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a few guidelines... 


A few guidelines:
bulletphotos must be of bettas you have purchased directly from me or of the offspring of a pair you purchased directly from me, hence you have to be a customer of mine to qualify.
bulletphotos must be of adequate quality. If a photo is too blurry, it will not be published.
bulletmake sure the bettas can be seen without the help of a microscope LOL
bulletonly .jpg, .gif or .tif format will be accepted. Tifs are larger and will take in most cases too long to download, so please try to send only .jpg or .gif
bulletmake sure your file is easy to download. Large pictures take too long, so reduce the size to a suitable download time.
bulletdo not zip your files. (I mean it)
bulletavoid sending more than two photos of the same bettas LOL! Try to select the best shot of each betta and send only one ot two photos per betta.
bulletyour name, address, phone number, email address or website address will remain strictly confidential and will not be published under any circumstances. 
bulletfeel free to send a little blurb about your betta (its name, personality traits, any little funny story about it, how long you have had it, etc...), but make sure it is less than 10 lines long.

A bit of legal mumbo jumbo :)) :

bulletyou authorize BETTATALK to publish one or more of your photos indefinitely.
bulletsubmitting a photo is not a guaranty that it will be published. All photos will be screened.
bulletby submitting a photo you certify that you are the owner of the betta and the photo and authorize BETTATALK to publish it in the galleria, indefinitely and free of charge.
bulletthere are no compensation offered for submitting a photo (other than pride LOL). BETTATALK gets over 1700 hits a day so you know the whole wide world will see your babies and (hopefully) admire them :)).

To submit your photos:

bullettake your digital photos, crop them and resize them until they are small enough to be uploaded in less than 5 mn
bulletattach them to an email with a big header reading : PHOTO SUBMISSION. In the body of text, put your name, your city and state so I can make sure you are one of my many customers. 
bulletin the body of the email send the info and story about your betta (optional)
bulletDo not zip your files!! AOL will zip them up automatically for us. Files you zip will be rejected. (cause the only thing I care to unzip these days is Mr.181's cool 501s ;)  hehehehe)
bulletdo not email your photos to my main email address or I will have to put a contract on your head!!!! LOL. Please use the link provided below instead. A MUST!!!!! Thank you!

                                             submit your cool photos