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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


Dear Faith,
       I just open the bettas from the (much loved box!! lol ) and they were fantastic!!!! very gorgeous and very perky! They are floating in there new homes now and are already flaring their tails and looking around. They are spectacular and like you said will produce some beautiful butterflys! I even got some special food for them today, (frozen blood worms were the recommended) And I love the little personal note you left on the bag! ( the male is definitely not flesh tone. lol!!) he is more gorgeous then I thought. thank you faith they are great and this has been the most wonderful experience to get these little jewels in the mail. Take care, and god bless you! Your babies are going to be little princesses and princes! Thanx again!
Yours truly



*SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!*   They are SOOOOOO beautiful!  Even as "paled" and pissed off (and boy are they pissed off)  as they are, they are still more than I could've ever expected.  :D   You truly DO kick all Betta-Bootie!!!!    The pictures you post don't do the real fish justice (and even the pics look incredible!)  I promise - they'll all be spoiled completely ROTTEN!   ;) 

This being my very first ever internet fish purchase, I didn't know what to expect.  I've read pretty much your ENTIRE site now (including every single last one of your references), so I wasn't TOO worried.  However, I still had a few reservations.  You have COMPLETELY and TOTALLY put faith (no pun intended <g>) in me to continue to buy BettaTalk Bettas for years to come.  :)   The service and quality you provide are beyond exceptional, and it's blatantly obvious that you truly love your little finned kids. 

Carrie - who's going to leave early today to get the new kids home.  ;)



I just got my new bettas and they're gorgeous! They are very healthy and active. Thanks again :)


Hey Faith!
I GOT 'EM!!!  The people at the post office were like, "The package has FISH in it????"   :-)
They are so small and cute!  I never bought any but the petshop ones that are already full grown!
Thanks so much for the extras!!!   I'm even excited about the orange cull - he's particularly cute and feisty!
I can't really tell too much about them right now, since they're pale from stress but they're all very active and look like they've come through just great.  I haven't totally unpacked them since I'm still at work, but the water feels kind of cool, so I have them sitting on top of the peanuts right now to warm up...they will be fine in there bags until this evening or even tomorrow, right?  I am planning on starting acclimation this evening, but have an unexpected engagement now. 
One of the guys at work made a joke about them swimming in Windex...I assume there's some conditioner and stress stuff in there to keep them cool and composed.
Anyway, THANKS!  I was gonna send your box back today, but since it's cold here, I'll need it to get them home and I'll send the box tomorrow.

Not to be a suck-up, but your bettas really are the best I've ever found.  I have bought on-line before, and your packaging and strain quality are far superior to anyone else.  Thank you!



Sounds good... someone will be around to pick them up. Thanks again... can't wait to see them. I really admire what you've done... it takes a lot of time and effort. Keep up the awesome work! Also, thanks for getting back to me so fast... I didn't expect to have them shipped so soon! ty again



What a *pretty* batch of fish!  Thanks so much. I will be shipping your box pack on Wed Oct 1 as I actually live in Canada and drive across to the US only twice a week.




Hi Faith,
Bettas are here and are doing very well. They are all beautiful! The marble male is beautiful, and his sibling female is one of the prettiest marble females I have ever seen. The colors on the Emerald Dawn plakat are absolutely gorgeous! Will have your box in the mail on Monday.
Thanks a lot,
P.S. Thanks again for calling and offering me the emerald female...


Hello Faith,
   I just received my Bettas !!  Everyone is ok & doing well .... They are floating in the tank in the Bags & I WILL follow directions to a "T" I promise.  I am also sending the box back to you today !!!   Thank you SOOOOO very much !!!
   Thanks again !

Got by bettas! I have 3 healthy males!  I am so excited.  So are they, they are frisky little buggers.  Especially the cull.  They came in the 1pm express mail today.  I argued with the USPO for about 20 minutes about holding them, but I eventually got through to them.
I am marinating them as we speak. 
Thanks again for shipping your bettas!  You provided some great information in the box.  Oh, that will be coming back to you soon!

Hello Faith! The betta order (4 plakats, blue/green halfmoon female) has arrived safely! No need to fret, your children are in good hands! They are currently acclimating happily. They're gorgeous critters. I love the females, and I'm glad I had the chance to pick up a couple extra.

Thanks again! Hope to order from you again soon!



I received the bettas today and they are all alive and alert.  They are all so very beautiful and I'm very pleased.  Thanks again for the quick prompt service.  Cant wait for more stock to become available.  Looking forward to purchasing some satin flames and apaches.  Thanks again for everything!


