about a 1/2 hour drive home, and floated my four in their respective aquaria without opening the bags.  Then I took off to deliver Ellen's three "children" to her about 30 min. away.

Wouldn't you know - I locked my keys in my car AFTER giving her her fish and after she drove away.  So I was at this place of business for nearly 5 hours today waiting to get my car unlocked!!!

That's the reason for the delay in this e-mail!  :(

I've just added the first bit of water to all four bags and all four fish seem fine and eager to escape their plastic "jails" !! :)

I must say that I am totally impressed by the way you have organized and run your business.  The instructions are well-written and complete; the fish are robust and healthy on initial inspection; the packing/shipping method is very professional.  In short, I am very pleased with everything so far.  Thank you for all of your efforts in caring for these beautiful fish.

Ellen will be sending you the box back tomorrow.  I let her take it since mine were already in their new "houses" and she had to travel further with hers.

You might be amused by the names I have chosen.  Last night I looked up some American Indian names (since these are the Apache strain):

Males are Quanah and Mukki
Females are Kaya and Maka

All of these names have specific meanings which I do not remember right now!

OK - will be in touch when/if necessary.  Thanks again -



All babies doing just great and know they are part of the family now.  They are nosey and inquisitive.  They are always looking at what you are doing when you sit down at the table. They are lined up in a circular row on a 5-foot long glass top table.  Gosh, I knew I bought that big table for a reason, so we all enjoy each other!   Thanks for your dedication, time and effort to bring small, good things to other people's lives.......

Susan Palen


Just wanted to let you know that the bettas arrived this morning.  They are all beautiful.  They are being acclimated as  type. Thank you for the extras too.  They are pretty. Will try and send your box out tomorrow.  Thanks again. 


It all went perfectly!  The fish are all alive!!
Thank you so much!



The bettas came in perfect condition and i am very pleased with the. I can't wait until i can breed them. I will send the box out today or tomorrow, I need to get brown paper to send it back. I will order from you again. I do have a question, when is your clubs show? I would like to send some of my bettas. I have some nice blues that i want to show. Thanks 




           Check it out!  Although the USPO did everything it could to keep me and our Bettas apart, I did receive them.  See, to work for the USPO you have to pass a personality test, however, the ability to read isn't. Despite THE LARGE PRINT THAT STATES HOLD and CALL CUSTOMER, they attempted to deliver to my home.  All this after I contacted both My local and main offices.  At any rate, Faith, your the best, the Bettas survived, I believe, mostly due to the container they were packed in as well as the shear will to survive.  For this I am forever in your debt.

I WILL be purchasing again soon :).  Oh hey, thanks a ton for the 2 culls ya sent, not that I can see whats wrong, however I do have them "heating up" and will promptly place in a spa of bettamax , heheheh.

PS to all those out there who may read this I must state right now that BETTATALK is the ONLY Site I will purchase from, due to her vast unending knowledge and professionalism, quick responses (this time we spoke in moments over email) and the most comprehensive site that sells QUALITY BETTAS.  Oh and for the record, I purchased an Apache pair, male is DT, gorgeous, nice compliment to the Cardinal reds I bought earlier this year.

Your Betta Slave, Enthusiast


All of the bettas are alive & preparing to go into their new homes.  The white crystals & the yellow female are gorgeous, and the green female is displaying vertical stripes (I think she is delighted with the prospect of moving out of the bag and into a tank).  I'll keep an eye on the three white crystals, but currently they appear to be fine


Hi Faith!  Happy to report the 3 Emerald Dawns are in excellent condition, having finally made it home this afternoon.  They are beautiful!!! :)  They each are swimming, the males flaring a bit, and all show a lot of personality.

It was kind of you to call - I enjoyed talking to you.  It made me miss LA, to think of zooming thru Laurel Canyon! 

Will send your box back on Monday.  More later!



I wanted you to know that I received all of my fish, and that all are doing fine.  I received five culls, and all are quarantined.  All seven are active and are settling into their new home.  (...)

Thank you so much for my beautiful fish.  I love your website.  Keep up the positive energy!


Hi Faith,

All of the beautiful babies arrived today safe and sound and incredibly wonderful!

I am so excited and can't wait to breed them! (...)

