stock for sale help

Read if you are not sure how to navigate  the "stock for sale" section :))

This is what you'll find in the new "stock for sale" section and where you'll find it:

There are





This is a great place to start because it lists and shows photos of each of the strain I currently work with. So you will know what I have or will have in the future to offer.

This section is divided in 4 color classes:

1. solid color strains (bettas are one color from head to fins :)

2. bi-color strains (body is one color while fins are another color)

3. butterfly strains (bettas have fins which display two separate colors, a very beautiful pattern in deed. Colors vary, and will be indicated. Butterflies bodies may be one color while the fins might be two other colors. For example a betta with a lavender body and fins that are half red and half white would be described as: Lavender/red/white BF.

4. marble strains (bettas are blotches of colors on their bodies and fins)


Under each class you will find a number of strains.

 For each listed strain you will find the  following information:

1. small photo of the strain: a photo of one of the best bettas that strain produced

2. name and short description of the strain (you will need that description when you place your order!)

3. status of spawns: will tell you if I have or don't currently have a spawn for that specific strain.

4. selling status: will tell you if I am accepting reservations on the available spawn (bettas not old enough to sex/ship yet)  or, if the spawn is currently selling (bettas are sexed and old enough ship, so they are immediately available)

5. price range: this is only a broad estimate, as prices vary upon quality of each individual spawn, but it will give you an idea of what to expect.

6. A button that looks like this :)


Following the "my strain at a glance" section,  is another cool section one should always check out:


this is a current listing of individual bettas that are up for grabs. these might be males or females, and a detailed description of each betta's genes/color will be provided, as well as the price. 

below that is a third section, which is very important.


You can access this section just by scrolling down OR you can access it from the "my strain at a glance" section. If a spawn is available, it will be first mentioned in the "my strain at a glance" section, which (remember?) is at the top of the page. A hyperlink will often be provided that can shuttle you straight down to the "current spawn for sale" section, right at the spot where I talk in more detail about the spawn. And if not, then you will find it when you eventually scroll down and bump into it the old fashioned way :)
The "current spawns for sale" will give you a photo, strain name, date of birth of the fries, a description of the breeders that produced the spawn and what the fries look (or will look) like. I will also talk about the genes so you will have a clear picture of what the spawn is all about.

Towards the bottom of the main stock for sale page, you will find the last section:


Here you will find some of the useful betta related products I carry (every breeder should have), such as cultures to feed the fry and heat packs to ship or receive bettas.


Well, now that you have become a "stock for sale" page GURU, it is time to go back there and kick some...well...I'll leave the rest up to your imagination! :)