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color type: red/black/flesh marbles
ST & DT variations
note: hard to find
this strain is: rare
skill level: intermediate/advanced
strain by:  Faith

price range*: $60 - $120 / pair

prices vary depending on pattern, color and finnage quality. some top pairs may be priced considerably higher.


Once upon a time, I was just a newbie starting with bettas and got a book. In the book was a photo of a superb red betta with black blotches, which knocked the wind out of me ;). Ever since then I have been trying to produce some (notice how I said: "trying" LOL). These are not easy to come by and it has been a challenge, but over the years my fishroom has seen its (small) share of red/black/flesh marbles. I also once had a drop dead gorgeous DT 3 ban butterfly with a red body and fins which started with a black ban, then a white ban, then a black ban (see photo by clicking on 'this strain at a glance'). I never was to see another like it again .... But every now and then, some Twilights pop up and so the line is still going.

Females of this strain are as striking as the males, which is why I picked a female (pictured above) to model for this catalog. Twilights may be solid red with a black fin edge, red/black BFs, or be marbled, and if so must have all three colors (black, red and flesh) to qualify and be called Twilights. Some have more red or less red, more black or less black, more flesh or less flesh color, etc... Getting the perfect balance between the three colors is an almost impossible task, since marbles change colors throughout their lives :). My main concern at this point is producing more so the strain doesn't vanish into the bettamuda triangle! LOL

Due to their rarity and their demand Twilights are the most expensive of marble lines. Solids will be cheapest, while well colored marbles will cost most. So perhaps not the best choice for a beginner. Otherwise sturdy and easy to work with.