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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


Hi Faith,
Just a quick note to update you...since the fish arrived they have been eating a LOT !!! The little girl was a little scared her first few days, but now is the naughtiest one of them all! All 6 yellows are healthy, the 3 fish that you sent me as a gift with fin rot are ALL BETTER!!! (Can you believe that I saved 3 fish just from reading your website...and i have never kept fish before in my life)
Now I am a betta EXPERT, I know soooo much from reading all 312 pages of the site. I recommend EVERY fish lover to read it, buy Faith's fish in confidence. She is honest, fast at shipping, and the nicest person to deal with. THANK YOU a million times over. Watching them swim happily around their aquariums brings me so much joy. It has even helped lower my blood pressure, and ease my anxiety problems. Feel free to post this email on the feedback forum, as I know it gets read by thousands and thousands each day.


Yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa I received the Bettas. They are alive, in good shape and just beautiful. Thanks for the opaque. I've never seen such young Bettas. It was more trouble carefully opening the box, than going to the post office. They called me when the package arrived. I carried the box out like a newborn baby. They will received the best of care.


Hi, Faith!
My new babies arrived today at 11:00a.m.  Whatta fast trip all the way from California!  I am slowly acclimating them to their new water just like you instructed.  I do have new mom nerves, though.  (...)
I'm glad you told me that the fishies will be pale for a week.  I'll be excited to see how they color up.  The most popular one at work is the Opaque male cull you sent!  He is sure feisty.  I'd swear he's saying, "You let me out of this bag, girlie, and I'll show you how to kick some tail fin!"
The two Apache males & the Apache female all looking lively!  (...)  It's a good thing I had to leave the set-ups at work or I'd be sitting up all night with them!  It's a good thing my hair is already gray!
Well, I'm sure you don't have time for any more of my rambling.  I'm still overwhelmed that I talked to you "live" on the phone.  Thanks for helping me get set up with PayPal!  What a great thing it is.
Hugs & fishes

Hi Faith,
          It me again thanks for the betta. WOW, Guess what! Thanks for the extra betta Faith. I got my fish it came in today.. Well, Guess i'll be talking to you soon again. When you get the orange one. Thanks


  The fish arrived today, they are absolutely gorgeous.  The poor apache male, getting his ass kicked by a female! He probably told her to go make him a sandwich and she got sick of his lazy beer drinking attitude! LOL. 
Thanks so much.




Just a short note to let you know that all the fish arrived alive and healthy.  I am floating them now as I am writing this.  LOL  

The fish are gorgeous as usual.  Thanks for the extra females.  I am sure they will be put to good use. LOL



Hi Faith,
Just wanted to let you know that my microworm cultures are blooming. If you have any customers experiencing similar problems, I recommend punching 6-8 small holes in the Tupperware lid with a pushpin. That way you don't have to lift the lid and the worms get just enough air.
Also, my Blue Moon pair spawned this week. The eggs are just hatching. I've never had an easier spawn! Even an hour or so after the female stopped dropping eggs, they just kept going...Maybe I should rename my male Casanova!
Thanks for everything. 




I received the Bettas today.  They look fantastic!  




  OH Thank You!!! They are so beautiful, I was so delighted to see the pastels, that means a lot to me. Thank you again, and for the advice. I got a snail and I am going to see what happens.

Betta madness is with me :)



Hi Faith,

Just wanted to let you know the bettas arrived safely. They are beautiful! Also thank you for the culls. They are very pretty too and they will have a good home here. The water they were shipped in is so clean it is amazing! Obviously you have perfected the shipping of Bettas.:) I will look forward to doing business with you again. Well, back to acclimating my new babies. Have a great day!



 I was wondering if you would be sending other bettas along with my two pairs of white crystals. If so, could you let me know, then i will make proper arrangements. Either way its cool. Also, by the way, thank you for the extra's that you did send me, they are very lovely. Thank you very much. I thought that i would let you know that i did receive my shipment today, and i shall be sending you box off to you either manana, or segundo dia ( the next day). Thank you again, and i hope to hear from you soon. 


Hi Faith-
My new fishies arrived safe and sound this morning. I'm so pleased with them that I'm just about to place another order!

Many thanks,


Faith, I got the culture and now I have zillions of micro-worms in my culture.
Getting ready to prepare a back-up culture as it's recommended in your protocol. I left my bettas spawning today.....wish me luck :o)

Thank you for contacting me today, and for your support.

Best, Juan

P.S Saw the pictures of the last meeting at the Amazon. Disappointed that I'm not in any of them (I had to leave early). Maybe next time.