The betta fish got here A-OK.  They're currently floating in their little bags in the tanks,
acclimating.  Thank you for your excellent job shipping!  The heating back was still warm :D

Thanks again,


Hi Faith.

My daughter and wife picked up the Betas today and they are doing just fine. Beautiful creatures. Don't worry, I stopped them from releasing them from the bag until tomorrow. If you want me to keep you posted on their progress let me know.

Thanks for taking such good care of our babies while you were raising them. I hope we can do as good a job. I will let you know when we let them spawn.




They arrived just fine on Friday. I no longer have internet access at home, this is the first I could let you know.
I am stopping at the post office tonight to mail your box back!

Thanks Faith, they're beautiful.


Bettas safe & happy :)  Natalie has claimed the turquoise pair, and the ct's are now Hilary's - good thing I got both pairs or I'd be in trouble!  They've now joined the ranks of Xtremely Spoilt Bettas!
Thanks again,
Cheryl &  girls, FL

Hi Faith -

I received the bettas today and they are alive and well!  (...)  They are quite beautiful; very vibrant color on the male Tutti Frutti, and I've never seen a female like this one!  They are in their individual large vases (for awhile) with a little Bettamax, just for grins.

Thanks for such an easy and fast transaction and all your detailed instructions.  They are a big help and practically foolproof.  And of course, thanks for the GOREGOUS fish!  I look forward to buying from you again; you make it too easy for those hooked on bettas!

Oh, and I will mail your box tomorrow!

Thanks Again,



The blue splash and orange pairs are all doing very well. All four girls are in a 10-gallon together, and they're getting along famously! Thanks again for raising such beautiful fish. I'll be watching your website frequently in hopes of finding a black and white splash pair.
Take care!
Indy Betta Mom (and lovin' it!)


My fun new fishies are here.  (...)
They are all doing peachy, the culls have their own dorm for now, and the Mr. and Mrs. are headed for a two bedroom penthouse.  They are all sitting in their bags getting used to their new Pacific Beach H2O now...
Thanks a million Faith.  I will give all my fishies a good home and tons of love!!


Hi Faith,
The cardinal reds and yellows are here and they are beautiful! I have them soaking and will send your box back on Monday.
Thanks for the awesome job you do.



These gorgeous babies arrived at my home on Sept 11, 2003.  I thought I would show you how great they are doing, I'm so proud of them!  Your Apaches have got to be the most gorgeous bettas I have ever seen!


Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I received my little beauties, everything went smoothly.  I was so excited. (...) thank you so much.  Also I shall be wrapping your box wonderfully and shipping it off this week.  Thank you for your time,



Hello!!  I received the betta's just now.  It's 10:00 AM in Minnesota.  All three look very well.  1 female and 2 males.  Royal Blue Crown Tails.  I also received the microworms.  Everything looks wonderful.  I will make sure the box gets back to you along with everything in it except for the heat pad.  Thank you very much.  I have been anticipating this and am so very excited to see them in their tanks.  My head is swimming (of course, it could just be my coffee:)


I just got my bettas from the post office, and I am SO HAPPY you take the extra time and effort in packing them.  (...)
Thank you so much for caring about the lives of your bettas.  Anybody else would have them packed in sandwich bags with a teaspoon full of water and no heater!!! Thank you again.


Good afternoon I have finally made it home form the post office with the new Betta babies. All nine of the Bettas are in happy and active condition swimming around in their little bags there is no doubt that all are quite alive and look very healthy. Thank you for the two free Bettas you included with the others. 


Over all I could not be more pleased in spite of fires and all of my worrying every one arrived in good health  and bright eyed if a bit pale. I look forward to doing business with you again very soon.
The box will come back to you on Monday with my well wishes and of course  with my prayers concerning the fires and Ladybug's health I have an ancient Jack Russell terrier and know how precious they become with age.
Thanks Again, Sincerely


Hi, just wanted to let you know the bettas arrived safely today after much hassle with the USPS. (...) but the bettas are safe and feisty hehe. I think the female has more attitude than both males hehe, she's a cutie! The cull is still a pretty guy, far outshines my old man pet store betta (who can barely flare, his fins are that pathetic, although he did get huffy for a few when I first put them on the shelf).
So anyways, thank you for the beautiful bettas! Will be shipping back the box asap! :)

My bettas have arrived safely, thank you!  All four are beautiful and the Golden Crusaders look exactly like I had hoped.  (...) they are all feisty, active and absolutely gorgeous!!

