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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


My bettas arrived at 8:30 this morning!  The man at the post office was almost as excited as I!  I am following your instructions to the T and everyone looks great.  Their fins are a bit ragged, so I sent my hubby out for bettamax-sheeesh that stuff is hard to find!  The are all marinating in a bit of my water, and their color is starting to come back.  The are so beautiful!  My little cull is a cutie too and boy is he fiesty..teehee.  I sent my husband directly back to the post office to ship your box back to you, so you should receive it promptly! (...)  I am in love, and will be back for more soon as soon as I can afford more!



Dear Faith,
   Fish, eels and micros all arrrived safely and on time. Will try to get box out tomorrow or at least on Monday. The satins are beautiful. I hope I can do something with them soon.
     Thanks again for ;your  patience.


Hi Faith,
The babies are BEAUTIFUL!!!!! I received the this morning, They've colored out and have had their dinner and are still resting in their bags. I cannot believe how beautiful the females are, I have never seen really colorful pretty females before, so that was a great surprise! (...) I will mail your box back this weekend, be sure and look inside, I left you something, It is not much but I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate you and how sweet you are. Have a great weekend!!
God bless,




Wow got my Betta's at 10:30 my time this morning. Both were in excellent shape. Male started stressing when I floated them in there separated 10 gallon tank ,but when I put him next to her he was fine she is all striped up and still in bag. I was very nervous about them arriving but as I said they got here in like less than 18 hour if u count time change and I think that is just awesome.. also wanted to know what generation these guys  and how old they are cause they are as big as my one year olds but I found out I have really hard water so might be stunting we will see with yours.. Thanks again best web site and very happy with fish so far so good.  Thanks again Betta addicted Shannon. oops almost forgot box I will be sending back monday at latest will wrap in brown parcel paper it is thick so should be ok I use it to ship boxes all time lol.... 


Five fish, presently floating in tank.  Shaken, but not stirred.  LOL.  The post office now knows me as the neurotic fish chick, I'm sure!

They babies arrived and the bags are safely floating on top of the tanks to warm them. All look well and healthy. Thanks so much for the free culls they have a very loving home and will be properly if obsessively cared for. If you ever want an update on their health and well being feel free to e-mail me. I plan to purchase more someday in the future. Thanks,



Hi Faith! Well, I just opened the package. As always, they are SUPER! And thank you very much for the extra pr. I'll get the box back out to you by next Tuesday. (...) I'll also look forward to your CD, when you have more! Again, thanks for everything!



Hiya Faith

The giants are doing great, I put them together in the 20 and immediately had to stick in a divider, they were getting right down to hanky panky!! Even after such a long trip, they're extremely healthy, thank you!



got em thursday actually, they made it in record time. They are ALL beautiful.

Will the holy grail or apache make patriotic babies? I hope so, they are gorgeous fish.
love always



The Satin Flame female is gorgeous as well and she's a ball of personality.  She loves to nibble  thawed brine shrimp off my finger..Thank you so much for these bettas.  I
feel very lucky to have them...And I look forward to purchasing from you in the near future (maybe some giants)
Thanks again,


Faith, Just wanted to drop a line to say I sent box out today.Priority so should be there this week. Fish are doing great very active They love their new tank split a 10 gallon both have darkened up a bit with the green female is the best she is such flirt with everyone lol..But like I had said earlier this was a wonderful experience and I have the bug so should be lots of fun....

S.K.   Shannon  



My newest babies arrived safe and sound at 9:45am this morning. The giants are GORGEOUS!!! the green/blue mix/match pair I ordered are simply lovely and that platinum is BEAUTIFUL!!! Thank you sooooooooo much. I'll definitely have to pair these giants up with my other ones to see what comes about here in a month or two, let them all settle in first. I would have wrote you earlier but we had a bad storm come through and I didn't want to chance turning the computer on.
You have a great Easter Holiday and Thank you again!!!

