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feedback from customers who have purchased 
my betta First Aid Kit and other betta supplies :)  


Hiya Faith!
I just wanted to let you know that the Betta Zing and Betta First Aid Kit saved my fishes life.  Co-incidentally, my fish got sick with ich the day before the First Aid Kit arrived.  I wasn't sure what was wrong at first.  The next day they were really feeling bad.  I have never had fish before and had no real clue what to do.
Lo and behold, my order  showed up right in the nick of time.  I know this sounds like I made it up, but I swear that's what happened.  I read the instructions you enclosed and went online to find out how to diagnose the fish.  I followed your instructions and in 4 days, my fish are back to normal.
I was really sweating it for a couple of days.  Once the water temp hit 85 degrees, the ich went swimming in the Betta Zing and that was all she wrote!  Now my fish are swimming and flaring away.  Thank you so much for all your help.  Oh, and the plants you sent are awesome.  The fish love them.
Naomi Stevens


I wanted to sing your praises and will testify or give you a verbal advertisement any time you need that your Betta  medical kit works!!  Let me explain and I'll  have pictures to back up what I say.
I went to Petsmart looking to replace a betta my 5 year old daughter had that died.  In fact, all the betta's we've purchased usually die within 5 months.  This one day I went alone to Petsmart without my little girl to just pick up a fish and replace the one that died. I was not looking for anyone in particular.
There were rows and rows of bettas.  None looked good at all.  There was one shelf where all the betta's were in dirty water and I think they were going to dump them! They were sick, fins clamped, and colors were faded.  I saw this one little guy who kept starring at me with eyes that cried, "Please don't leave me in this dirty water. Help me. Save me."  I picked up several cups looking for a healthy one but this one betta kept tugging at my heart.  I decided he was worth giving a chance at life but thought he wouldn't make it as bad as he looked and because I have a poor record at keeping them alive.  For $3.85 I figure I had nothing to lose.  I brought the little guy home and named him Sumo. My daughter fell in love with him immediately.
I had purchased your betta medical kit for $25.00 a couple of weeks before in preparation of purchasing another fish and trying to get it to stay alive longer than 5 months.  Immediately I placed "Sumo" in water I had prepared a couple of nights before with all the things you are suppose to do and add to it.  I also placed him in a new, bright fish bowl.  I followed  your instructions regarding your fungus eliminator since Sumo appeared to have fin rot.  I treated him for 3 days then changed all the water as you suggested. In the new water I added one drop of Betta Zing.  The pictures below show Sumo's improvement in only 3 days!!!!! Unbelievable.  Finally, someone who knows what they are talking about and someone who cares about these intelligent fish.  THANK YOU. If you want me to endorse your products, I'd be glad to do so or just use my e mail! THANKS AGAIN.  

Officer Pat Phillips


Day 1: Lifeless, dull, fins clamped, not swimming


By Day 3: Bright RED! swimming, open fins :)




Hi Faith,

I HAVE TO TELL YOU when I woke up the next morning after the day I put in the BettaZing...My little fish was back to being alert, happy and starving! I was in awe. I have had two bettas (not the same ones) consistently for 4 years. BOY am I sorry I didn't find your site before now... It would have saved many lives! Thank you very much, I am into my second water change now and finally having time to read more and what you told me to do, I will now add the tripple sulfa and hope that will unclamp the fins. Again....thank you soooo much and I will get more familiar with your site!!!!|

Very Sincerely,



 Thanks Faith for the prompt service!

Your Step by step guidelines for breeding are just outstanding, and yes they work like a charm!

Thank you for the hard work in preparing such an informative site! Looking forward to talking to you again soon!

Take care,




I just wanted to let you know that the microworm and vinegar eel order came through beautifully.  Work had called me out of town when they arrived, but my roommate (who is not a fish person and is actually
worm-phobic) was able to follow the instructions you sent perfectly.  So by the time I got home every thing was set up and looking great.

Thanks again!



