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feedback from customers who have purchased my bettas


Hi, everything is ok.  The girls at the front desk signed for the box.  They figured out it was tropical fish and open the box and followed the instructions.   I have them home now fed them (San Francisco Brand Freeze Dried Brineshrimp) that’s what I feed my bettas.  They are eating like little pigs..........
I inspected the bettas and they are in excellent condition.  Color is fine. Since  putting them in the bowl they started to blow some bubbles already!  (...)
Thanks for the unsexed betta.  If it’s a female,  dang what a tail!  Hope it’s a male though.  He she looks beautiful and the girls at the office likes that unsexed betta better than my reds   :- (
Everything worked out fine will mail back box sometime next week by Saturday at the latest depending on what time I have because of work.

faith i am sorry i did not email u right away. the storm blew threw here shortly after thay arrived at 2:00 pm at the p.o. i was left with out power for a while. the fish are excellent. they adjusted well. that twighlight crowntail male is exceptional. thank u faith. will certainly be doing business with u again. thanks


I just picked up my bettas at the post office.  They all look great!  And the adoption black splash female is *so* precious!  They are all floating in their jars/tanks, acting very curious.  Thank you!  I will send your box back as soon as I can (it may be a few days, depending on if this next hurricane hits us, but don't worry-I won't forget.)  Thanks again!    


Hey Faith!
I wanted to let you know that I did receive the bettas (btw, thanks for the two extra females)!!  They all arrived healthy and happy! 
Wow, I especially love the emerald dawn pair... they're georgous!  I'm glad I snagged those!  I will be sending your box back on Monday, and will certainly (of course) be purchasing from you again! 

Wowwwwwwww!  The Fish are AWESOME!!!!!! Thanks so much for the freebie.  I can't wait till I can breed them.  Thanks for all the time and effort put into shipping them I can tell you really care about your fish.  I am slowly getting them used to my tank water.  I decided to feed them a little in their bags.  They ate 3 worms each. (I made sure to wash them)  Thanks so much.  I will try to send the box back tomorrow if possible, if not I will ship it Monday or Tuesday. Thanks so much I love your site and Love your bettas!
P.S. I love your accent hehe.

A. Siltumens, WI


I picked the fish up from the post office... and believe it or not, one of the postal clerks also breeds bettas and had a whole bunch of questions.  Well, I can see why the Purple Crusader male (blown tail) was so heavily discounted... but once again, you have a satisfied customer here!  The Ivory male is already making a bubblenest- I can't wait to breed them!
Thanks again!
M.Taira, HI


Hi Faith,

I just picked up the latest shipment and they are all alive, some a little shocked but nothing unusual for fish that have been shipped cross country overnight! They are all breath taking! Thanks for the free BM male. He is showing quite a bit o' attitude!

Prayers, hugs & kisses to Berlin & Ladybug.

You're the best, Faith!
Thanx again!



THANK YOU   WE WILL BE ACCLIMATING HER NOW  we will e-mail you with our success stories w/photos or we will be consulting with your service if necessary. we will be following your amazingly detailed instructions. this is one of the many reasons we decided to do buy from you. thanks   wish us luck!!!!! 



Dear Faith,


A very belated, but heartfelt thanks for taking time out of your busy schedule to give me the pair of Apache bettas that I purchased last week!  It took over a day to acclimate the two fish to their new homes (I followed your helpful directions).  They adapted readily and are swimming around happily.  They gained their color back quickly and look absolutely beautiful.  I am thrilled to have them.  I will definitely buy more fish from you soon, hopefully when a nice green marble is up on the stock page.   Thank you so very much!

Good morning. 
Pick-up from post-office was successful.  All of the fish survived the trip. (...)
Was astounded by the size of the Goliath. Time to go and get them acclimated. 
Good work and thanks again. 


As you know, the betta babies arrived.  They are eating,
swimming, displaying and exploring their divided tank.  The female which I named Annabella has stripes on her side and is displaying to the male which we named Spike. Why did she developed stripes...a breeding thing? Spike displays whenever he is not blowing bubbles, or exploring his surroundings. We adore our new Bettas...thanks for doing a good job keeping them healthy. Oh yes, we are feeding them frozen brine shrimp and frozen bloodworms...thawed and tank temperature warm of course!
Very proud Betta parents!
Sandie and Gary Rodgers, MA

Hi Faith,
  The Post Office actually called me to let me know that the package was there! I've got them and the are in great condition (besides being alittle tired!) I will ship your box back to you as soon as I can, it may be monday before I can mail it to you, but I promise you'll get it back :)
Thank you for everything, I'll let you know how they are doing once I get them in there bowls.