Aloha Faith,
Fishies are fine and happy in their new home.  All look great after a long distance travel over the least they didn't have to swim...haha!  I think the Twighlight male suffered a little trauma during shipping, his tail is a frayed and not symmetrical and short.  I'm hoping it'll grow out and be looking as handsome as ever.  Satin Flame and Golden Crusader, wonderful finnage and lots of flaring!  Gorgeous fish!  Thank You for all your patience and help as I was hesitant in ordering fish online but you proved to gain my confidence in your system!  Now to the microworms....hmm...
Your shipping box is on its way so other people can get their fishies too (confirmation/tracking number is 0303 3430 0002 3414 9287).
Thanks Again!

All (3! =) betta arrived in great shape!
Now to get them use to their new home!



Wow.  I am in awe at the glory of the opaque male, and the finnage on the other two males is unbelievable.  The females are darling (the BM girl is barring up happily, although they haven't regained their color yet) and I'm sure their coloring is stunning.  I can't see it yet, but I know it'll be there :-)  I had to jump through hoops to get hold of the package *incoherent mutters about "federal government," "bureaucracy," and "inefficiency"* but I finally managed, and the fish are beautiful!  I'm falling in love already.  I've always wanted a green :-)  Thank you so much for this!  I'll ship the box back as soon as I can.


Hiya, Faith-The kids got here at 6:30 this morning!  They are beautiful (if a little pissed-off, lol).  The trimmed-up opaque male has his bag floating in a gallon fishbowl with bettamax and the other babies have a 10 gallon tank divided into sections with drilled-out plexiglass-heater, filter (with carbon removed!) and bettamax.  They are every bit as gorgeous as your photos, and I LOOOVE the freebie opaque and blue crowntail males-you are generous to say the least.  I will put your box in the mail on Monday, and I really appreciate everything.  You are a class act!


Got the fish, Faith! They are both alive & swimming!  The male has an attitude too!  The trip didn’t faze him at all….I can see his green color on his head, even thru the bettamax!  The female is also in great shape, she just seems a little concerned about all the strangeness.



 The green crowntail pair arrived today and are doing just fine. They are beautiful & already showing great personality. They are still floating in their (temporary) 1/2 gallon jars while they acclimate to the temp & water. Can't wait to breed them but will give them a month or so to "chill" before I attempt it.  
 I will ship your box back on Monday at the latest.              

Much Thanks!  ~



Hi Faith!

You'll be happy to know that the little darlings are gleefully swimming around in their new 1/2 gallon jars.  They're probably used to much larger accommodations, but this is what I have.  They were fed in the bags last night and this morning and they appeared to be interested in the shrimp, but I'll get a better idea whether or not they're eating this evening when I feed.  How long is the shrimp good after defrosting???

I put the two females together.  So far no fighting, but the TuttiFrutti female is posturing at the other one.  I'll keep an eye on them for a while.

Your box is coming back to you today --  sorry about the wrapping job, but I flunked "packaging for shipping" in college.

Tell me about Finley's little friend that you sent to me.  What strain?  How old?  Does she do tricks?  Seriously, she is a pretty little thing even if she is a "pet quality" female.

I'm very pleased with all the fish.  Thank you.



Faith  ,
I want to know if you keep track of how each pair you send out looks because you started out with lovely, went to beautiful, hit gorgeous, and now you have topped that! I can see how easy it is to get betta-itis :).
The new pair is currently swimming around in their bags getting adjusted to the tank temp. I'll start intro-ing my water around noon or so, my time. They are just perfect!!!
Thanks again and have a great weekend!!!

Hi Faith,
Just wanted to let you know everything is great with the Betta's they've both colored up nicely and the male makes a perfect centerpiece to my tank.  He's gorgeous.  I'll be sure to keep you in mind for the future! 
PS I'm sending your box back today.


