Can Betta Fish Live with Shrimp?

Can Betta Fish Live with Shrimp

If you’re reading this article, you probably wondering whether betta fish live with shrimp or not? Here’s the long and short of it: it depends on the betta’s personality. It …

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What Are Betta Fish Natural Habitat?

What Are Betta Fish Natural Habitat

Betta fish are tropical freshwater fishes from Asia. They live in ponds, small streams, and marshes. The article discusses how to create a healthy and natural environment for betta at …

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Do Bettas Get Lonely?

Do Bettas Get Lonely

Bettas are known to be territorial fish that don’t play well with others. You’ll often find that they’re not comfortable sharing their own aquarium with other fish unless there’s a …

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How Can You Play With Betta Fish?

How Can You Play With Betta Fish

The Siamese Betta Fish is known for having a great deal of personality. They’re equal parts smart and curious – always loving to explore. Experienced hobbyists will agree that no …

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How to Treat Fin Rot in Betta Fish?

Are your betta fish’s fins looking a bit ragged? Chances are that it’s suffering from fin rot. Fin rot is a fungal infection or a gram-negative bacterial infection that is …

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