Thanks again,
A. Ruot, SC

hey Faith
the fish arrived today all alive and counted for. They're doing great, floating in their tanks right now and have even eating a bit.  Thanks so much for the extra male.  He's still very handsome even w/ that tail hahaha.  Well thanks again and I'll send you your box
right away.  I LOVE MY BETTAS!! thank you meg


Just a note to let you know the Bettas arrived and both are alive and appear to be in good shape.  Thank you so much for the wonderful packaging job.  I will send your boxes back to you on Monday (October 18).  (...)
Thanks again for such a professional transaction!  I have never had any other than the petstore variety before, and am very excited to get this new pair set up and comfortable (but will not rush it...I've fully read your instructions included with the fish).  And I do hope to spawn them at some point in the future (hence the order of the cultures).  :)
All the best to you and your business,

Good morning.  I have received the bettas in good health.  Thanks for the quick turnaround, and thanks for the extra betta!


Hi Faith,
Both betta arrived safely and am now floating their bags in their new home.
Thank you!



I work at a pet shop. I love bettas and have a small collection. I have never in my life have seen a fish that was this beautiful I love him.
From a vary satisfied customer


     I would like to say thank you very much for the beautiful bettas.  They are acclimating very
Thrilled and Happy!
Kimi --  Honolulu, Hawaii


Faith,                                                                                                                                    Bettas are doing great, arrived on time, are beautiful!!   Thanks for the gorgeous fish, will let you know when I breed them in the coming months what the spawns look like.   Thanks Again,



My second order from you was just as terrific as the first.  Thank you for the pair of Lemon Meringues and the little Blue Splash female betta.  I love, love, love my Lemon Meringues!  You have socialized them so well. They are not afraid of my hands and they swim up to me when I look at them in their tanks.  The two are quite gentle (not flaring), inquisitive, and just darn cute!  They adapted quite readily to their new food and new home, a divided tank.  

The Blue Splash is very cute.  I always wanted a nice marbled fish!  She was so pale when you gave me her bag I didn’t know if she was a black or blue Splash!  :)  But she is now coloring up slowly, but very nicely and beautifully (thanks Bettamax!) .   (...)

Again, thanks for the wonderful fish.  I am sure I will be placing a third, fourth, (and so on) order(s) for more.

Stacey (local customer)

Hi Faith!
Had a question about my fish that I got.
First off let me tell you how happy I am!!!!!! They are BEAUTIFUL!!!  I cannot get over the female satin flame or the free Melano!
You are the best betta person I have every dealt with.  Thanks so much for all you do!


Thank you for all your awesome awesome help!
Will be ordering again soon!



Your "babies" arrived yesterday and are all doing great.  You forgot to
tell the older one that he was not supposed to get out of his bag before
I let him.  I left him floating, and he was out swimming around by the
time I got back home to release him.  Oh well, he was a happy camper and
is still doing fine!  I love them!


Hi Faith!
I wanted to let you know that my bettas arrived safe and sound! The post office handled this shipment beautifully (despite all of my worrying ).  Everyone is in great shape. There are no blown tails and all fish seem really alert.  The females seem to be a particularly feisty bunch!  I'm acclimatizing them now.  I'm very lucky in that my pH is 7.5-7.6, the same as yours, so it's just a matter of acclimating everyone to the temperatures in their new homes.  Thank you for the two gorgeous little culls. (...)
Ok, all fish are in their new homes. The females are hilarious...they're like...ok...where's the food? The males are all much more temperamental. I think they're feeling a bit humiliated by the whole experience. ;) How typical!
The java ferns are gorgeous, as well. They've been given fertilizer, and one bunch has made it into my planted discus tank, where I'm quite certain it will do well.
It was more than a pleasure doing business with you, Faith. I'm sure this is only the beginning of my betta obsession.
Your fish friend,

Bettas arrive fine.  They were here early in the morning.  Very nice fish.  Thank you.
Your box is already packaged and ready for UPS pick-up this afternoon.