Sorry I didn't get back with you yesterday, just too many things to do and not enough time.  The fish arrived almost exactly at 10:00 a.m. yesterday, just like always perfectly on time.  They are beautiful and fiesty.  The extra male red-butterfly is very pretty, thank you very much.
One of the females is having a difficult time acclimating.  She is still pretty gray and clamping her fins some and staying at the bottom.  She is in with the female she came with who is energetic, but doesn't seem to be aggressive-unless she waits for me to leave the room-the shy one doesn't have any nips or bites.  I'll jar her if she doesn't perk-up by tonight.
Again thanks so much, I'll get your box in the mail on Monday, hope the last one got back to you okay.
Have a great Derby weekend.

Hello Faith,  I just came back from the Post office with 5 very eager healthy fish.  The Males are flaring and really moving around like they can't wait to get out of those bags.  The females also are very active and so even as we speak I have placed each fish in their individual 5 gallon tanks to acclimate, so it's going to be a long day while I slowly acclimate these guys before releasing them from their inner holding bags.  Anyway they look just find and I just can't thank you enough for the extra male.  He looks great and he has got alot of  attitude.  These are my first Betta's and I'm so glad to have gotten them from you.  I think this is only just the beginning, because I can't believe how many fantastic varietes of Bettas that exist and I think that I may want to get more in the very near future.  Anyway  I am following all your instructions and let me see if I can ship your box and container back today before the post office closes.  If not today, I promise to have it not it's way back to you definitely by no later tomorrow.



            They are Beautiful =]
and swimming around  and look really Happy!! They are next to each other  in separate tanks, she is a 1.5 gal and he in a 3 gal new aquarium =]
I wanted to let you know that i will not be able to ship ur box out til Monday as im disabled and cn not get to the Post Office til monday am will that be ok with you?


Hi Faith, I just picked up the fish at the post office and they look just fine.  I'll be acclimating them in their tanks for the rest of the day.  I'll see if I can go ahead and send your box and container back to you today.  Thanks again for these great bettas.



I just wanted to let you know that the bettas arrived this afternoon! 5-12-04! both are safe and well and being welcomed to their new Homes! I Thank you for everything and i will send your box back ASAP! THANKS!

Hi Faith,
The babies arrived safely this morning, I called the post office several times - I'm sure they were very happy to be done with me :).  I brought them home and they are currently floating in their new tank, just added their first taste of my water and will be giving them a bite of food soon. They are a bit pale as you said they would be, well more ghostly white than pale but they are active and look good otherwise. A hint of blue green is starting to show in the male. I haven't named them yet, I'm waiting to see what their personalities are like. Thanks so much - you're the best!


All fish present and accounted for. The Green Pair, the Red Pair and Electric Steel/Black Pairs already look very impressive, even after their shipping trauma. The Apaches seem a bit pale, but still perky! And the Holy Grails ... my, oh, my they look promising. I am really
excited about this batch.


Faith we changed or server stuff or something and I'm not a computer whiz but I can find the start button
I got my emerald dawn pair on Thursday and they look great the male has a huge bubble nest and they both have
huge appetites I wanted to let you know that hey arrived healthy and continue to be healthy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
I tried to reach you by replying  to your ready to ship e-mail but my mail is going nowhere yet
I hope this reaches you  




My Bettas arrived this morning.  I picked them up at 2:30 a.m.  They all seem to have arrived in good shape.  They are floating in their bags.  I am ready to start adding the water to their bags, and to feed them.  Thank you so much for all of your help.  I will have the box in the mail to you soon. 

P.S.  Thank you for the green powder betta.


Just a quick note to let you know that my betta's arrived this morning.  Everyone looks healthy!  I always worry when it takes 2 days to ship here instead of one.  Doesn't seem to bother the fish much though!
That turquoise male is the prettiest color I have EVER seen.  Wow!  I was suffering from a little buyers remorse for buying more bettas... but it's gone now that they're here.  LOL
I have to be gone tomorrow - so I won't be able to mail your box back to you until Monday.
Thanks again for all your help



Hi Faith,

I just went down to the PO and got the betta. They are all alive and look well :) Thank you so much! They are beauties!



