The following guidelines apply to all orders:

         customer perks

bulletAll new customers get a free microworm culture AND a free 'surprise' betta with their first order :)
bullet All recurring customers get special discounts (see below)

         many discounts you may be eligible for :)

bulletOrders over $100 (shipping not included) get a 10% discount,  even if it is your first time purchasing from me :).
bulletHave ordered from me before? You are now a recurring customer and get a 10% off of all your betta orders. Minimum purchase AFTER discount must still be $60 (shipping not included). 
bullet Order more than $300 and save even more with a special 15% discount. :)
bulletOrder over $500 and receive a volume discount of 20%.
bulletHave ordered at least 6 times from me before? You have now earned the 'VIP status' and get a 15% off all your betta orders over $100. (Some restrictions may apply on some stocks).  Minimum purchase AFTER discount must still be $60 (shipping not included). 

          minimum order amount

bulletYou must order at least $60 worth of bettas and cultures (not including plant orders, shipping fees and after any discounts, credit etc...). Remember you can always add a culture to turn a $50 or $55 order into a $60 minimum one! ;). No, plants don't count cause I only make pennies on these ;). So use cultures to pump up your total from a near $60 to a $60 or more. 

          payment methods

bullet Want to charge your purchase on your credit card?  I accept and highly recommend you use to pay for your order. Over 95% of my customers use Paypal to send their payments. It is faster, safer and will allow me to ship your bettas much sooner many times, as soon as the very next morning!!!!!! I have used Paypal for many years now and they have ALWAYS been very reliable. So use them!                       
bulletyou can also pay with a money order.
bulletyou can pay with cash.
bulletsorry we do not accept checks (duh)

               shipping fees

bulletAll order are shipped via FEDEX. NO EXCEPTIONS.
bulletShip all your bettas via FEDEX for a flat rate of $35, regardless of how many lots you order!! I will pay for any extra postage your order incurs!

         shipping boxes

bulletshipping boxes remain my property and you are to promptly mail it back to me. 
bulletcustomers are responsible for postage to send the box back. In most cases it will be between $5 and $6.
bulletBecause so many people over the years ended up stiffing me (keeping the boxes), I now have a box security deposit system. It's simple and works great. When you order you will be asked to leave a $25 deposit for the box. When the box makes it back to me you get your whole deposit back. This insures everyone stays motivated to mail back the box, wrapped and undamaged, within 5 days from getting the fish. The $25 deposit is FULLY refunded quasi instantly via paypal and no paypal fees will be charged, so you get 100% of your money back :). (as in: the full $25 :)  ). Note: For the sake of my sanity, I usually process all box returns and refunds once a week (usually on Fridays). So do not worry if your box reaches me on a Tuesday and you do not get the refund Wednesday. However, if for some strange reason, a week has gone by since the box reached me and you still have not received your security deposit back, do email me right away so we can check into it. I'm really good at paper trail and keeping track of things so there is rarely a mishap, but just in case, you never know :). Note:  VIP customers or people who have ordered from me quite a few times may be exempt from the deposit thingie cause you have already proved you are trustworthy :). 

shipping schedule

bulletI ship year round
bulletIf you live in a cold area I may not be able to ship to you during some of the winter months. Current shipping restrictions are always posted on the stock page itself (middle of the page before the fishing pond).
bulletI usually ship 2 to 3 times a week
bulletI never ship fri-sun

         shipping territory

bulletI only ship in the U.S. I can also ship to Guam and in some instances, to Canada (only in the summer and only if you live near a US city)
bulletIf you live outside of the U.S. you cannot order bettas from me, so sorry...

               our bettas

bulletAll bettas sold here are 3 to 5 months old (in their prime and ready to spawn), unless otherwise mentioned. 
bulletAll our bettas are bred by me or by one of our fine affiliated IBC Champion/seasoned breeders. Our bettas come from well established lines that have often been showing and placing on the IBC show circuit. Some of the lines we carry consistently placed first, and some have even won first at the IBC convention (the show of shows, the BIGGEST, toughest, most competitive  IBC show of the year). In short our bettas carry great genes.
bulletRemember to look at our catalogue for a complete list of all the strain we carry and to see many gorgeous photos of our fish.


bulletI do not sell culls. I do not kill culls either :). "Culls" are either runts, or have slight deformities or other flaws which makes them unsuitable for good breeding. They find good,  loving homes through my 'adopt-a-cull' adoption program. When placing your order, you will be given the option to adopt one or more culls if you so desire. Many thanks to all of you who have participated in this adoption program and have given loving homes to our special little friends. May the Lord richly bless you. (Sorry, you cannot get culls unless you are a customer and placing a normal order at the same time. This is to insure the culls will find good homes with people who have been screened and will not end up with someone who does not have adequate space, knowledge or resources to properly care for them). Please do not feel obligated to adopt a cull. There is never any pressure. If you cannot adopt a cull, no one will resent you or think any less of you. 

         how to place an order

bulletIf it's not on the stock page, it's not currently for sale ;)
bulletLots in lavender are still available and are for sale. 
bulletLots in peach colored boxes have just been sold so you cannot order them. 
bulletMake sure to carefully read the description of the lot you want to order. People may have different ways of calling betta colors so it can often be misleading. Do not rely on headers and make sure to read the full description which aims at giving an accurate idea of what coloration the bettas are.
bullet Write down the reference number of any lot you want to acquire, as well as a brief description. 
bulletAlways indicate the reference number of the bettas you want when placing your order. No ref = no betta.
bulletWhen you are done fishing, click on  "ORDER BETTAS"  or "ORDER A SINGLE BETTA" buttons  (located at the very top of the page below the Sushi Bar and also at the top of the lots for sale table).
bulletIf you are adding lots to a previously submitted order, then use the "ADD LOTS TO YOUR CURRENT ORDER" button (duh!)
bulletFill the order form using the notes you gathered and hit submit ONCE. (as in 1 time only). Allow 1 to 5 days to receive a reply from me. Once approved, I will send you the info you need to send your payment. Recurring customers: Do not send funds for bettas unless you have heard back from me and I have approved your order.


Thank you for your support and I look forward to providing you with many a fine betta :)

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