Hi Faith,

WOW !!!!!! This is my 3rd time ordering, You are amazing. I just received my
Holy Grail Opaque Pair & My Dream catcher. FAITH !! THANK YOU soooo much for
the free additional female"s (Holy Grail Opaque & Green/Red). They are truly
breath taking.  My words can not express how professional you are, and the
care you put into your fish. I will most definitely will be ordering again


Hi Faith!
Thanks for the great group of betta ladies and also the free male.  He's acclimatizing in his own 2.5 gal tank right now, the girls are acclimatizing in the 20 gal community tank.  I think they were cold when they arrived (bags felt very cold to the touch), but they all look great and survived the trip.  
My husband went and bought me a 45 gal tank yesterday and as soon as it is cycled the girls will be moved into that one so there will be tons of room for them, and even more plants to hide in, etc.  Thank you also for the CD, I just put it on the stereo and have it playing as I type this.  You have a wonderful voice!!  I love your music, very nice. :)

Thank you again for all that you do  :)  I will get your box back to you via Priority Mail on Monday.
Many blessings,



        I received my fish today. The idiots STILL, despite me calling them THRICE, shipped them directly to me, when I told them I'd be there in the evening to pick them up. Nevertheless, everyone, including 'Tiny Tim,' arrived safe and sound. I've started setting them up, and 'Tiny Tim' met his new tankmate. (There is, quite obviously, a divider to keep them from annihilating each other. I buy plakats to keep people from fighting them, not so I can watch them kill off my other bettas!) Indiana Fish and 'Tiny Tim' seemed to hit it off. Not that I expect they'd be fine if I put them in the same tank, but after some flaring and posturing, mostly on Indiana's part, they returned to doing whatever. Tiny is still in his bag, I'm taking it slow. I'll bother with the cultures when I'm sure everyone's OK. No damaged sides, I'm very pleased with the service. Thank you.



Hi Faith
Just to let you know that I was able to pick up my bettas at the Post Office early this morning and they seem to be fine.  I did nearly faint however, when the first bag I lifted out of the box was all steamy and had no water in it!!!!  I thought "Oh no!!!!  The fish is dead and out of water!".  Dumb me....forgot I ordered the Java fern!!!!  Little fishies are floating in their bags acclimating to their new digs.  Oh, and thank you for the freebie and extra plant.  Have a nice holiday and hope to acquire more bettas from you in the future.  Oh, and I will get that box back to you!!!



Hi Faith! Thery're here! They're wonderful!!!! Thank you very much!!!! I really liked the "green" gift you sent! I have a wonderful piece of driftwood in my 115 gal, that has been waiting for something special. The extra fish will go to very good use, as well. I'm still at a loss about who I should pair the albino gt female with. Any suggestions? And have you had luck working with them? I have to get back to work with them. I'll send you a note when I ship the box back to you. I'll use "the usual" (lol) label to send it back! Take care, and get ready for the holidays!! Earle 


Hey Faith!!
        Just lettin you know i got my bettas nice and healthy. There a little dull but i dont blame them. Thanks for the extra Java Fern and Free Betta. I let you know how the spawn goes and tell you what the babies end up looking like. But unless the little male (named him flame) can get as big as the huge female you sent me it might be harder than i thought. But ill keep you informed on how there doing and thank for all the help.
        P.S. ill be shipping the box back ASAP            

 Merry Christmas,

 S. SMITH, AZ                                                                                                


Hi Faith!

My husband (a mail carrier) personally drove my bettas straight from the post office to our house right after arriving off the big mail truck.  They arrived home about 10:20am.  All I can say is that all of them are GORGEOUS!!!!!  I am so happy with the CT pair, they are so pretty.  Thank you so much for the blue HM gift!!  He is awesome!  And, the CT juveniles.....they are so cute!  I can't wait to see them grow.  Once again, you have another very
happy customer!  Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!


Hi Faith,

I am just e-mailing to say they've all made it -- from the looks of them happy and healthy.   Both females and two out of the three males were very active when I started to unpack them.  Only the green male seems to have lost any color, but he is swimming around in his bag trying to check out his new 10 gallon tank -- so I think he's coming around... 

Again I want to thank you for the plants and all of the fish, other than my problem of coming up with names for them, which I'm guessing will take a day or two to see what their personalities are like, I think I'll be glued in front of their tanks for the next couple of days (other than when I have to go to work).

Also, will be boxing your box and mailing it back to you hopefully today, but absolutely no later than tomorrow.