Fish arrived safe and sound,

The entire post office was fascinated!  They all stood around while we opened the box and ooohhed and aaahhed over the fish.  Thanks again for the cull.  He’s cute



Hi Faith,

Once again, the fish arrived safe and sound and they all look great!! The Lemon is so cute - even cooler than I imagined! And his female is quite spunky! I can't wait to breed them next month if they're looking good! The little melano geno girl is a little stressed, but it's nothing a nice new tank with bettamax won't fix! Time to get acclimating.
And thanks for the culls - they'll have a loving home!

I'll ship your box back later today or tomorrow.

PS: I may have some pictures for you in a few months for your gallery of the kids of the HUGE purple gas I bought from you a while back. He's an awesome dad - best one I've had yet.


The fish arrived today around 3pm, by delivery!! Even though I asked them to hold my package, they still delivered it! Some people... Anyway, I speed read through the instructions and anxiously (but carefully) opened the box to see six jolly bags standing up. Grinning like a cheshire cat, I gazed upon the most gorgeous fish I've ever seen! The extra red male and female are b-e-a-utiful! I stared at them for a while before I acted! The Giants are breathtaking, and the Black Crusaders were so fun and gorgeous to watch. I named the red female Poppy, the red male Drac, the Giant female Anna (who steals everyone's eye! She is the best looking one, I think, hehe), the Giant male Ripple, the female Black Crusader Mary and the male Black Crusader Prince. They all deserve those names! They have the coolest personalities ever! Anyway, thanks so much with everything! The babies are in good health, including the red male who needed a little extra attention. So thank you once again, and you can count on hearing from me again sometime!!
Thank you so much,
P.S. Your box will be shipped soon- my mother parental is very busy with picking people up from the airport this weekend, so we'll see if we have some time to squeeze in mailing. :) hasta!

hi faith - beautiful bettas received and acclimating well.  thank you!  will send the box back hopefully tomorrow.  thanks again!
take care,



p.s. my bettas (i named them neo & trinity) are doing great.  what gorgeous colors!  i have their jars (big ones) side by side so they can see each other & am going to put j.t.'s jar next to them today so they can all get acquainted.

Hi Faith,
The bettas made it safe and sound this morning. They look beautiful!



Hi Faith,
   Everyone arrived safely and they all look wonderful. The Satin Flame male is gorgeous! He is such a character too, everytime I go to add some water to his bag he stares at my hands like "hey lady, where's the food?" The Twilight male was acting a little off for awhile, but he seems to be perking up. Guess he just had jet lag LOL. The females are beautiful too, so pretty.

I finally know what you mean by being called the fish lady! The post office lady called me up so excited that "we have fish!" lol.

I will be sending your box back morning tomorrow before I go to work.

Thanks again,


Bettas received, safe and sound, no tail injuries or sulking :)  They are quite happy little things, too!

Thank you, they're beautiful!


The fish arrived at the post office this morning and I picked up the box during my lunch hour.  I took the box to my office and kept it in a warm place.  I brought it home from work and just opened and checked the fish.  They are all fine.  You are the best shipper I have seen since Bonnie McKinley and in fact I think you are even better than Bonnie.
Thanks again for giving me an opportunity to acquire these great fish.  I will send your box back to you per your instructions.


Hello Faith=] 
  The bettas showed up alive and well ... Thank you very much for the little guys =]
  I will be sending your box back asap..
      Thanks Again
         R. FREY, CO



Just a quick note to tell you all three pairs you sent me 5-13-04 are doing well.
The Apache pair have spawned.  Both male and female are back in their quarters.
About 150-200 fry and I haven't lost one yet.  They are eating the microworms and
are growing.

Thanks again,



Hey Faith,

All the little darlings got here safe and sound -- all 7 of them LOL.  As I emailed last night, I only had enough tanks for the original 5 so I'll get more tanks today.  