The bettas are all alive and in great shape. Last night they were stressed. This morning they ate good and were flaring. The turquoise pair are Caesar and Cleopatra. Haven't named the pretty cull yet. I was so anxious to pick up the bettas that I called the post office a day before they were due to see if they had come in. I am waiting for a chocolate  male and a twilight pair.  Box will be mailed today. 

 Thank you


The fishies arrived safely...and they are absolutely gorgeous! Thanks again, and I will mail the box back to you on Monday.



Hi Faith!

Just wanted to let you know that my beautiful bettas arrived today.  I picked them up this morning.  The black splash pair is awesome and the opaque DT male cull is so cute! :)    I just have to let you know....I placed the bags in their tanks and began to float them, I left the room for about 10 minutes and when I went back to check on them I was amazed!  The
bettas were no longer a grayish color but a dark vibrant black against white....the male was flaring, showing off for the the female and the female was already showing horizontal bars and doing the "head down dance"!!! 

Awesome bettas....need I say more?!?  :)  :)  :)  Thanks so much.... 




Got fish.  Look fine.  The female is turning the heads of 2 males in 2 adjacent bowls to hers, and it looks like she's making googlie eyes at them herself ;).



Hi Faith-
My new fishies arrived safe and sound. They're beautiful, healthy fish, and I'm very pleased with all of them!



The Bettas have arrived in good condition and look nice.  The box is
already on its way back to you.  Thank you very much.



I got my Holy Grail trio today, about an hour ago, just picked them up from the post office. Now we're all home and they're floating in their bags in their respective 1-gallon tanks. And bag-biting and going "let me OUT!" I might add :)  They all look fine. One male and the female are amazingly calm about the whole thing and look like they were just moved from one shelf in a fishroom to the other, not shipped cross-country. The second male seems a little more stressed, but absolutely nothing beyond normal travel stress and I'm sure he'll settle down once he's acclimated and in his tank later. (I've seen worse stress in fish just coming home from a local store.)  They look beautiful, and I can't wait to settle them in and breed them in a few weeks.

Thanks a lot! 


They are doing great. I spawned the first green pair. It's miraculous how the male is so attentive. Day five and he is still attending the nest, gathering fallen fry and blowing them back into the nest. I hope they start horizontally swimming by this evening He (George has to be worn out. Mama Gracie recovered fine from the spawn. They did not tear each other up, just flared. This was as amazing experience.


Just a quick note to let you know that the betta trio arrived.  All three are gorgeous, but I am especially struck by how beautiful the females are.  I expected the male to be magnificent (and he is), but I expected the females to be plain -- how wrong I was! 
Thank you again 

Greetings Faith,

The male 4th of July and 2 females arrived safely. (My wife actually picked them up at 2:00pm, but she's afraid to open the box or "play with the fishies in bags" so they had to wait for "daddy" to get home.) The females are acclimating to their new home in a heavily planted community 30 gallon.

They're so little and cute. The 1+ year olds that the LFS just aren't the same.

Samson, the male is still resting in the box. He's going to work with me tomorrow morning. He has a fully cycled Explorer with Java Moss waiting for him there. (I figured it was much lower stress for him to stay in the box rather than acclimating him, then moving him again...) Wrap the Java Moss near the intake... Does wonders for the marginally too high flow rate... Java Moss likes the goodies flowing through too. Everybody wins.

Peace, love and bettas



AHHHH! My babies are here and well! Thank you so much; they're beautiful. (Also thanks for the cull - his name is Quasimodo). I will ship your box back on Friday.

Thanks again,


Hi Faith,
The bettas have arrived and they are beautiful. The purple/blue trio are breathtaking. The females are so bright they seem to glow! I will send the box back by Friday.


Thank you:)  Arrived alive and well even though shipping took two days. 
I was worried lol, but I've recovered.
The fish are beautiful and I look forward to doing business with you again.



Hi Faith,
The bettas arrived, they are acclimating right now. They are so cute. The male is "very" active and happy to see the others. I have put them in my isolation jars next to each other, and have added just a little bit of my prepared water with the water they came in. I know it is going to take "several" hours for them to adjust to the water here............. it has a
PH of 6.8 from the tap. In a little while I plan to feed them frozen brine shrimp. I want to give them some peace 'n quiet first some they don't get upset tummys.
Thank you for the culls, they are all so cute.



All the bettas arrived just fine. The adoptee has a pretty nice personality....the other one has an attitude LOL. The females are very pretty.   They are in 2-10 gallon tanks with dividers in them. They have acclimated nicely.