Thanks again,


Hi Faith,
Got them !!!!!!!!!!! I picked them up this morning, Saturday Nov 1, 2003, and they look GOOD !  Well had their water treated as you suggested and food for them when I got them home. They seem to be in good shape so I am happy with them. (...)
Thanks a lot, now i can get serious about breeding my fish :-) I'll most likely make a new order some time in the Spring when the weather is warm. It's still 78-80 here, I'm real close to Atlanta, Ga. So, I'll keep checking out your web site !!!
Thanks Again  :-)


Hey Faith,
All my 20 fishies are doing great.  The green crowntail pair are in my room in their two bedroom condo, happily making me watch their every move and playing in my hand mirror~
The culls are growing nicely, haven't lost a one of them.  Most blue splash and there are a few crystals.  Only a couple of the ones which are striped with red.  Look like they may be butterfly but time will tell.   I have most of them paired off in their big vase/wine carafe combos for now.  I can't wait to see how beautiful they all are when fully grown!
Thanks for all the free fish!  I love their little souls!


All the fishies arrived unharmed and eager to eat. Bloodworms for breakfast...mmmmmmmm. They're all gorgeous! Thank you, thank you, thank you for the little black splash cull male. He is DARLING! I instantly named him Dinky, because he's such a cute, dinky little thing. Spotty the greenmoon is keeping his name, the red marble male is, of course, Red. And the black melano male is Mel. Not too creative, I know, but the names are easy to remember. The females will be a little harder...for now, they're just "the girls."
Everyone's in their baggies getting used to their new water slowly. Thanks so much for all your hard work in shipping these guys. I will wrap up your box tonite and send it off Priority Mail tomorrow morning.
Take care, Faith. You're the best!


Thanks Faith-the babies made a safe trip and are floating in there new
tanks.  Thanks so much, and I am sure we will be in touch soon concerning
more beautiful bettas.  Box to be sent back tomorrow so someone else can
receive their betta on time!

Your buddy--


I picked up the bettas from my local post office yesterday.  They're in great shape - healthy, active, and beautiful.  I'm very pleased.  Thank you.
I'll ship your box back on Wednesday.


    The bettas arrived this morning. Everyone looks good. I'm sure they are happy to be out of their box. Speaking of the box... I'm going to keep it...JUST KIDDING :) I'm going to try to mail it out tomorrow. Thank you again. Your bettas are in good hands.



Got fish! They are alive and beautiful (and the female is very pissed off and flaring :)  Thank you thank you thank you! I am going grocery shopping this afternoon for the sole purpose of getting bags to wrap the box and send back, so you'll get it soon. 

The ivory male you sent me might be the prettiest fish in the world! :)   He started blowing a bubble nest while he was still floating in the bag!

Thanks again.       


Thank you!
The arrived in beautiful shape. They are gorgeous. Even the  female cull is beautiful. 
Thank you, again

Hi Faith ,
Bettas arrived all alive... 'floating' now.....
Fish look good, (...) I see what you mean bout the plakats, they were all flaring like crazy, no bubbles yet...
 Have a nice one talk to ya later.


Dear Faith:

I wanted to make it a point to write and tell you how much I ~love~ the Betta Painting that I ordered in the "Betta Art" section!  I think it's amazing, the way Jerry was able to "capture" my fish, and paint him; everyone "recognizes" who it is!  I treasure the painting, and think
that other Betta lovers would probably adore these paintings as well.

Take Care,

They are all here, and they are absolutely gorgeous. (^_^)
I can easily see why mom was gushing when she dropped them off at my house.
I will have your box wrapped and back to you asap.
And I will take good care of the melano cull, knowing me I will be doting on all of them.
You have a good weekend. and You will prob. hear from me in the future, ;) about another order. But that won't be till i have more space.
The buggers call to each other rofl.
M. Callahan, NV

Hi Faith,

My Bettas arrived this morning, they look find, and I am following the directions that you sent me with them. This has been a fun and for sure different morning.

I want to thank you very much for all your help and indications. I look forward to get some more fish from you.

I'll ship your box tomorrow.