I'll get your box back in the next couple of days.

Thanks Faith!  It's like Christmas when I get a box from you.

Bubbles to Finley,



Hi Faith,

The fishies made it!  I've got their little baggies floating right now.  They look great!  Thanks also for the extra guy, he's a cutie too. 

Will return your box this week.

Thanks again!!



All bettas present and accounted for.  All of them look good.  You sent me a real active betta seems kind of crazy. lol Anyway thanks Ill get your box back to you early next week.


I got a little more time today the Apache pair and the Apache culls males and the Green Splash Pair are excellent doing great eating gobs and swimmin great I have really enjoyed them and they really like their new home with the other fish I have purchased from you. they are top of the line thank you for having such quality fish. Your box was sent out today. I look forward to doing business with you again.


Hi Faith, this is Moua Vang who purchased the Mahachai bettas.  I just wanted to tell u that i received the bettas on Saturday and i just sent the box today, which is Monday.  They look nice and you even gave me another pair, thanks.  You know what, I couldn't choose which one to buy, the mahachai or the smaragdina, and now i have both of them, YEAH.   The box was sent priority mail just like you said in the paper and i tracked it also. 
Well i would just like to say thanks for the bettas and i hope to do business with you again.


Just wanted to let you know that the bettas arrive here about 5 mins. ago.  They look just fine...a little stressed but fine.  Thank you for all the wonderful specimens you have sent me.  I am sure I will be ordering more from you in the near future.

The bettas arrived today all happy, healthy, and none the worse for the wear. Thanks for all your help and assistance. I'll get your box back in the mail tomorrow.
Thanks again,


Hi Faith,
Just wanted to let you know that the bettas arrived yesterday evening at my office, and this morning I got them when I arrived. They will be kept in bags for the next 4 hours until I go home, then I will unpack them. (...)
The Cambodians are full of life, and the tri-colors are sweet and pretty.
I'll keep you posted as to how they're doing.
Thanks again!


Thank you so much, Faith, for the beautiful foursome.  I adore the steel/black butterfly and his lovely turquoise sister (think this was an upgrade?)!  They're such a delight to watch, and the male has a very nice bubble nest going. 
Thanks, too, for the two red/cambo sisters!  All are adjusting to their new environment, eating well, and such a delight for my eyes!
I'm sorry that I didn't respond by Yahoo...usual troubles on my end...!!!  I do hope, however, that my note of delivery got to you by way of a different server, Texas Air Net, which I sent the afternoon of their delivery...two weeks ago today.  Also, the box was sent back July 19 as you requested...did you not get it back, yet?  Just let me know if I need to track it down, okay?
Your betta friend,


Hi Faith,

My father got the betta from the post office for me and floated him in the tank until I got home. He is beautiful and his fins are huge! I put in a small bloodworm and he stalked it and pounced like a little tiger. He isn't pale at all. I will give him plenty of time to get used to the water since my pH is lower than yours (7.2). I also stuck in the java moss and it is looking

Thanks a ton, and don't forget to take care of yourself too!




The bettas arrived this afternoon safe and sound!  They are BEAUTIFUL!  I have them all floating now, and everyone seems to have taken shipment very well.  Thank you so much for the gorgeous extras, I'm in love with them already. :)  I will wrap up your box this weekend and ship it on Monday.   Once I save up some more funds, you can be sure I'll be ordering
some more beauties from you.

Thanks again,


Hi Faith,

Bettas arrived yesterday, they are gorgeous and doing really well. Male is paying a lot of attention to the female, flaring constantly! I will mail your box back first thing Monday morning.