Of the ones I ordered before, all are doing well, happy and healthy.  Just waiting on the Holy Grail pair to get a little bigger before spawning.  I followed your instructions to the letter, and that helped tremendously. 

Thanks again for the wonderful care you take in breeding and shipping these incredible fish.

Take care,

D. Yoder, CA

Hi Faith,
The bettas have landed! I am so in love with my Holy Grails. Thanks for the extra male. I can't believe the pure color! And my Blue Moons are super feisty. I have to keep chanting to myself: must wait to breed, must wait to breed...
Thanks! I will mail your box back either Friday or Saturday. 

S. Jolley, UT



Hello, i just recieved my bettas.. they are doing great.  the yellow doubletail  male has a tear in his tail but i'm sure it'll mend itself like u mentioned.. i will be sending you your box soon.  thank you so much.  this is my first time ordering anything from the internet and you did a great job!.. look for me to buy more fishes from you. thanks so much..



Dear Faith,

I got the blue moon and the red white blue geno.  WOW, I'm speechless.  They are really out of this world.  Thanks for the bettas.  I especially like the blue moon!!!


Good morning Faith,
   Bettas arrived at 8:00am this morning. They are all doing fine, and thank
you so much for the little opaque female cull. She is so sweet. (...) The bettas are doing great. I am conditioning the yellows with some frozen bloodworms, and some frozen brine shrimp, and next week, I will try to spawn them.  Thanks for the work you have done with them.
Your betta Friend,



May God bless you for your generosity!  I was entirely taken by surprise when I opened your box expecting two apaches and my eyes feasted upon 4 handsome apaches and 3 darling opaque sisters!!!  They are all so beautiful and after only two hours of setting quietly they are all colored up and interested in who I am and what I have to offer foodwise!!!  The three sisters I have already dubbed Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropus (after the three
fates of greek mythology).  One of the Apache males is already called Aidan, and I am thinking the female is going to be Darcy.  Plus, I allowed Shannon (my roommate) to pick an Apache male out for her anniversary present.  Without your kind heart, I would have had to hunt something up at a local store!! This she loves much better.

Without a doubt I will have trouble picking a place for them all on my betta shelves.  Each one deserves only the best lighting and positioning.

Thank you so much for being patient with me while I gathered the funds to get these bettas, and I promise you one thing.  From now on when I order and you give me the go-ahead to send funds, I will be out at the post office the very next day!

Your box will be sent out asap.  Plus if I can find them, I have a box or two around that I was going to send before.  ((so that you could replace old boxes.  they have an insulated box inside and they are pretty sturdy)).

Thank you so much, and may the angels look down on you while you continue to produce the finest stock and most beautiful bettas known to the human eye!!



Hi Faith!
The bettas have finally arrived and I am in the process of acclimating them.  They look fabulous- I have never seen such clean betta shipping water, too! LOL  Thank you very much for the culls- they will have a nice view of females and some boys to show off to as well! :)  They are so beautiful it is hard to believe they are culls!  I am looking forward to seeing the true colors of my new beauties, since they are obviously still a little grumpy from their trip.  I look forward to the next time I can purchase your bettas!  Thanks so much!
Incurable fish-a-holic,

Hi Faith,

Just a quick note to let you know that the fish got here. Everyone's alive and healthy and happy to be acclimating. The girls are pretty spunky for having been in bags - flaring at each other through their bags and displaying nice bars. 
And oh my goodness - that one almost black-purple male HUGE!!! You really weren't kidding when you said he was a lot of fish... we've decided to call him "Alfred", after my roommate's college name - she went to Alfred U. in NY, and their colors were purple and gold. :)

I'll send your box back either this afternoon or tomorrow morning! :)


