Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

Betta fish, with their bright fins and reasonably easy maintenance, are some of the best fish to keep at home.

They can brighten up your living room or simply prove to be fun companions.

However, to make sure you have healthy betta fish that stay with you for a long time, you need to ensure you get the best betta fish online.

There are a lot of people who sell off injured or sick betta fish that will only survive a short time in captivity.

So, here are the best places to buy betta fish online.

Best Places to Buy Betta Fish Online

It might seem convenient to get your betta fish from local pet stores.

However, these stores often tend to have very limited stock, which means you might not get the type of betta fish you are hoping for.

Moreover, even if they do have betta fish, there are chances that those fish are quite old. This means that they will have lesser time left when you finally bring them home.

Therefore, buying betta fish online is a much more convenient and easy option.

There are various places to buy from, and you can choose from a much wider variety. You can check the seller’s credibility and even see the fish live before buying it.

More importantly, betta fish are one of the easier fish to ship as they get oxygen from the air rather than the water. So, they can easily survive shipping in bags of water with adequate air.

Here are some of the best places to buy betta fish online.


Of all the things you could possibly order off Amazon, Betta fish might have been at the very bottom of your list.

SevenSeaSupply - Male Halfmoon Betta - Assorted Color - Live Aquarium Tropical Fish…

But, we’ve got some good news for people looking for the best place to buy betta fish online.

The online marketplace hosts various sellers now that are offering a range of betta fish on sale.

You will have to check each seller carefully to see how they ship the fish, their shipping charges, delivery time, etc. You can go through previous customer reviews to evaluate how credible the seller is.


If you would rather order from a pet store only but online, you can consider Petco. This is another safe and reliable choice as the brand is well-known for supplying quality and healthy pets of any kind. This includes betta fish as well.

You can browse their fish collection and choose the betta fish you like. Since you will be getting it from a pet store, you are bound to feel much more confident with your purchase.

The best part is that you can easily get tanks, heaters, filters, plants, decorations and other stuff you will need for the fish from the same store.


AquaBid is a popular place to get betta fish online, especially those who are experienced betta fish enthusiasts. AquaBid is more of an auction site where betta breeders can sell unique and exotic betta fish to the highest bidder.

Again, you will have to carefully check the sellers to make sure they are legitimate. But, if you’re too worried, you can even ask the seller to show you the fish in real before you place the order.

AquaBid is usually preferred by betta breeders looking for different betta breeds or betta enthusiasts who are looking to expand their collection. However, even if you’re a beginner, you can peruse the site for a betta fish you like.

Most places that sell betta fish online do offer some guarantee over the fish, so you need not worry too much about getting a sick or injured betta fish.

How to Choose the Right Betta Fish for Yourself?

Wherever you decide to get your betta fish from, it’s important to choose the right betta fish.

This will help ensure that your new betta fish accompanies you for the longest time with good health and happiness.

Get Them As Young As Possible

For starters, you should try to get a betta fish as young as possible.

On average, betta fish survive for about 3 to 5 years in captivity. If you’re getting them from the wild, their lifespan can be a bit shorter.

In most pet stores, male betta fish are sold when they are about a year old already, as that’s when their fins are fully developed.

Female betta fish can still be sold when they are younger, at about six months old. So, if the betta fish is a year old or even older than that, you barely get a couple of years more with them.

Make Sure They Are Happy and Healthy

Another thing you want to do is to make sure the betta fish are healthy and happy.

This can also affect their lifespan and make it easier for you to handle them. Here are some signs that indicate your betta fish is happy and healthy in their home:

  • The betta will have bright fins with vibrant colors.
  • Their fins will flow freely in the water.
  • The betta will swim around the tank comfortably.
  • The betta will roam out in the open and not spend time hiding.
  • The betta will be getting along with other fish in the tank.
  • The betta, in the case of a male one, will start creating a bubble nest, indicating that they are ready for mating.
  • The betta will recognize feeding times and feed readily.

If you notice these signs in a betta fish, it means that the fish is happy, and you can take them home without any worry.

That’s also why, when you’re buying a betta fish online, you should try to see the betta fish live before making a decision.

Preparation Tips Before Getting a Betta Fish

Before you actually place your order at the best place to buy betta fish online, you want to make sure you are all set to welcome your new friend.

If this is your second or third betta fish, you can probably skip this part.

But, just remember that betta fish require a lot of space, so if you are getting another one, make sure you have a big enough tank or a separate one for them.

If this is your first time getting a betta fish, you want to be sure that you’ve got everything prepared for your new betta fish.

Preparing the Tank

Many people tend to think that bettas can be happy in small fish bowls.

While they can survive for a short period in these small bowls, they are not necessarily happy in them. Betta fish come from the wild where they have lots of water, and they are very territorial and protective of their space.

Accordingly, they prefer to live in large tanks or aquariums even when in captivity.

Therefore, for one betta fish, your tank should be able to hold at least 5 gallons of water. If the betta fish is large, you might need something even bigger.

Once you’ve got the right tank size, it’s time to fill it up.

When it comes to water choice, you may assume that bottled water is best since it’s safe for humans. However, this water has chlorine that can be harmful to betta fish. The best water is soft water from your tap with a bit of conditioning.

Now, it’s time to add a few things to the water. First off, you will need a heater to maintain the ideal water temperature for the betta fish.

Then, you will need a filter to keep the water clean and aerated for the betta fish.

Finally, you should add tons of plants and decorative items to give your fish a healthy and stimulating environment.

These will provide the fish hiding spots when it needs to hide and will satisfy their inquisitive nature as well.

Getting the Right Food

Betta fish tend to have a big appetite where they are almost always ready to eat. However, this doesn’t mean that they can eat anything or that they should be eating all the time.

When it comes to feeding betta fish, you have to make sure you’ve got the right kind of feed.

While flakes are cheaper, they tend to be less nutritious than pellets. Since betta fish are primarily carnivores, insects, insects larvae, and other live foods are best for them.

Brine shrimp and bloodworms also make for excellent betta food as they meet the dietary requirements for the fish.

Altogether, this makes sure your betta fish is adequately nourished and healthy.

Final Thoughts

There are two main aspects to having a betta fish that thrives and survives for a long time in your captivity. First, you have to make sure you give them a stress-free and safe environment.

This includes plenty of space underwater, plants, maintaining the right temperature, giving them the right food and keeping them away from other bettas.

And second, you have to ensure they are young and healthy, and the way to do that is to get them from the best place to buy betta fish online.

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