Thanks again for the beautiful fish,


Trip took the usual 33-36 hours and the kids are happy to be out of their box
They all look great. Thanks for the Java Moss and the CD.
Will be off island for the last of this month then will get down to some serious spawning.
Think I'll just forget to tell Patti about this last bunch until she comes back in Sep.(LOL)
Thank you again for a successful shipment and sharing the "madness"
Your Friends in Guam


Hello Faith!
Fish arrived today and all are settling in well. I have to tell you they are so beautiful!!!!! Thank you so much. Will be sending box back this afternoon or tomorrow first thing. Thank you again for the best bettas around!
Till Next Time,


The fishies are here and safe, and they're all quite healthy.  They're beautiful.  I'm so happy about the doubletail male - ever since I started keeping fish, I've wanted a doubletail.  I just could never find an affordable one.  And now I get one for free!  He's beautiful.  The trip didn't treat him too well - he's the only one of my males that hasn't built a bubblenest yet.  All the others are doing beautifully.  I am in awe at the amazing gorgeousness of the halfmoon blue.  Wow.  Just wow.  Thanks so much, and I hope to do business with you again!


Hello, amazing Faith! All four of my beautiful new fish are floating happily in their bags! I never thought the BM male (his name is Merlin, hehehe) would be so gorgeous! Thank you so much! I will get your box in the mail ASAP. Merlin, Gandalf, Opal and Violet say

Going to go check on my finned kids!

Gratefully yours,


Just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that the bettas arrived safely this morning.  They are getting settled in to their new homes nicely.  Thank you very much for the wonderful extras...all the bettas are just beautiful. 



Bettas arrived this morning, all look alive and well.  Hard to see colors through the bettamax, but I can see the great contrast on my cambo male.  Thanks so much for the two extras, that was really nice.  My son has “claimed” one as the one he will take care of (with much supervision of course).  Thanks again for everything.  


OMG, the bettas are beautiful.  The fins on the crowntails and the blue splashes are amazing (the extra marble adoption is beautiful too, I hope she recovers!).  They're all currently doing well in their new tanks.  I'm going to be sending the box back today (hopefully).  Thanks!

All the little loves were picked up today from my local post office. They guys at the post office were great, they were going as nuts as we were waiting for them. By the end of the postal day yesterday you would have thought they were their fish how disappointed the staff was. Today as soon as they received it my husband was told he could come pick it up and they kept the box safe and waiting. We carefully opened the box, and there they were, they are all so gorgeous and showing their individual personality. (...)
Thank you for the bettas they are lovely, and the little double tail cull, is such a treat. We shall send the box back this weekend. And I look foward to buying fish from you in the future. We are considering a satin flame, but we are going to wait a bit. Thank you again, I will send pictures soon,
P.S.S. I know I have said thank you an awful lot, but i just can't thank you enough.


Sorry I didn't respond right away, I wanted to get the fish started in the acclimation process and got "hung-up" watching them swim around in the bags.  They look like they are going to be wonderful once they are fully acclimated and adjusted to their new homes.

I don't think I mentioned that I teach a high school class in Environmental Science?  That includes a section on the economics of animals, particularly exotics and their breeding?  Along those lines I was wondering if I might use your shipping and set-up instructions in my class?  They would be used solely for academic purposes, to give the students an opportunity to see how it can truly be done right with more than the average hope that the animals will be handled and treated well?  Having been involved on more than one institution's animal welfare committee, I have to say your materials are easily tied with the best.  It would not be unusual for me to show the students the materials, let them work on them in class, and then collect the copies for proper disposal to prevent any definition of inappropriate distribution. 



Aloha Faith,
THANK YOU!  They are awesome and all as beautiful as expected.  Thanks for the nice surprise of throwing in the extra fish for me!  You are the greatest. 
I mailed back your box .
Tracking Number:  0303 2460 0002 6219 4116


Hi Faith! All fish arrived healthy and happy!!!! Thanks so much for the wonderful service!
Will get your box in mail today or Saturday.
P.S. Will IPOD your album today. Can't wait!


I wanted to let you know that i got the fish today, and they were all beautiful and in good condition. I am so freakin excited! Also, i hate to look a gift horse in the mouth (please think nothing of the expression) but i was curious why you threw in the free male...which i am extremely surprised by and thankful for. I really appreciate your effort in this sale, thank you once again.


