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my new little paradise!  


Welcome to my new fishroom! Since I now have been around the block quite a few times, have been doing this for quite a few years AND am supposed to have learned from my mistakes ;), I have in deed succeeded in putting together the simplest, most efficient, easiest to keep, most enjoyable to look at fishroom TO DATE. (Note: I have my fully satisfied look on). 

Perhaps you had imagined something real complicated, well imagine again. I am done with airline jungles, noisy air pumps everywhere and mess. This time around I came to a clean slate, BLANK page and so I figured, when I moved in the house last March, that there was my chance to fix everything that was wrong with my previous setup, once and for all. And so I did. Please step into my new fishroom and let me show you around:


Everything you need, but NOTHING you don't is the secret of a well designed fishroom. 

From left to right: Gorilla rack with holding tanks, clean jar and storage. 3 long rows of jars on shelves screwed in the back wall. Shipping station where I pack your bettas, complete with cultures, shipping bags, etc... stored in drawers under the table.

Note: Since these photos were taken, I actually added three more holding tanks under the first three, and two more 40 gal tanks near the window. Which goes to show that one is just never satisfied LOL.




A Bettamax stain proof :) carpet has been laid on the vinyl floor so I can do my fishie chores bare foot if I please to. My last fishroom was fully carpeted but that turned out badly, especially after I flooded it no less than 6 times, and the carpet started growing mildew :(... Sucking 300 gal of water out of a carpet sucks. This vinyl floor is water proof (so Faith proof LOL), and the carpet is easy to pull out and can be left to dry outside when I mess up (and I often do *blush*).  



Against the back wall, under the rows of jars, are my two water storage 50 gal acrylic tanks. Each has a filter to keep water moving and sparkling clean. A pump will route that clean water anywhere in the fishroom for easy water changes, or jar cleaning chores. A "bouquet" of heaters (about 10 of them) promptly heats up any of the tanks and brings water temps up to compatible levels before jar water changes.



The blinds on the wall's large window are kept religiously shut AT ALL TIMES. Still I get fast algae growth in my jars, because a lot of light still comes in. And I have to bleach them monthly. Under the window, my internet access station #3 with my laptop, printer and other toys designed to make my life simpler and allow me to update this site more often. This is where I enter new lots on the stock page. 




Holding tanks for spawns with large power filters, cool lighting and custom built betta bungalows. Large plastic plants provide cover for bettas, and are kept bundled together with plant weight.




Close up of my betta bungalow. Removable partition allow to have larger cubicles when less bettas are held. The bungalow itself can be lowered to match water level during tank cleaning procedure, (a nice feature I recently added). Water flows through at all time, so the bettas inside the bungalows have the same water quality as the rest of the fish in the tank. females swim up to visit with the boys, usually causing quite a ruckus ;). Some of them can be quite flirtatious! LOL




One never has enough fish nets!! I change mine every two minutes when I do water changes, to prevent possible diseases from spreading. The above photo shows you only HALF of my fishnets.




Dido for jars. Gotta have jars! Lotsa Jars! Mucho much more mucho jars. These have just been sanitized and can't wait to go for another round (or should I say "square'? LOL)



Well, I hope you enjoyed your visit of my new fishroom. 

More holding tanks were not pictured above, but that is because they are large tanks that I keep in the den/living room area, and which are used for both holding spawns and decoration. 

Who said you can't have the best of both worlds??

On your way out, please make sure to visit my stock page and see what is currently swimming in that clean, organized, cute new fishroom of mine. And now, when you order bettas from me, you can visually imagine me picking their jars up from the shelves, sitting at the table, packing them, etc... :). What you will not be able to visualize, however, is the color of the obnoxious striped toe socks I usually wear when I pack bettas early in the morning (hehehehehehe)   (and if only I was kidding!) But I guess, one has to leave something to imagination ;).