Kind Regards,



Faith, You rock, and are a professional, and that's why I chose you. Your 2 Betta's are out of their box and floating in their bags to start the process, and they are VERY cute, cant wait to see em grow, little male is already flaring with attitude like he's a big man :D They are SAFE, and have NEW 2.5 gallon homes to live in. Once again, thank you, your box will be mailed tomorrow, and you have just made (another) soon to be repeat customer :)

B Lonzo, CA


Hi Faith,
I let the fishes go in their one gallon homes and can view them. I am very happy with the fish and appreciate the extra fish.
My daughter is claiming the plakat for her own and he is of very high quality! They all appear very strong. It has been a
Mark, HI


hey faith.
the fishys are here! they look very healthy, although very pale because they have been through so much. they will be floating in there new tanks in a little while. i will mail your box back to you tomorrow. thank you so much. we will be doing business again i hope.
(...) thanks again,


Just a brief note to let you know that my bettas arrived safe and sound this am. They are currently being acclimated to their new home and seem to be doing well at this time.
Thank you so very much.


I got everybody!!! The satin flame and apache are perfectly healthy (and pissed):) The runts are sooooo cute! (...) Good grief! I bet they took longer to pack than the rest of your orders combined! Thanks again!



The beautiful ones have arrived and much faster than last time however your box has paid the price for their hurry it is a bit beat up (just the outside). I will ship it back either today or Monday, The bettas didn't even seem to be shaken up after warming for a while and getting used to the new digs/ water. When I left for work tonight they where swimming the front of their jars asking just when I planned to serve breakfast or did I just plan to starve them they look great ( and they'll get blood worms in the morning in small amounts) (...) these guys look as I said great, the turquoise Is now named Butch because of his butch cut. 
(...)  The CD is good music we all enjoyed it tonight at work. Great, now if I can keep my son from borrowing it on a permanent basis I'll get to enjoy it some more at home on a better system your sitar playing is lovely. Thanks again, hope to hear form you soon about the culture.


All the babies arrived safe and  I will be jetting your box back to you..
Oh my thank you for the lovely birthday surprise.. What lovely wee girlies! As soon as I buy a nice camera I'll send shots.


I am so excited!  I got my bettas today and they are all fine!  I will be sending the box back tomorrow!


I got the bettas today. They look to be in good condition and all have been fed lightly and gobbled the food quickly. I am adding water to their bags slowly as instructed. I will release them from the bags Saturday when full. The box has been shipped back today as per instructions. Hopefully they will color up soon so I can see what they look like. I'll send an update next week.

I got my bettas today! Thank you so much.  I really appreciate all of the care you put into packing and shipping them.  They all look great! Thanks for the two culls, too! (...)  I
look forward to ordering from you again soon.       



Dear Faith ,

Well, I got the fishies!  (...) Thanks so much for the extra splash females!  (...)  All the females are lively and  eager to get out!  I can tell already that one of the splash females has an ATTITUDE…she was trying to  poke her way out of the bottom of the bag when I carried her to the tank! I will be sending your box back in the next day or so.  Thanks again for great fish!



Hi Faith.
  Dropping you a line to let you know that the bettas arrived today.  All looks well with them.  They are still in their bags acclimating.   Can't really see their colors yet.  But they all look healthy.   I will get your box back to you  ASAP.
                                                 Thank you,
                                            G. BLACKLEDGE, OK

PS  thanks for the Extra betta!


Thank you!!! How nice of you - I bought two nice frames and both of the BEAUTIFUL paintings are now surrounding the BEAUTIFUL RAKU (which is extraordinarily beautiful!!!).  I am thinking about ordering another one - have to save some money for it.  Thanks again.

Linda Maple, another satisfied customer of Bettatalk (the BEST site on the internet for Betta info!!!)


I finally got to the post office and sent your shipping box back. They said
that it should arrive in three days.

Thank you so much for everything! The bettas are beautiful (of course). They
are all doing well, the males are flaring and making bubblenests. Thanks
again, and I am sorry for being a little late in shipping the box back.

They are here and all are well. We (the bettas and I) are at work. The girls all think they're so cute! Meanwhile at home I have a ten gallon with dividers, heater, filter etc., waiting for three of them. The Blue Splash pair will go into 1/2 gallon jars for treatment. Can't wait to get them home! :))
Thanks again for the beautiful fish and I commend you on your packing. No wonder you want your stuff back!
All the Best,



Received your Beta’s at 11:00 today – all looks well – will send your box back in the next couple days – looking forward to listening to your CD later tonight.  

Thanks for everything,  


    The bettas arrived in NC today!  They look good!  They are swimming around and their fins are upright not laying down!! I hope to get the box in the mail today or tomorrow
Thank you!!


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