The satin flame crowntail pair are DROP DEAD GORGOUS!!! Thanks for including the adoption betta, and my question is what type of genes has he got?? Right now, he's almost transparent except for the blue horizontal stripes (getting used to new home), and I may breed him. Thanks again---the huge empty space beside my bed (and heart) is now filled again:)



         Thank you soooo much for your professionalism. I received the fish
around 12:00 P.M today. I will follow your instructions to the end. It has been a pleasure. 

Ooooh... What beautiful fish!!!!. I plan to send your box back with in a day or Two. Thanks Again.

Looking forward to getting more Betta's in the future.

                                           T. PASTRANA, NJ

Thank you so much for my beauties!! They're a little pale from shipping, but otherwise fine. The green moon male (although he looks a little blue and grey right now), is very beautiful butterfly. He's swimming around in his little bag, trying to get out.  The little female is sitting quietly in her bag. (...) .Also,thank you for the extra female! She's also very pretty. You did a wonderful job shipping,as usual.  I'll send your box back in a day. Thanks again!!




Hi Faith,

Just dropping you a note to let you know the fish have arrived, safe and sound! They're beautiful fish!
Your box will be heading back your way tomorrow.



     I received my betta order today Friday Sept. 3, 2004 and all the bettas are happy and healthy (well maybe not happy, but they do appear to be healthy). Your box has been wrapped up and will be mailed back to you first thing tomorrow morning barring any unforeseen circumstances (alien invasion, armageddon, etc.). Thanks for for the great service and the great bettas!





          I picked up the Betta's, They look Great!!!! Thank You very much for the free Betta. That was very nice of you. I will make sure the she has a great home and she will be very well taken care of. I know how much your boxes mean to you so.... I sent it out today right after I picked up the Betta's. I packed it in a box so it wont be damaged. Thanks again Faith, I will recommend you to everyone I know who is interested in Quality and Professionalism.




     Both the Satin Flame and Tutti Fruity males are just gorgeous, they are better looking than I thought they would be (being used to pet store bettas) The f males are little cuties, too.  Everybody is floating right now .. I have separate 2 gallon vases for them to go in for quarantine, until I'm sure the stress of the trip here hasn't caused any problems.  The Satin
Flame female is a double ray?  Cool!  She's a feisty little one, too.  The Tutti Fruiti male is more washed out than the SF is, but he really wants out of that bag!

Anyhow, thanks again for these GORGEOUS fish!  I'm following your instructions exactly to acclimate them and keeping an eye on them all.  The SF male is coloring up already, and both the females (SF and TF) look great.

I will be mailing your box back ASAP..

I'll keep you posted on these guys and will definitely buy from you again.Definitely use me as a reference, I will praise you up and down the walls because your fish are fabulous (GORGEOUS) and the service you provide is excellent.

Sorry for this long e-mail .. just can't thank you enough!


Just got my bettas! All alive and kicking! (Or...finning...or whatever it is you would call it.)

They're looking good! Active and ready to go! Thank you! I had trouble sleeping last night, worrying, to tell you the truth, but all for naught. The fish are little pale, but I know that's least on the colored parts…and thanks again for the freebie!!



This is Samantha. The bettas are marinating in their bowls and coloring up.The Twilight males are pretty, but one of the two is GORGEOUS! I don't think he's completely colored up yet, but so far his body is brownish red with deeep red fins with a black edge (you knew that already, oh well). He's no Geronimo (duh) but he is personally the most beautiful betta I've seen with my two eyes in real life. The other one I don't think colored up as much yet, and his finnage is lacking (as you said in your description) but he's still a pretty fish. The females are very pretty and the splash cull is so cute.
I can't wait to order again if I want to spawn again, maybe I can get an emerald dawn pair- or a crowntail... or maybe by then you'll have developed Emerald Dawn crowntails! 
Betta Freak,

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