this strain at a glance

in depth look at this strain

color type: white/red BF
white or pink bodies
note: a very sought after  line
this strain is: rare
skill level: all
strain by:  Faith (hehehehe)

price range*: $80 - $120 / pair

prices vary depending on pattern, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.

S A T I N   F L A M E

Another lovely surprise that came from my experimental crosses with Holy Grails, has been the Satin Flame line. These are truly special bettas, especially the ones with a white body and red/white BF fins. The most outstanding specimen, pictured left, was breath taking.

This line comes in two variations, one with white body and one with pink body. The most beautiful ones (and most sought after) will display a red/white BF pattern. All satin flames do carry the BF gene, even those who have solid fins.

True story: I sold a young Satin Flame male to a customer and she later entered it into an IBC show (with my permission). Should one be surprised that the fine lad swept Best of show??


This line may also throw opaques and ivories.