Thanks Again For Everything,


Good morning, Faith!!
Received my babies this morning. They are beautiful, thank you for the adoption little cellophane, he doesn't look too happy right now but I will take special care of him and pray,
medicate and pray some more. The Lord tells us he watches over the sparrows, I'm sure our betta babies are included. I hope you have a great Christmas and New Year, Look how blessed you are! God is soooo good and faithful to his children!! I will be praying for your continued success!! I am sending your box back this morning, look inside :)!
Luv ya,

M. Garpne, TX


Hi Faith!

My husband (a mail carrier) personally drove my bettas straight from the post office to our house right after arriving off the big mail truck.  They arrived home about 10:20am.  All I can say is that all of them are GORGEOUS!!!!!  I am so happy with the CT pair, they are so pretty.  Thank you so much for the blue HM gift!!  He is awesome!  And, the CT juveniles.....they are so cute!  I can't wait to see them grow.  Once again, you have another very happy customer!  Thanks again and have a Merry Christmas!

Sara Jack, NM

Hi! Sorry about not emailing back sooner. We did get the bettas and they are in awesome condition. They look beautiful! Thank you for the extra fish! My wife just had our baby so I've been running around like crazy. I will but you box in the mail by
tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.



Thanks Faith!  

Just an update....all the bettas are doing wonderful.  All are so active with great personalities.  My marbled CT male already has a H U G E bubble nest going and the CT juveniles just LOVE to eat (but hey...can you blame them???)
Thanks again.  I will be sure to send pics. of the young'ens when they get older.  :)   :)

Sara Jack, NM


Thank you so much. Ordering from you was very easy and I am very happy with the fish. They had an easy transition to their new tanks. They're great, happy, and VERY hungry little guys. Your fish arrived on time and unharmed from the trip. I will hopefully be placing another order with you soon. Thanks also for the yellow male!!!!


Hi Faith,


I’m sorry it has taken me so long to write you back about the beautiful blue splash male that I purchased (my third!) from you over a week ago.  He is even more amazing than your description!  He’s a butterfly!  I had no idea that he was.  And you were right, his color is amazing and very hard to describe—he has so many different shades of blues depending on how you look at him.  He is absolutely stunning!  I’ve named him Azul.


Thank you also for the free Christmas plant.  It gives the fish something to hide and relax in, and I am now sold on Java Ferns!


I am sure I will be buying from you again!  Thanks so much!



I shipped the box to you last Saturday. After reading your detailed instructions on the box issue, I actually had a nightmare about forgetting to return the box; so I decided to take action! lol Anyway, the fish are absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the Emerald Green. They have acclimated and are eating well.

Thank you so much for the extra pair; a nice surprise (One HM green(?)male and one green/red female.) Except some fin damage on the male, they look like nice fish;
do you think it would be worth wile breeding them? (no need for you to get back to me on this right away, as I know you're leaving tomorrow.) I can't wait to breed the EG pair; however I'll wait a few weeks...per your advice.

I think the Microworm culture crashed, as I forgot to open it for almost two days. I still started it, so we'll see what happens. I might need to order another from you down the road. The vinegar eels are already multiplying like crazy; so I should be good to go.
Sorry about the long email.

Have a Merry Christmas!



Hi Faith,

Oooops I hit send too soon on that other email.  I got the fish this morning and all are doing well.  Even through the treated water I can see the color on the emerald green fish is absolutely gorgeous!  The little cull you sent me is adorable.  It's hard to see him through the water but he looks like a steel blue crowntail.  Is he one of your little splash babies????  He's adorable and I love love love crowntails.  The emerald dawn is beautiful too.  Can't wait to see them in clear water. 


 Another satisfied customer :), 




The bettas got here today, and they're in fine condition. thanks for the blue mask male. he is very appreciated and I'll make good use of him in my breeding program. I'm very satisfied with the quality of the bettas. I will promptly return your shipping box.
Thank you,





They are alive and doing well in their new home..thanks for all the instructions on introducing them to their new home…you and your service is awesome….




Yay! New babies have arrived safe and sound. They are so little and cute. I've never seen such a young betta!  From first appearances they look just fine. Very active and alert.

Thank you for the the free yellow baby! (...) He will receive lots of TLC!

Thank you!



Hi Faith,

I just received all three bettas and they are alive and healthy.  I was
surprised to find a second male in the box and i am so thankful for
receiving him.  I am interested to know a little bit about him if your have
the time to let me know.