Just wanted to thank you….my betta is 110% better….I happened to read one of your testimonials about fin rot and how a person nursed their betta back to health with the help of your anti-fungal medicine.  After 2 treatments, my betta is actively swimming once again…instead of always sitting on the bottom.


Todd Nonenberg


Your shipment (microworm/Vin-eels) arrived to India on 28-April in 'PERFECT' condition. Thanks for your help. And thanks for the wonderful gift you enclosed with that shipment. Was surprised to see that!!!


Prasoon, INDIA


Dear Faith,

Yes, I got the box on Saturday, the day it was delivered.  That day, I “planted” 2 of the ferns and some moss in my aquarium, and a fern and some moss in a fish bowl.  My partner told me that it looks awesome and how impressed he is with how alive it looks.  Thank you SO much for such a wonderful product!

 Best wishes,



Hello Faith, this is Elodie, from France.

 I've received your cultures 1 week ago. The customs didn't open the parcel, so I've got now enough good living food for my betta's babies. Unfortunately, a lot of them died during the
respiratory system formation, I just kept 5 of them and they really seem to enjoy the microworms and vinegar eels. 

I did enjoy our business and your reliability. Thank you so much again. I hope that one day we'll see each other in CA where I hope to live soon.

Elodie, FRANCE


 Hi Faith,

I've had my moss for a little while now, so I thought you would enjoy some feedback on my experience with it so far.

When I first got my ferns and moss, the ferns looked great.  They really are pretty plants.  I got them for a couple of one-gal tanks, but the tanks are down right now, so I plopped them into a gallon jar of their own.  They seem to be doing fine, hanging out and waiting for something else in their future.

The moss, however, I regarded with skepticism.  (...) But, you've got some credibility with me now, so I decided to just give it a chance.  I pinched off two blobs and put one blob in each of two betta jars (each jar is 2 qts).

It wasn't for another couple of days that I realized something different was taking place.  Since I change my jars every 3 or 4 days, I am used to seeing the changes in the water that normally accompany betta
respiration.  That's what I WASN'T seeing.  The water after 3 or 4 days looked as if it had barely been lived in.  Clearly the nitrites were being mediated; that could only mean that the moss was hard at work.  I am liking this guy more and more.  I may have to get another clump, just to have plenty of it around.

Thank you,



 Dear Faith,

My microworm cultures and Java Ferns arrived yesterday.  My bettas seem happy with their new plants.  :-)  I like how they look in the tanks and jars.

I was surprised at how simple and clear the microworm instructions are.  I'm going to start my culture this week.  I'm very excited about trying spawning with the proper food and setup, this time.  It will be my fourth try, but my first with the right setup.  Needless to say, I have no fry to show for my previous attempts.  :-)  We'll see how future attempts go!




 Dear Faith,

Thanks very much for your website and products!

I purchased your Betta First Aid Kit and the ailing betta is doing better.  I suspect though that he was
sickly when we purchased him and then got fin rot when we went on a short vacation and his water became too dirty.  Anyway, I thought I would use the Betta Zing as a preventative measure one week out of each month as you suggested.


Thank you for your assistance!



Your site is by far the most informative (not to mention entertaining) site I have found thus far.  I have spent hours pouring over it!!! 

I just purchased your Happy Betta Breeder Kit and some java moss and I am really looking forward to breeding my first pair in a few weeks.  Thanks so much for providing such great information and useful products to help feed the betta addiction!!!

Mary T.
Colorado Springs, CO


Dear Faith,

My shipment arrived today.  Thank you for prompt delivery.  Everything arrived in good shape, including the java moss.  The betta on my desk at work is now checking out the moss and wondering what Mommy has put in his bowl.  :-)

As for the first-aid kit, I feel good about having proper betta meds, especially now that I have about 50 two-week-old grandbettas to raise!

  Wanda McCrae



I am absolutely thrilled with the First Aid Kit - your directions are great and reveal about of your sense of humor, too which is great!