Hello Faith, just letting you know the fishies arrived safe and sound.  I'm acclimating them to their tanks right now.  The new guy will get a 2.5g with filter all to himself for a while, and I've already introduce the new gal, who I've dubbed "Faith" in honor of her mommy, to the other ladies in my female tank.  The matron of the tank, an absolutely HUGE royal blue
crowntail named Lady, approves of her, so there should be no problems there.
  Still working on a name for the new guy.  Wonderful fishies!  Can't wait to see the babies!



AHHHHH! Sorry, I am soooo excited.  Both my little girls are home and floating in the tank.  They seem fine and frisky!  Today is going to be entirely devoted to them. 

 Thank you sooo much!!!



They are here. Angel & Blessed are here!!  They are so beautiful, I can't wait to get them home.  I am at my job now, I can't work I'm so excited about them.  How long can they stay in the bags?  I won't be home for 8 1/2 hours is that too long?  Thank you so much Faith, thank you thank you.  You are the best.  I can't wait to purchase more from you.

Your fish are very active ( that's a good thing).  I can't wait to get a cardinal red & tangerine fish to add to my others. They enjoy the company.  I really envy you for the time you take and the care you give your fish.  There is no one else like you out there.  I hope to one day have 1/2 the setup you have to give all the care.  I may one day breed my bettas, but I'm scared.  Thank you again.



I received my bettas this morning.  There are all doing great, floating in their bags right now.  The green halfmoon sub is beautiful; I'm very happy with him.  The Green Moon male is just breathtaking!  The females look really great as well.  They all look very healthy!  Thanks for sending such great fish.  I'll be sending your box back tomorrow.
Thanks again,


Hey Faith, just wanted to let you know that my bettas arrived today safe and sound.  They look great and I've started getting them acclimated.  Thanks a ton for these gorgeous fish! :-)

I wanted to let you know I've received the bettas and they are sooo beautiful!!:) They are all fine, but scared. I have them floating in their tanks right now, and will slowly acclimate them. My grandfather is going to mail the box back tomorrow. Thank you so much, you have been a real help and i love my new bettas:-D


Just to let you know the 3 fish are home & safe!   Swimming nicely, alert, and sooooo beautiful!  Thanks again for awesome bettas!
Until next time,

Aries is awesome! I put him in my 10 gallon for a day and then put Mars (my red crowntail female) in the breeder trap and put her in the tank. I put a divider up and put Isabell (the cull I adopted) on the other side of the trap. Aries went nuts!!!!!!!!!! Two females in the one
tank and he can't get to them!??????!!!!!!!! HE is soooooo full of energy. IT is like shipping didn't even phase him! He eats like a pig too! But he acts like eating is a big chore----because, you know---he has to impress the females! :)      HE has even started to blow a bubble nest and I am not planning on trying to breed for another two weeks. I just wanted them to see one another and get fattened up a bit and all stoked to breed.

         Twilight Sky (the steel blue male) has already blown a bubble nest too---he flirts with Blue Morning (the female steel) all the time and even she has blown a bit of a nest in hers! She is the ultimate piggy! She eats sooo much!

         Thanks again for your time and patience----

          Take care Faith and don't work too hard! :)

          :) Kristin and the Crowntails

I sent you an email on Thursday to let you know that they arrived safely.  Did you get it?  You probably get a lot of email, I know LOL.  Anyway, yes they arrived just fine and I absolutely LOVE them.  They are eating fine and both males already have very nice bubble nests built.  The apaches are amazing, I could not be more pleased!  The crown tail male split his tail during shipping but it has fused back together and you can't even tell.  The little cull is the cutest little thing and feisty too, according to him, he is the best of the bunch, LOL. 

Your box is on it's way back to you, I mailed it today as I couldn't get to the post office over the weekend, my hubby got sick and needed me (you know men!).

Thank you VERY much!



The bettas arrived this morning around 9:00am. They are all fine and sitting in their little baggies getting used to the water in their tanks. I'll keep adding water to their bags over the next 24 hours to slowly acclimate them to their new environments. The two females will be together in a 10 gallon. I'll watch them carefully to make sure they get along. They'll get some frozen brine shrimp once they're in their tanks and less stressed.
Thanks so much, ma'am! They are all beautiful little fish. I look forward to seeing them grow into gorgeous adults.


Hi Faith,

Bettas arrived safely today...the male is beautiful, even when resting and female is extremely lively and already trying to get at him :) Thank you!
Box will be sent back on Monday.



Hello Faith,
I caught Hell from the Post Office and Isabel while trying to take delivery of my new bettas. After three hours of driving back and forth through Isabel, I finally got my bettas from the rookie postal worker. The bettas were in good shape and they are still doing fine. Isabel had
turned the power off just about everywhere in Virginia. I was not able to e-mail you until this morning in regards to the health of my new babies. I'll be sending your box back this evening. I hope the Post Office is back to operating at full strength.