Thank you,



Everyone arrived safe and sound. They are all pale, a bit cold, but active. The heat pack was still warm.

Thanks a bunch. I can't wait 'til they settle in and start showing off.


Hi Faith,
Just writing to let you know that we received the new members of our family & plants all in mint condition.  We want you know that they will be WELL taken care of.  And we look forward to doing more business with you in the near future. 

Just to let you know, the bettas arrived today, Saturday, January 22.  We will package your box / materials and get that enroute to you on Monday.  Joseph (my son) was thrilled to death with the bettas - he is very proud with his purchase.  He is only 12 but very responsible and mature for his age so you need not worry that they have arrived at a good home.



Everyone arrived safe and sound!  I picked them up at the airport at 08:00.  Thank you so much!   We are so thrilled to have them as part of our family J!  O.K., well back to settling in.

            Kristine, Jakob, and Kelton PAOLI, TX

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that my bettas arrived today. They look like they are excellent condition! I am working on getting them acclimated to their new homes!! I appreciate the adoption betta because I know I can get him back to excellent health in no time! Thanks for making this transaction a smooth and happy one! I appreciate it!
Thanks again!



Today i got my the bettas I ordered from this other site.

they were nice and warm i was so happy ~ got em into their respective tanks

*looks right*
*looks left*

they are very nice, but they cannot hold a candle to yours ..
shhh !!
our little secret..
even your little cull is prettier than this boy..

The male I got from that other site is not as green and shimmery as he looked in their pictures and his head has blotchy brown spots. The girl is just big for her age and just know blue..
no comparison with your fish!

I know where i will always be ordering my fishies for sure from now on: YOU!

nite nite



Arrived today in good health. Will send box back Saturday, should get to you by Monday or Tuesday. Thank you for your time and the beautiful fish.



Betta's are fine and dandy. I picked them up early this morning at the P.O.

They are beautiful and I thank you very much! They will be quite happy here and my other betta (known as "Alpha Betta" or "Al") will enjoy having some friends to gaze upon.

I'll ship your box back tomorrow and will email you with the tracking

Hugs and fishes!!!



Hi Faith,

Just a heads up that the fish got here in one piece! They look great!! Box returning soon!


Fish arrived, doing well-thanks for the extra marble one! Will send box back soon!!!



Yeah! I picked the “kids” up from the airport yesterday at 08:00.  Sorry about the delay in notifying you, patients and kids (the two legged kind), and school took up the hours.  But everyone is in their new homes and luvin’ it!

          By the way, the DT baby you graciously sent with my previous trio has bloomed!  Very hot!  White body, pale green fins and tails with perfect pink circles at the tips of each tail lobe. The minty green male from the trio (of Jan.) evolved into a perfect BF!


Thank you so MUCH!



My beautiful babies have arrived.  They are all a little quiet right now but I am in love.  Will give them  loving home.  From one musician to another....thanks....Victoria



After a bit of a ruckus the fish are here.  They sent them to a town 25 miles from me and weren't going to deliver them until tomorrow. UNACCEPTABLE!   So I went to get them, they didn't even call me, I tracked them down on my own.  Thank you so much for my Birthday presents! How awesome of you!  Everyone is alive and thoroughly stressed, I will be and am pampering them all, sweet lovelies. I am so happy you can't imagine.. wait, actually, I guess you can.  I love these fish so much and have missed them terribly for the four years I've been out.  My life is my own now, I own my home and live alone and have a prosperous music CD business selling online.. I can now do as I wish with no one to bitch and complain about the time I spend with my fish or working!
BTW, you're a pretty amazing lady from reading your bio.  You sound a terribly lot like me. But.. when do you sleep?
Looking forward to future business, friendship and communication.

PS: Also, the unsexed Melano you sent me.. my gosh.. it is definitely a male and he is sooo gorgeous.  He has a lovely HM and is performing quite a show for the little green female.  She is reciprocating.  Their jars are close to one another.  Everyone is looking very nice, late night for me tonight continuing acclimation...



All bettas are here safe and sound, they are floating in their new homes as
we speak.  ^.^  They are all gorgeous, I'm thrilled to have them here.  I
especially like mini-me, she's adorable!

Anyway just letting you know, thanks again!



I just wanted to let you know that the fish/plant/cultures arrived safe & sound on Saturday, & they are beautiful!  I will be mailing the box back tomorrow, in another box (because I think that's safer than wrapping & I have lots of boxes).

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