Thanks for everything,



I just wanted to say that I received my Betta first aid kit, java moss and java fern order yesterday and am so very pleased with all products!  The bag of ferns was abundant ~ 8 plants in all ~ and the moss is also more than generous.  Haven't had to use the medication but it is good to be prepared.  : )  Thanks for making these items available at such reasonable cost and for shipping so quickly.  My betta tank has been beautified! 
Most Sincerely,
Laurie Harsh
Bemidji,  MN


 Microworm cultures are doing awesome! I started 3 batches from the starter you sent me and recently started three more batches (trying my own medium mixture) and they are multiplying faster than I can feed them to my fry ... hehehe!   I LOVE IT!  And my fry thank you from the bottoms of their tiny full tummies! Hehe (...)


Many Blessings!
Christopher Cochran



Dear Faith,

Thank you for the prompt shipment of the Betta First Aid Kit and the java moss. It arrived yesterday.  It was such a generous clump that I divided it between Linus the betta fish and the goldfish tank. I’m so glad to have help with keeping his water clean. He’s in a two gallon aquarium but he doesn’t like the movement of the filter. There is no way to slow it down and he was riding waves like he was surfing. I turned off the filter and am just using it like a big bowl but I’ve been concerned about contaminated water between weekly cleanings. Last night, every time I checked on Linus he was checking out the moss and eventually stretched out next to it.



I purchased a first aid kit from you and it worked beautifully on my two boys.  They're done being medicated, and we're going back to our regular water changes now.  (...) You've got great products.  The water turning pink after 24 hours caught me a bit by surprise, but I went with the old fishkeeper's adage: panic kills more fish than diseases.  It worked nicely, and my crowntail (he had treacherous fungus right from the start... could have been stress from transport or something) is building beautiful bubble nests, growing more finnage, and generally behaving very nicely.
I also bought some moss from you.  I didn't put it in the tanks until this week because they were being medicated, and I didn't want to kill the moss, but they're in now.  My boys nipped at the moss for the first few days, but they seem to be leaving it alone now.  Jerry Garcia (my CT purple marble/red butterfly) started building a beautiful bubble nest the day after I put in the moss.  He's got one of the fluffiest nests I've seen yet.  I don't have any other decorations in the tank at the moment because I sterilized everything once I noticed the fungus on Jerry.  Alpha (my first betta) is two years old, humongous, and is slowing down a bit.  That's one of the reasons I got my Jerry.
I won't take up any more of your time.  I just wanted to mention that you have great products.  I'm so glad to finally have a source for that JFE (I can't get it here)!  Do let me know if you can get me a new set of instructions, though.  I could really use them.


I received my order today for the Betta first aid kit. Everything looks good and the instructions are easy to follow. I also wanted to say thank you for your wonderful web site! I wish I had found it sooner. It's a great resource and lots of fun.

In the future I plan to order some fish from you. In the meantime I am the proud owner of two very handsome bettas - a red pet-store mutt named Opie and a very outgoing yellow crown tail named Hizashi.I am glad to have the first aid kit in case anything should happen.

Thanks again for everything and keep up the good work!



I tried one of he tea bags in a spawn that I set up yesterday and had a bubble nest in no time from my male that couldn't even get two bubbles to stick together before.  Even his lady is blowing some bubbles!  Great product and easy to use.  Thanks for everything!

Angela Bishop


I just wanted to let you know that I received the plants yesterday and they are just beautiful!!!  My 3 boys are going to be so happy!  Thank you so very much!



Hi Faith,
I just wanted to say THANK YOU!!  I got my cultures and java fern and have the them all setup per the instructions.  Thanks for the quick delivery and the detailed instructions!!  You have a wonderful site with lots of GREAT information.   With our new Betta Habit (oops Hobby, lol )  your site has lots of great info.  We look forward to purchasing more of your products and one day purchasing a pair of your awesome Betta's.
Thanks Again,
L. & S. Smith, TN