A few guidelines:
bullet article must be at least 20 lines long (well, I can be flexible but it has to be long enough)
bullet article must be betta related. (duh)
bullet article must be informative, meaning we must learn something by reading it. Hence, writing to us to tell us you have two bettas and how much you like them is not going to cut the mustard :). There must be a storyline.
bullet if your article is not especially informative, but it is extremely funny, I will consider it ;). 
bullet you cannot flame anyone or name anyone or any company or breeder out there.
bullet likewise you cannot plug anyone or any company/website/forum/etc... out there.
bullet you can elect to have your name published as the author, or not if you prefer to stay anonymous.
bullet email addresses and links can not be published.
bullet if you want to submit one or two photos that illustrate your story, you may do so. Please simply attach them to your email. Make sure they are small enough to be downloaded in less than 5 mn and that they are either a .gif or .jpg format.
bullet you do not have to be an expert to submit an article.
bullet you do however have to have the love of bettas in ya!

A bit of legal mumbo jumbo :)) :

bullet you authorize BETTATALK to fix any typos or spelling mistakes.
bullet you authorize BETTATALK to publish only parts of your article if necessary. Your article will otherwise not be altered in any way.
bullet submitting an article is not a guaranty that it will be published. All articles will be screened.
bullet by submitting an article you certify that you are the author of the article and authorize BETTATALK to publish it in the e-magazine, indefinitely and free of charge.
bullet there are no compensation offered for submitting an article (hey I work for free too!)

To submit your article:

bullet write your article and return to this page, then click on button below and email it. That's it. Please do not send article as an attachment (like a word file etc..), just copy text and paste it right in your email, and then email it to me, thank you.
bullet please put 'BETTATALK E-MAGAZINE ARTICLE SUBMISSION' as your email header so I can spot it in the midst of all other incoming fan mail.
bullet do not email your article to my main email address or I will have to put a contract on your head!!!! LOL. Please use the link provided below instead. A MUST!!!!! Thank you!

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