23 May 03   - Your 22nd
And on board was a little tan box. Following your advise, I managed to finagle the cell phone of the Post Mistress from one of my patients.  I contacted her around 8 p.m. and at 1:05 a.m. got a phone call that the package had been located and YES :) I could pick up the box at this hour. Surprising how fast the cobwebs clear from your head when you've been waiting for X-mas in March for what seemed like forever. New friends were home by 1:55 a.m. and verrrry slowly they are being introduced to our filtered rain water with all the good guy additives you suggested.  It is now 6:30 a.m. and they are happily gobbling up live newly
hatched brine shrimp.  (Worms not an option)  All our guys and gals get live shrimp daily anyway.  You're right gets kinda pricey.  Did you say you had a source?  I get them from S.F.  15 ounces for around $65.
Box is ready to be mailed today but may take a little longer than usual from this end.
All the kids seem to be doing well and will be monitored closely. Many thanks for the culls.  They are perky and happy and welcome in our home. Hard to believe they are culls.  I applaud you for having the courage to venture this far from home with your lovelies.  Know that you have improved the gene pool on Guam.
And yes...the betta madness IS with us always :).
Your betta friends

Larry and Patty, GU


Okay, now for something you can post in the reference section of your website.  The bettas are alert and active.  I will begin the acclimation process now and wrap up the box to ship back to you in the morning.  They are so beautiful and I can't wait to see what they look like as they grow over the next several weeks.  Thank you for the very thorough acclimation instructions.  And thank you again for your attention to detail in every aspect of this process.  It made me a lot more comfortable with ordering the bettas through the internet.

Clark, Kansas City, MO


All 6 fishies are here, alive and well!  I was surprised how quickly the post office received them here in NJ, considering they came ALL THE WAY from Los Angeles CA!!!  They called me at 12:15pm to pick them up.  I was so eager to bring them home, and the lady who works at the post office was SO intrigued to what was in the box, so I told her. She kept me for a good 10 or 15 minutes (agonizing) chatting about her bettas.  I gave her your website to go to, for help with her blue boy who wont eat.  DUH, she's giving him one wants those crappy things. I told her about the frozen brine shrimps you use, and she is going to try that too.
So, my fishies are hanging out in their bags, floating in their beautiful tanks I spent all week preparing!  They are all so active, and brightly colored. They dont even look fazed from flying on a plane all nite!  They look like they have been here for 3 weeks already! I love how you packaged them in the box. There was no possible way for them to be injured!  It shows just how much your hobby is important to you, and all of your customers out there appreciate your dillegent work. Thank you for spawning and raising such beautiful babies, they are gorgeous!  I will send pictures in a day or so, when they are happy in their tanks and fat from shrimps!

Hi Faith,

I picked up my bettas today and they look great!


Arrived alive and well!
HE IS BEAUTIFUL. I mean drop dead gorgeous! And, boy oh boy, he did not take kindly to being put in a plastic bag and flown across the country!!!!
He's still mad this morning.......hehehehe 

My little girl fishie was so pale I saw no color except two dark bands down her sides. I know from your website that means she either wants to spawn OR she's was terrified. I'm guessing terrified......poor baby. She was "bluing" up quite nicely this morning. As was my little runt cull, thank you very much.

You do a great job Faith........thanks so much.


Hi Faith,
Just wanted to let you know that the babies arrived safely.  They are being acclimated but look perky considering their long trip.  They are beautiful!  Thank you so much.  They are a wonderful addition to my betta family.  I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again.

Faith -
My new fish are here and okay!  I am following your enclosed instructions to get them gently acclimated and moved in and happy in their new home.
Thanks a million, my fish look gorgeous!


What beautiful kids they are!!  And throw in curious and intelligent as well ;)  They recognize feeding time, spend the day checking each other out, love extra attention (or is that "still looking for food").  Larry's favorites are the Holy Grails, but I love green fishies,  so "mine" will get to be bred first (in a
month or so), while Larry's grow for a little longer.

Faith, you have done an amazing job in creating these strains.  




I got the betta that you send me. (...) Well, I am very please on the lot I pick and I'll be paying another rare betta from you again. Thanks lot for the betta I'll be talking to you more. Thanks for everything your the man. I really want to buy the one's with the arrow because it your great catch. I would love to buy from you again. Thanks. Hopefully I get a chance to buy one of your arrow (great catch) some day. PEACE.



They have arrived happy and healthy. Thanks so much Faith! They are so beautiful!! And their green is starting to show!! They are wonderful thanks so much! I'll be mailing your box back soon!




Hi Faith,
Bettas are here and look great. I'm so pleased with the pattern on the one male's fins! All are soaking and eating. I will mail the box back by Saturday.



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