Hello Faith, how are you?......yes, I did get the fish, all safe and sound.  Both are happy little fishies,  have acclimated well, and have been eating  frozen Bloodworms and Brine Shrimp readily.

A pleasure doing business with you.



Have received the 4 bettas, and am happy to report that they are all swimming & active, despite their busy day with the postman. 
I am hoping to get this box in the mail to you on Saturday.  Again, thanks for beautiful & healthy bettas!!!
Cheryl, Hilary & Natalie, FL


           I received the Bettas today around 2:00 PM. They are doing well and were very hungry. I gave them a little brine shrimp and they tore it up. They are being floated in their new tank and seem to be doing very well. I will mail your box tomorrow.
Thank you,


*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*   They are SOOOOOO beautiful!  Even as "paled" and pissed off (and boy are they pissed off)  as they are, they are still more than I could've ever expected.  :D   You truly DO kick all Betta-Bootie!!!!    The pictures you post don't do the real fish justice (and even the pics look incredible!)  I promise - they'll all be spoiled completely ROTTEN!   ;) 

This being my very first ever internet fish purchase, I didn't know what to expect.  I've read pretty much your ENTIRE site now (including every single last one of your references), so I wasn't TOO worried.  However, I still had a few reservations.  You have COMPLETELY and TOTALLY put faith (no pun intended <g>) in me to continue to buy BettaTalk Bettas for years to come.  :)   The service and quality you provide are beyond exceptional, and it's blatantly obvious that you truly love your little finned kids. 

Carrie - who's going to leave early today to get the new kids home.  ;)



I just got my new bettas and they're gorgeous! They are very healthy and active. Thanks again :)


Hey Faith!
I GOT 'EM!!!  The people at the post office were like, "The package has FISH in it????"   :-)
They are so small and cute!  I never bought any but the petshop ones that are already full grown!
Thanks so much for the extras!!!   I'm even excited about the orange cull - he's particularly cute and feisty!
I can't really tell too much about them right now, since they're pale from stress but they're all very active and look like they've come through just great.  I haven't totally unpacked them since I'm still at work, but the water feels kind of cool, so I have them sitting on top of the peanuts right now to warm up...they will be fine in there bags until this evening or even tomorrow, right?  I am planning on starting acclimation this evening, but have an unexpected engagement now. 
One of the guys at work made a joke about them swimming in Windex...I assume there's some conditioner and stress stuff in there to keep them cool and composed.
Anyway, THANKS!  I was gonna send your box back today, but since it's cold here, I'll need it to get them home and I'll send the box tomorrow.

Not to be a suck-up, but your bettas really are the best I've ever found.  I have bought on-line before, and your packaging and strain quality are far superior to anyone else.  Thank you!



Sounds good... someone will be around to pick them up. Thanks again... can't wait to see them. I really admire what you've done... it takes a lot of time and effort. Keep up the awesome work! Also, thanks for getting back to me so fast... I didn't expect to have them shipped so soon! ty again



What a *pretty* batch of fish!  Thanks so much. I will be shipping your box pack on Wed Oct 1 as I actually live in Canada and drive across to the US only twice a week.




Hi Faith,
Bettas are here and are doing very well. They are all beautiful! The marble male is beautiful, and his sibling female is one of the prettiest marble females I have ever seen. The colors on the Emerald Dawn plakat are absolutely gorgeous! Will have your box in the mail on Monday.
Thanks a lot,
P.S. Thanks again for calling and offering me the emerald female...


Hello Faith,
   I just received my Bettas !!  Everyone is ok & doing well .... They are floating in the tank in the Bags & I WILL follow directions to a "T" I promise.  I am also sending the box back to you today !!!   Thank you SOOOOO very much !!!
   Thanks again !

Got by bettas! I have 3 healthy males!  I am so excited.  So are they, they are frisky little buggers.  Especially the cull.  They came in the 1pm express mail today.  I argued with the USPO for about 20 minutes about holding them, but I eventually got through to them.
I am marinating them as we speak. 
Thanks again for shipping your bettas!  You provided some great information in the box.  Oh, that will be coming back to you soon!

Hello Faith! The betta order (4 plakats, blue/green halfmoon female) has arrived safely! No need to fret, your children are in good hands! They are currently acclimating happily. They're gorgeous critters. I love the females, and I'm glad I had the chance to pick up a couple extra.

Thanks again! Hope to order from you again soon!


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